The Express reports that the European Union is panicking.

FRENCH eurosceptic Florian Philippot said on Thursday European leaders had entered panic mode, after Prime Minister Boris Johnson appeared to inch a step closer to clinching a new Brexit deal.
France’s pro-EU leader has stressed the Brexit ball is now in the UK’s court. He said, while the bloc does not want a no-deal exit, it would be ready if it happened. “Ultra-Europeans are in distress because Brexit is finally happening. This goes to show that when you push back against threats and blackmail, you can get things done!” Mr Philippot, leader of the far-right The Patriots party, tweeted. “Kudos to Boris Johnson, whose will and resolve have helped the UK get out of the EU,” he added.

The Express also reports that a top European is touring the continent, presumably to rally support.

EU Chief Brexit negotiator Michel Barnier has been spotted on a tour of Europe less than 24 hours after Boris Johnson made a breakthrough in the Brexit impasse.
Mr Barnier has shared a picture of himself and Dutch Prime Minister Mark Rutte on social media as Brussels begin to threat over a no deal Brexit. The timely visit of Mr Barnier to the Dutch leader, comes after the Prime Minister reiterated his commitment in Berlin and Paris that the UK is ready to exit the bloc in just 69 days with or without a deal.


We reported yesterday that Boris could initiate a Vote of No Confidence in his government in order to launch a General Election campaign.  The Independent has picked up the story.

Boris Johnson is ready to “declare no confidence in himself” as a trick to thwart MPs and carry out a no-deal Brexit, a senior MP is warning.
Nick Boles, who quit the Tory party over the threat of a hard Brexit, suggested the device could be used to suspend parliament for a general election  – to be held after the UK has left the EU on 31 October.
It came as Mr Boles urged Jeremy Corbyn to guarantee he will not vote for a snap election if it were to be held after the Halloween deadline.

Labour Party

But in another twist, Labour could block his plans, reports the Express.

LABOUR MPs may block a general election before Christmas as a result of leader Jeremy Corbyn’s widespread unpopularity coupled with the boost Boris Johnson has given the Tories since becoming Prime Minister, polling guru Sir John Curtice has said.
Sir John is one of Britain’s most-well known and respected polling experts, and suggested despite Mr Corbyn’s calls for a nationwide poll, party colleagues may be less keen. The 2011 Fixed Term Parliaments Act provides only two circumstances in which a general election can be called prior to 2022, either by Parliament resolving a two-thirds majority that there should be one, or after a vote of no confidence in the Prime Minister.


Remainers are still plotting to find a way to stop Brexit.  The Telegraph reports they have contacted Tory waverers.

In anti-Brexit MP has contacted a group of Conservatives telling them to quit and join a new “Remain alliance” or risk facing a targeted campaign to unseat them at a snap general election.
The message was sent to at least 20 pro-European Union Tory MPs by Heidi Allen, a former Tory MP who now sits as an independent.
It urges her former colleagues to resign the party whip and stand either as a pro-EU independent candidate or for a pro-EU party.

Economic Voice claims Remainers are still planning to seize business in the HoC.

In their desperation and disunity, pro-EU MPs are plotting to try and seize control of the Commons order of business to force through legislation to stop the UK leaving the EU as planned.
What a messy Brexit news day this has been.
In a re-run of events last year, the anti-Brexit MPs in the House of Commons, which is most of them, are planning to use parliamentary procedure to once again take control of the Order Paper so as to pass the primary legislation required to stop the UK leaving the EU on the 31st of October.
This will be done in the name of preventing a no deal Brexit.
But it is more likely, that they plan to vote down any deal Boris that does make with the EU. Then attempt to pass laws to stop us leaving without a deal by forcing the government to request another Article 50 extension from the EU27 Council members.

The Mirror also claims the Remainers are plotting.

Boris Johnson faces a new threat to his Brexit plan after Remainer Tories began plotting a fresh strategy for stopping a no-deal exit.
The Prime Minister raised his arms, as if in victory, at the back of No10 last night after returning from talks in France and Germany.
He will meet EU chief Donald Tusk at this weekend’s G7 summit after the two countries suggested he had a 30-day window to resolve Brexit with a solution to the Irish ‘backstop’.
But despite optimistic reports in some parts of the press, France’s Emmanuel Macron made clear yesterday that there is very little room for compromise.

And Westmonster claims they’re going over the head of the government and speaking directly to the EU.

A group of anti-Brexit Conservative MPs could be set to speak to the EU directly in their latest last-ditch effort to try and block the UK’s departure at the end of October.
The Times report that a Conservative Remainer has told them of a plan to speak to EU figures to try and work out a plan to kick the can down the road yet again.
That Tory MP has pointed to the EU contacts of former Chancellor Philip Hammond’s and has said: “The next step is likely to be something that seeks to direct the government to seek an extension.

The rebels are led by Hammond, reports the Express.

TORY rebels, dubbed the “Remain alliance”, are preparing to hold shock talks with the EU in a bid to block a no deal Brexit.
Former chancellor Philip Hammond is leading the group of rebel MPs and is believed to be working on plans to push through legislation that will force Boris Johnson’s Government to request an extension to Article 50.
One Tory rebel said that the group would hold its own discussions with Brussels and European leaders about the length and terms of any proposed extension to ensure it was accepted.

Hammond is accused of doing all he can to prevent Brexit, reports Breitbart.

Former Chancellor of the Exchequer Philip ‘Remainer Phil’ Hammond is preparing to hold anti-Brexit talks with the European Union, according to reports.
Hammond, who is accused of having “actively prevented preparation” for a smooth break with the EU on World Trade Organization (WTO) terms — a so-called No Deal Brexit — during his time as Theresa May’s finance minister, has now put himself at the head a “Remain Alliance” on the Tory backbenchesaccording to The Times.
While the governing party has been committed to delivering Brexit since the 2016 referendum and 2017 snap election — at least on paper — former Remain voters make up most of its parliamentary party, and even Boris Johnson’s Cabinet, with some of their number determined to combine with the left-liberal opposition parties to thwart No Deal, or even cancel Brexit altogether.

Project Fear

And the Bank of England governor is still peddling doom and gloom, says the Mail.

Bank of England governor Mark Carney has hinted that interest rates could be slashed if the UK leaves the European Union with no trade deal.
Speaking at the annual gathering of central bankers in Jackson Hole, Wyoming, Mr Carney said that interest rates are ‘more likely to ease than not’ if Boris Johnson and EU officials fail to hammer out an agreement.
This would reduce the cost of borrowing to encourage spending in the UK.
Mr Carney expects a No Deal Brexit to cause sterling to plummet, pushing up inflation and prompting caution in businesses and consumers.


Meanwhile, elsewhere in Brexit, with a chink of a concession being seen from the EU, Tories are looking for more.  The Express says:

TORY BREXITEERS have begun drawing up a shopping list with a new set of concessions from the EU after Boris Johnson made a vital breakthrough in the Brexit impasse following his meetings with European leaders over the past 48-hours.
The Prime Minister received a huge boost in securing a new deal with Brussels after both Angela Merkel and Emmanuel Macron admitted a solution to the controversial Irish backstop could be found within the next 30 days. In Paris, the French President reiterated the commitment made by the German Chancellor in Berlin and stated an alternative to the mechanism to prevent a hard border in Ireland could be found if there was “goodwill on both sides”.

And a former Brexit secretary has said that it’ll all come down to the last minute in the Express.

FORMER Brexit Secretary David Davis has claimed Britain’s European Union negotiations could come down to the final seconds.
The ex-Cabinet minister said negotiations with other member states would be decided in the final moments, with October being a key month for talks. The comments come just a day after French President Emmanuel Macron claimed massive changes could not be made in the short timeline.
The leader added a solution could be found but that any changes would not be very different from the previous agreement due to time constraints.

Was he shaking his fists in victory or just stretching after a long journey?  Breitbart opines:

British Prime Minister Boris Johnson was seen shaking his fists in victory Thursday evening as he returned to London from two days of talks in Europe, but top Brexiteers have warned him the insignificant changes he is trying to achieve to Theresa May’s disastrous withdrawal deal are not enough.
The apparently foremost intention of the Prime Minister in his last-ditch to achieve a Brexit deal before the October withdrawal date has been the removal of the so-called backstop, a provision the European Union claims is necessary to govern the land border between the United Kingdom and the Republic of Ireland.

Irish backstop

Time for a decision, says the Times.

Brussels can no longer “bury its head in the sand” on alternatives to the Irish backstop, an ally of Boris Johnson has said.
Tony Smith, a former director-general of the UK Border Force and a member of the committee tasked with finding alternative solutions to the backstop, challenged the EU to set out its objections to proposals to remove the insurance policy against the return of a hard border in Ireland.
“The EU can no longer simply ignore it,” Mr Smith said yesterday, adding that the EU should study the plans, “and give us a detailed analysis, saying what we have done right or done wrong”.

… unless you’re as intransigent as Macron, reports the Independent.

Emmanuel Macron has told Boris Johnson that the Irish border backstop is “indispensable” to any Brexit deal as the prime minister travelled to Paris for crucial talks on the shape of the UK’s departure from the EU.
Speaking on the steps of the Elysee Palace, the French president poured cold water on the prospect of changes to the deal, saying: “We cannot find a new Withdrawal Agreement within 30 days.”

Macron will just not give in, reports the Guardian.

Emmanuel Macron has described the Irish backstop as “indispensable” to a Brexit deal and urged Boris Johnson to set out his proposed alternatives as soon as possible, as he met the British prime minister in Paris.
The French president told Johnson on Thursday that the EU would like “visibility” on London’s concrete proposals for the UK’s withdrawal from the EU within a month, echoing language used by the German chancellor, Angela Merkel, on Wednesday.
Macron said he stood united with Merkel that the clock was ticking and that it was not possible to wait until the last minute to find a solution.

There’s a ‘brilliant’ piece by a former Brexit secretary in the Express.

TORY Brexiteer David Davis has brilliantly outlined why there is no need for the controversial Irish backstop in any Brexit deal with the European Union.
The former Brexit Secretary has expertly stated there will be no need for a hard border on the Island of Ireland because existing technology is already available for customs checks. Prime Minster Boris Johnson has reiterated his commitment to ditch the backstop insisting the key part of the withdrawal agreement “has to go”. Mr Johnson following meetings in Berlin with German Chancellor Angela Merkel and in Paris with French President Emmanuel Macron, the Prime Minister made his position clear the UK would leave the bloc without a deal if a solution could not be found in 69 days’ time.

Illegal migration

More immigrants are trying to cross the Channel, says the Guardian.

Boris Johnson has warned those thinking of crossing the Channel illegally that they will be sent back to France after dozens of people, including children, were intercepted on Thursday in several incidents at sea and on the south coast.
The prime minister’s comments came as the home secretary, Priti Patel, prepared to hold talks with her French counterpart about the crossings, which have sometimes been linked to fairer weather conditions.
“Clearly the most important thing is to stop them coming across from France so we are working very closely with the French authorities,” the prime minister said during a visit to Devon.

The Sun also has the story.

BORIS Johnson has warned migrants trying to cross the Channel in boats that Britain will send them back to Europe.
As it emerged that more than 60 – including children – attempted to make the dangerous journey yesterday, the PM said that they were arriving in the country illegally.
Good weather over the bank holiday has sparked fears that even more might try and make the perilous crossing in small boats or dinghys.
Boris said today on a visit to Devon: “You may think the weather looks great but it is a very dangerous thing to do.”

The Home Secretary will have talks over the issue reports BBC News.

Home Secretary Priti Patel will hold talks with her French counterpart after 64 migrants attempted to cross the Channel on Thursday.
The Home Office said five boats were intercepted off the Kent coast, while one landed on a Sussex beach.
French authorities also picked up a further two dinghies carrying a total of 19 adults, 10 children and a baby.
More than 900 people, including at least 80 children, have crossed the Channel in small boats this year.


Our NHS is not for sale, says Boris in the Telegraph.

Boris Johnson is to lay out his red lines for a post-Brexit trade agreement with the US when he meets Donald Trump for the first time as Prime Minister this weekend, insisting that it must be the “right deal” for Britain.
Mr Johnson is expected to say that the NHS will be off the table in negotiations and that the UK will maintain its current standards on animal welfare and food hygiene following claims he was set to allow the import of chlorinated chicken.
The Prime Minister also resolved to press ahead with a tax affecting US tech giants despite Mr Trump’s administration warning Britain that the move could jeopardise a free trade deal.

But we need a deal quickly, says the Times.

Boris Johnson will tell President Trump that a post-Brexit trade deal with the United States must be “right” for Britain after warning that the NHS would not be “on the table” in any circumstances.
Mr Johnson, who is seeking a deal with the US “as quickly as possible” after Brexit, will meet Mr Trump for the first time as prime minister over breakfast tomorrow at the G7 summit in Biarritz.
No 10 has been clear, however, that neither the NHS nor animal welfare standards are up for negotiation.

Boris will meet the president on Sunday, says the Mail.

The Prime Minister will warn the US President the NHS is ‘off the table’ for any post-Brexit trade deal when the two men meet at the G7 summit this weekend.
Boris Johnson will shake hands with Donald Trump for the first time as PM in Biarritz on Sunday, at the gathering of world leaders which will also see Mr Johnson set out his Brexit plans with EU Council President Donald Tusk, following recent meetings with the leaders of Germany and France.
Number 10 has insisted neither the NHS, nor a watering down of animal welfare or food hygiene standards, will be up for discussion in trade negotiations, against a backdrop of concerns over chlorinated chicken and the fate of the national health service.

Road travel

It’s going to be hell on the roads over the weekend, says the Sun.

BANK Holiday traffic saw drivers stuck in 24-mile queues as millions faced travel chaos this weekend.
Drivers gearing up for a summer getaway had been urged not to travel until after 9pm – but millions still took to the tarmac.
The worst of the traffic appeared to be on the M4, where there were up to 24 miles of queues, with a crash involving several cars on the M5 around Bristol adding to delays.

Air travel

And if you’re planning to fly next month, check before you do so, says the Times.

British Airways has accused its pilots of destroying the travel plans of tens of thousands of holidaymakers after they announced that they would stage a series of strikes next month.
The pilots will walk out for three days in September after talks to settle a pay dispute failed, the British Airline Pilots Association (Balpa) said. The walkouts, on September 9, 10 and 27, will be the first pilots’ strike in BA’s history.

The Mail says the strike is about pay.

British Airways last night warned how a pay strike by pilots on six-figure salaries is set to ‘destroy’ the travel plans of tens of thousands of its passengers.
The pilots’ union, Balpa, confirmed a strike by more than 3,000 pilots for next month after talks with BA broke down.
A month after announcing its members had voted for industrial action, the union said there was now ‘no prospect of any further meaningful talks’ and claimed it had ‘no choice but to call this action’.

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