Everyday we are told by the mainstream media that global warming is happening. However records of global temperature seem to be unavailable to the MSM. The MSM never tell us what the global temperatures were fifty or a hundred years ago. Climate temperatures have been recorded on a systematic basis for almost two centuries. So why do the MSM rarely if ever expose those records to public view? Surely it cannot be that those temperature records refute belief in global warming?

During the last Ice Age the sea level was sometimes fifty yards lower than now. That was because more rainwater was frozen in ice sheets on land, unable to reach the sea, than now. In the Medieval Warm Period from 950 AD to 1300 AD there were vineyards in Yorkshire (as listed in the Domesday Book). The average temperature was 2 to 4 degrees Centigrade higher then than now. Consequently, the Wash reached deeper inland from the North Sea, due to the higher sea level. Less rainwater was frozen on land and more of it got to the sea than now.

Sea level is like a global thermometer, the higher it is then the warmer the global climate, and vice versa. We are told that because of global warming, sea levels are rising nowadays. Which leads to consideration of the Maldives, tropical islands in the Indian Ocean, whose average height above sea level is only 4 feet, and whose highest point is 9 feet above sea level.

Since mass travel by air, the Maldives have become a popular and expensive tourist destination. As the Maldives are so close to sea level, it would be very noticeable if sea level was rising there. Tourists would not return, if the Maldives were drowning beneath the waves. But tourists flock back there year after year. From which we can conclude that sea level is not rising, and that belief in global warming is mistaken. And that the mainstream media are leading players in the Great Global Warming Swindle.

Respectfully, Ralph Prothero

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another poem for your readers:

In the 1950s the West Indies cricket team fielded two of the greatest spin bowlers ever to have played the game. Of course, a calypso was composed in their honour, each verse ending with their names Ramadhin and Valentine. So why not a philosophical calypso?

A Philosophical Calypso

When cricket approaches the time for tea

It’s time to think philosophically,

I set aside my worst delusions

To escape from all innate confusions

With thanks to those two pals of mine

Collingwood and Wittgenstein


I didn’t feel well so I went to the doc’s

Who diagnosed Zeno’s paradox

He offered me without prescriptions

Russell’s Theory of Descriptions

I said, “No thanks!” gave him some wine,

Prescribed Collingwood and Wittgenstein


Once when I was alone in my room

I suffered an attack of David Hume

“Nothing in the mind not first in the sense”

But how could anyone be so dense?

I put him right with a critical line

From Collingwood and Wittgenstein.


Fools abound and there’s no worse bleeder

Than that charlatan Jacques Derrida

Who claimed that a word is just “a pointless sign”

What can be done with this philistine?

Make him read Collingwood and Wittgenstein

Thank you,

Respectfully, Peter Mullen

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Just supposing BoJo by some miracle gets us out of the nascent Fourth Reich by 31 October, will that be the end of the matter? Not on your life!

The dark forces of Remain are already making their contingency plans. We are all already well aware of the activities of the traitors within the Tory party to prevent us from leaving. Few of us are fooled by the “No to No Dealers” who are actually Fourth Column Remainers, desperately trying to have their cake and eat it with their constituents. We also have the Sour Grapes Mob, (failures in the Tory leadership battle). Then we have the so called Liberal Democrats, about as democratic as the Nazi Party. Plus the Greens, the lowest of hypocrites, completely ignoring their official policy of decentralisation of decision making in their mad haste to get their snouts in the EU (ever closer union) expenses trough. Last but not least, total betrayal of the blue collar worker by Corbyn’s gang of rogues and liars who are working towards a European USSR. All of these people are now actively planning how to rejoin if we do in fact leave.

The main thrust is to make sure that Brexit is as chaotic and hurtful as possible, ie., make their dolorous predictions come true. Then of course we could have yet another referendum on rejoining Nirvana. That is if it still exists (or looks to be in an even worse position than ourselves).

The people best placed to do all this are the ones in government right now, especially those in ministerial positions. We have already seen “No Deal” preparations cancelled, we can be sure that the only meaningful talks with Brussels right now are at the phase of “How Soon can we Rejoin?” We can be sure that if we did, it would be on the worst imaginable terms (including adopting the Euro, the European Army, European Police Force and European Fiscal Union ie., handing over even more cash.)

We know all this is true by the fact that they are hanging on to their positions until the very last minute before resigning, in order to hinder No Deal leave preparations. Was there ever a worse gang of traitors in Parliament?

Respectfully, Harold Armitage

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Whilst congratulating Boris, I do hope that on 1st Nov. it won’t be a case of “Dude, where’s my Brexit”?

Respectfully, Rob McWhirter


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