One of the facets of modern public discourse is that it has become de rigeur to play on our emotions, but never to engage our logical faculties. I first noticed this becoming the norm under Tony Blair, who raised emoting into an art form at the time of the death of Princess Diana. Nowadays no fashionable cause omits to tug at our emotions, whether the Climate Change nuisance, “hate” speech, or punter-shaming charities (to pick but a very few not quite at random).

Yet some pressing matters are never raised, such as the fevered drive to roll out 5G world-wide without adequate safety testing, whilst the decline of our birds and our bees that once we knew is lamented, but never checked for impact of wireless technologies. And of course none of these could cause any human ill-effects…?

Whilst emotion can highlight a problem, resolution requires logic. Invariably we are encouraged to accept the solution proffered rather than explore whether that solution is appropriate (that is a job for “experts”). We are exhorted to save the planet by stopping emissions of CO(better stop breathing then); hate speech laws turn our right to free speech into a lottery (surely not to scare us into self-censorship?); and we must donate ever more to charities (is it not time we had an actual cure for cancer instead of breathless suggestions that a cure might be just around the corner? – or might that impede the flow of funds?).

Anyone who tells you that “the science is settled” on a topic as complex as Climate Change is no scientist. We have industrialists and crony politicians who make their fortunes from carbon taxes and trading schemes, who transferred carbon-intensive industries from west to east, taking advantage of rock-bottom wage rates and non-existent employee protection, without reducing CO2 emissions one jot. Pray for Trump, who has set about reversing at least some of this, and pray for Greta Thunberg, who may one day be mortified to realise how she has been set up as a world famous stooge for the Climate Change hoax.

Our NHS doesn’t hesitate to prescribe drugs whilst it neglects to check for nutritional deficiency, even though “we are what we eat” and nobody ever used to fall ill through lack of a pharmaceutical product. Is it any wonder that “big pharma” make good profits? The NHS looks after their sales, their revenue is provided extorted via taxation, and charities defray their research costs! Would such a company really want to “sell” chronic medication for chronic conditions to enjoy chronic income? Would it be happy for regulators to close down alternative treatments that provide actual cures, lest these would cut off its income streams?

Our NHS? Or Big Pharma’s NHS? Have we even begun to think about it? Is there a sensible alternative and (gasp!) might it already exist in plain sight if only we could see it?

Oh, and through habit and apathy we tolerate political parties that in their lust for power scare us into voting to keep the other lot out, rather than voting for them to represent our interests and the policies that we want. Whichever side of Brexit we supported, this issue exposed a sham democracy that exploded into full-blown confrontation between People and Establishment. In the teeth of manifesto commitments and democratic accountability, our Establishment trampled whatever parts of our constitution were deemed to stand in the way of overturning the referendum result.

Shame on them, and shame on you and me, who by our indifference and acquiescence over the years allowed the governance of our country to sink to these depths. Brexit is a wake up call for each one of us to do whatever we can to retrieve our democracy from this dark place.

If we the people expect to be sovereign then we the people need to take responsibility for the politics of power in this country.

This includes challenging the scams and self-serving solutions promoted by our Establishment, by setting aside emotion and deploying logic to expose and refute all those schemes that manifestly work to our disadvantage.

Top of the list:

  • The Rush to roll out 5G without tested safeguards
  • The global Climate Emergency scam (not supported by the IPCC)
  • Apparent complicity to tolerate paedophile networks
  • Coronavirus “pandemic” scare (maybe SARS, bird flu, swine flu, etc didn’t work?)
  • Political Schemes such as “zero carbon” energy, HS2, that involve prodigious state spending and dubious popular support
  • Political Parties who do not represent their membership
  • Toleration of electoral fraud if it works in favour of the Party
  • Unaccountable “independent” Media and Regulators who get up to who knows what under the radar, and may even be complicit with those they purport to report on or regulate

Yes, this requires us all to do our thinking for ourselves rather than blithely sitting back and letting others tell us what they want us to think.

Whatever emotional messages bombard us, democracy requires us to set aside our emotions and think for ourselves by testing the assumptions behind the message, checking out the options, following the money, imagining innovative solutions, drawing our own conclusions, and being unafraid to test our thinking against the thinking of others.

Of course we have to accept that there are many things that we don’t know, many areas where we lack expertise, and many issues where certainty is elusive, but cop-out is not an option and judicious use of the internet can take us much further than was possible only a few years ago.

The time to apply our logical faculties resolutely in the People’s interests is now. Waiting for someone else to do it has not worked.

Each of us can do something. What will you do to wrest back power for the people?

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