Why does the current Brexit narrative focus on the Irish Backstop – when that was only one of many toxic clauses in Mrs May’s proposed Withdrawal Agreement (WA)? 

No doubt the E.U. will soon suggest a further extension to Article 50 – for the Brady Amendment to be passed – allowing the PM to claim the Backstop removal as a success.

How long would it then take before people realise that the new WA leaves the U.K. enslave to the E.U. rulebook? Perhaps he hopes to win a general election before that BRINO realisation dawns.

Respectfully, Roger Arthur


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It is difficult to keep up to date with the latest party our MP Sarah Wollaston is supporting. As it is a Friday I suppose it is the LibDems. Her overriding decision making criteria seems to be ‘whoever is leading in the ‘We must Stay In the EU Competition’. It reminds me of that other great statesman, Groucho Marx. These are my principles, but if you don’t like them I have others.

One of the few positives that can be taken from the wasted three years since the referendum is that the EU can more clearly be seen for what it is – a failing federalist superstate project. During the past three years unemployment in Greece, Italy and Spain has become endemic particularly amongst the young. Italy and Greece are in crisis. The industrial power house of Germany is bordering on recession, it has negative interest rates and its largest bank, Deutsche Bank, is about to go bust.

It looks as if we will enter a global recession that will be led by the break up of the Euro based economies.

For some reason Sarah Wollaston still wishes to be shackled to this corpse. I can only think that it is due to some form of masochism.

Boris should sit tight, not blink and wait for a telephone call from Frau Merkel. After all the UK is in the pound seats.

Respectfully, Mike Jayes


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Merkel says “The backstop has always been a fall back position. If one is able to solve this conundrum, if one finds this solution, we said we will probably find it in the next two years to come but we can also maybe find it in the next 30 days to come.” (here)

So will BJ put TMay’s WAB back to Parliament, with all of its other toxic clauses, leaving us enslaved to the E.U. rule book?

Respectfully, Mr King


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It has been reported that the Poet Laureate will decline to mark the occasion of Brexit. Our anonymous writer recorded his thoughts, in what Nigel Molesworth might call ‘peotry’:

Ode to Brexit

There is one event I feel I must celebrate in verse even if the Poet Laureate forgets it

And that is the achievement of British people in getting us to the point of Brexit

This has been achieved despite condescension and repeated obstructionism from the chattering classes

And it is time for them to come to their senses and stop peering up their own posteriors

There is a message to be conveyed to our so-called friends and allies in Germany and France

For it would be historic negligence on a grand scale were we to miss this chance

If there is one thing worse than national bureaucracy it is bureaucracy in a multitude of tongues

Within which has developed an extraordinary system of coercion and bungs

We shall muddle our own way through all the chaos to prosperity and happiness

Unencumbered by the ever-increasing frustrations of European snappiness.



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The grade hysteria seems to be getting worse each year, so here’s a poem, with acknowledgement and apologies to Henry Reed:

Naming of Grades  

Today we had the publishing of the grades,

Yesterday we had the daily registration and tomorrow

we shall have what to do next

But today we had the publishing of the grades

The pictures are taken to shouts  of joy as the pollution hangs in the air

But  today we have the publishing of the grades.


These are the lower grades that will never see joy

And these are the higher grades that lead to ‘A and a 2.1

Which in your case you have not got

Pictures are taken to shouts of joy with eloquent gestures

Which in  your case you have not got


This is the certificate which is always released

Do not let me see anyone using his finger to touch

You can look at the certificate and see what might have been

Which in your case you have not got

You never see anyone who can touch but pollution hangs in the air.


And this you can see are the results

The purpose of this is show the winners and their joy

Which in your case you have not got

But don’t let me see any of you using your finger to point or touch

Because this is the start of a glittering future for some 

Which in your case you have not got

But  the pollution still hangs in the air


They call it the publishing of the results it is perfectly easy you see

And if you have any emotional strength you can look

At the congratulations the smiles and the joy

Which in  your case you have not got

For today we had the publishing of the results and the pollution 

still hangs in the air.

But at least we had the naming and shaming of the grades.




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