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Local bureaucrats and elected representatives are just waiting in the wings to make decisions that will further affect the way in which you choose to live your life, spending millions of local and taxpayers money on the latest ‘social distance’ safety measures, which have taken precedence over schemes to keep us all safe from terrorism and, when that lost traction the ‘climate change emergency’.   Many towns are now resplendent in new traffic schemes, wide pavements festooned with covid warning signs, one way specially widened pavements to keep us safe from other pedestrians – but not the new hoard of middle-aged cyclists ‘aiming’ their sometimes battery powered cycles not on the newly-provided cycle lanes but often at speed on the pavement.   What next, I wonder, geriatric pilots of Segways and scooters? Just in passing I wonder how many have third party insurance.  Time will tell.

Local authorities and the police family will continue to enforce – or not – which regulation or law that suits political expediency, green, gender or woke issues or anything else that is flavour of the month.

Traffic levels appear to be almost back to normal if motorway and town driving is anything to go by.  Car parks in town are now starting to have the usual pre c-war numbers, on-street parking is again being policed, speeding is back in fashion, as are cars and motorcycles with ultra-loud exhausts, lowered suspension, dimmed windows and coloured lights blasting their way along a road near you.  This begs the question where is everyone going to?  Not work or school evidently.

Perhaps they were all returning from the mass invasion of beaches and beauty spots which, as we all now know are, like mass demonstrations, much safer places to congregate than your ‘workplace’ or school.

Johnson has appealed for common sense to apply and for people to take it easy as things progress to the new abnormalities of life in what was once a fairly orderly United Kingdom, which events over the last few weeks have demonstrated is a thing of the past.  What the last few months have highlighted is that a majority live on credit and emotion, an infantile generation, narcissistic that can’t or won’t face the reality of difficulties, that can’t be relied on to use ‘common sense’ but runs to mommy and daddy or the authorities for guidance and then either refuses to comply or complains when it gets what it demanded.  So bored that like sheep they follow the dictates of ‘influencers’ but then object to be described as a herd. Adolescence, that for many often continues until their late 40s if fashion is anything to go by, driven entirely by media, social media and marketing hype and unable to control their latest emotion of the moment; a generation with little understanding of the past and intent on imposing their emotions and ideas on equality and diversity on events and people long since dead, unable to understand that the past is a far country and people did things differently then.

According to this latest generation anyone can be a hero for at least the next breakfast tv or newspaper edition by doing the most ordinary and often mundane actions, often for which they are paid.   Hero worship of the NHS for example, clapping and pot banging in the street like children and calling for a national NHS day.   Overlooking that three months before the c-war was declared the same NHS was being severely criticised by the same media that is now holding it up as heroic; a media which has totally ignored the plight of the elderly or seriously ill who have had their treatment curtailed or postponed, or the mentally ill who have suffered greatly during this lockdown, but who cares?  We have saved the NHS.    At what cost and from whom would be a reasonable question.

The media, presumably by their lack of any sensible approach to the events of the last few weeks, are either creating and supporting the chaos or have actually no idea (and not for the first time) what is going on.  The establishment and their media friends aid and abet the attacks on free speech and freedom of movement, while acquiescing to the voices of a tiny minority.  As usual the inhabitants of Audi Avenue, secure in the knowledge that for the moment their living standards have been guaranteed by Dishy Rishi, plan their new kitchen or orangery extension, swallowing every item of ‘news’ in the broadcast media without comment but ever ready to repeat it on social media or during  a meet up in their social bubble.

Walking around town today I was struck by just how lethargic, cowed and servile many have become.   Adults dressed in teenage fashions, often tattooed from head to toe, wearing fashion masks and the latest trainers, slouching around without any apparent  purpose to stand in line to wait their turn to enter a shop, oblivious to the fact that they are being manipulated and often lied to, unworried by most things that apparently have no effect on them, happy to read  manipulative articles in the mainstream press which once would have described a woman or man or girls and boys but now describe a ‘person’ walking in the park, or ‘family members’ on a bench, all subtle nudges to show how ‘woke’ the writer is.

Masses happy to give personal details to all and sundry in order to visit a pub or restaurant, happy to be the subject of anonymous people often employed by local authorities viewing cctv footage,  followed around by security guards and their whereabouts reported to ‘control’.  Happy it seems to accept any restriction so that their safety can be secured but as many have found out to their cost, a statement far from the truth.

The truth is of course subjective when it suits, but as the institutions collapse under the collective weight of the left’s influence and control, as more and more dissenting views and people that hold them are ‘cancelled’, as dissent is banished by a generation that has little work ethic never mind standards except the popular ones of the day, the time has come for the adults to return to the room to take a look at the elephant. Just how is Johnson going to get a nation to use common sense and return to work, if in fact they have a job to go to in October when the ‘free money’ stops, £125 billion having been spent on the furlough, universal credit, unemployment benefit and all the rest, remains to be seen but presently the outlook is not good.

A good start would be some leadership and common sense decisions to control the disorder that has erupted again this week, but with  a police ‘force’ that is anything but, which has again this week run away from the mob, there seems little chance of that happening.

The reality is that this country and what it has achieved and stood for is under attack. If you think this does not matter, or if you think events will not affect you in your little bubble, think again before it is too late. This quiet attack on our institutions, culture and way of life has been going on for a very long time ignored or unnoticed by most. This time though the signs and warnings are there for all to see and make no mistake, they are for real.

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