It`s all just Brexit isn’t it. It permeates our lives through TV, newspapers and everyday chat on both twitter and Instagram.  But Brexit is everything and all we have. It is sometimes interrupted with a breaking story such as the Duke of Edinburgh having a car crash.

Even this headliner is quickly confined to the bin in favour of yet another speech by some MP trying to get his or her two-penn’orth in. These back benchers, not often seen on our screens and therefore largely unknown, usually chase the party line and offer nothing. The odd one such as Nick Boles from Grantham can end up in peril because of his opinions. Mr Boles is in serious trouble with his own constituency party because of his views. He is facing deselection any time soon.

Toughing it out though, he sticks to his discourse like a petulant schoolboy scolded by the dinner lady. He will hopefully, purely for his arrogance, lose his seat either in the near future having been deselected, or at the next General Election. British people cannot stand an obdurate, arrogant, conceited fool. For the benefit of the country as a whole, I implore the Grantham Tories to rid themselves of this man quickly. It would be a real wakeup call for the rest of the Commons to remind them starkly that the people are their masters and not their egos and pay packets.

Other than Brexit, the country is at a treading water impasse. January notoriously is a lousy month.  Following Christmas and being five weeks long, grey, dull and usually wet, it does not inspire. I have noticed a distinct lack of holiday adverts on the TV this January. Normally these start on Boxing Day.

Guess what though. DFS are having a sale!

We still have the usual everyday life things going on and whilst we are submerged in Brexit we will shortly be receiving our council tax bills for the year with an enormous uplift to pay for our Police to keep us safe as best they can. We will of course just factor this in and pay it like good citizens.  You just have to ask though, the reasoning about this. We already pay for the Police through taxes and council tax; to raise it again to make up in some way the shortfall made through austerity is a bit of a cheek.

The local elections are looming on May 2nd. Nothing leads me to believe that there will be any change here too. Lacking inspiration I believe the voting public will have enormous apathy for this process. I believe that the turnout will be a record low.  Why? Because Brexit has worn people out. They also do not believe the voting process has any validity, and can you blame them? Their vote was cast two and a half years ago in record numbers and frankly so far it was a waste of time.

Can you believe that to get the outcome voted for in the biggest vote in history we are going to have to actually fight our own democratically-elected Government?  The battle lines are still not clearly drawn although they will be very soon if the Prime Minister attempts to suspend the Article 50 period or takes ‘no deal’ off the table.

No deal is the outcome voted for.  The ballot paper never said anywhere that we were voting for a deal; no, we voted to leave the EU. To prolong beyond March 29th is an act of treason in my opinion as is to attempt to legislate to overturn the Withdrawal Act. To her credit Mrs May keeps reiterating that we will not have a snap election, nor will we have a second referendum even though the media in its entirety talks of nothing else, supported by MPs and pundits who will not be told and will not accept the clear will of the people.

There is a little bit of sun in this grey uninspiring month of January and that is the BBC`s Question Time Programme. Fiona Bruce, the new invigilator, is a breath of fresh air.  She argues good points, shuts down clear nonsense and very much more involves the audience. Two programmes in and she is doing really well. After last Thursday night, I suspect some audience planner will be emptying his desk, though, as the audience in Derby were in no mood for the usual Remoaner nonsense. The cheers for just leaving were deafening and clearly gave a steer to the panel.

No, we are not inspired, nothing looks good right now. I always look for the unusual to blog about, items or stories that catch my imagination or let loose my anger and frustration. I may just have writers block. I don`t think that’s the case though.  I do suspect that the spring, please may it come sooner, will not bring much of any difference on the political scene, but we will be warmer and happier when writing about it.

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