The shenanigans continue with the Star outlining plans for the Prime Minister to collapse his own government.

Under-fire Prime Minister Boris Johnson is cooking up plans to collapse his Government in a move aimed at forcing a general election, reports suggest.
Mr Johnson is allegedly demanding that his Cabinet team resigns with him on Friday, October if he is unable to secure a new deal with negotiators in Brussels.
Sources say the Prime Minister is betting on Labour leader Jeremy Corbyn not being able to form a temporary administration within 14 days set out by law.
The MP for Uxbridge and South Ruislip would quit as PM but stay as Conservative leader to fight any future election.

A veteran Tory has called for the PM to abandon his plans for Brexit, reports iNews.

Boris Johnson should abandon Brexit talks with the EU and go all guns blazing for no-deal, veteran Tory MP John Redwood has told i.
Ahead of the Conservative party conference which starts this weekend, the senior Brexiteer piled pressure on the Prime Minister, warning he can’t support a revised version of Theresa May’s Withdrawal Agreement.
Mr Redwood also called on the Government to set out a radical tax-slashing agenda and “an end to austerity rhetoric” as he criticised the legacy of the previous Prime Minister.

The Mail has the results of a survey.

Voters would overwhelmingly prefer the short-term disruption of a No Deal Brexit over the chaos of a Jeremy Corbyn Government – and that even applies to Labour supporters.
Exclusive new research has found that nearly half of voters – 48 per cent – would be happy for the UK to leave the EU without a deal if the alternative scenario was Mr Corbyn as Prime Minister, while just 35 per cent preferred to have the Labour leader in Downing Street.

The Brexit Party leader gives an insight into how Boris could get us out, says the Express.

NIGEL FARAGE has revealed Boris Johnson could use the EU’s own law to crush the Remainer plot to block Brexit and take Britain out of the Brussels without a deal.
The Brexit Party leader made the claim about Prime Minister Boris Johnson’s Brexit negotiating tactics to ahead of his party conference on Friday night in central London. Nigel Farage said he agreed with Sir John Major that Mr Johnson could circumvent the Benn Act, which requires him to seek a further Brexit delay if he cannot get a new deal with the EU, because European law is “superior” to British law.


The dirty tricks continue, says the Sun, and may even get worse.

BORIS Johnson will be targeted this week with a wave of dirty tricks by Remainer MPs desperate to stop Brexit.
They have declared him “a marked man” as they plot a relentless campaign to weaken or destroy him.
A secret meeting of “rabble alliance” MPs concluded the PM is a hero to the millions who voted to leave the EU.

The Mail claims the EU helped draft the Benn Bill.

Downing Street has launched a major investigation into alleged links between foreign governments and the MPs behind the ‘Surrender Act’ which could force Boris Johnson to delay Brexit, The Mail on Sunday can reveal.
Sources said No 10 took the unprecedented action after officials received intelligence that the MPs, including former Cabinet Minister Oliver Letwin, had received help drafting the Bill from members of the French Government and the European Union.
This newspaper has also learned that the rebel MPs have drawn up plans for a second Act which would allow Commons Speaker John Bercow to bypass the Prime Minister if he cannot strike a deal to leave the EU on October 31.

The Express has picked up the story.

DOWNING STREET is understood to have launched a major investigation over alleged links between MPs behind the Benn Bill and foreign governments.
The Mail On Sunday have been told officials have received intelligence that a group of MPs including former Chancellor of the Duchy of Lancaster, Sir Oliver Letwin, one of 21 Tories to lose the whip, received help in drafting the bill from members of the French Government and European Union officials.
It has been reported MPs could attempt to bypass Boris Johnson and allow Speaker John Bercow to ask the EU for a further delay. These rebels have even discussed using legislation that could allow Mr Bercow to appoint a new British commissioner to the EU, with Amber Rudd one of the names mentioned.

Another possible way out of the mess we’re in is for a state of emergency to be declared, says the Mirror.

An MP has warned Boris Johnson could try and declare a state of emergency to force through a no-deal Brexit .
Former Attorney General Dominic Grieve said he was ‘astonished’ that ministers were talking about civil disorder breaking out if the UK doesn’t leave the EU on October 31.
He believes this may be a pretext to using an act that would allow the Prime Minister to declare a state of emergency.

But the Express says the more the remainers throw at Boris, the more we voters love him.

DIRTY tricks to stop Boris Johnson and Brexit will fail because voters would back him even if he was in jail, claim supporters.
As Remainers become increasingly desperate to thwart the Prime Minister, Margaret Thatcher’s former chief press ­secretary Sir Bernard Ingham said Mr Johnson would win a landslide election ­victory even if he is behind bars – as long as he “doesn’t weaken”.
Last night, Downing Street struck an equally defiant note as the PM faces another series of attempts to bring him down. After he was threatened with jail if he fails to seek a Brexit extension, a No 10 source said: “Only Boris Johnson and the Conservatives will get Brexit done – allowing even greater focus on improving our NHS, recruiting more police for our streets, and helping reduce the cost of living.


The Express claims that the EU itself could help with our exit.

DOMINIC RAAB, the Foreign Secretary, has revealed that the European Union could help the Government override the Benn bill.
The bill says Boris Johnson must request an extension to January 31 if a deal is not reached when the EU summit ends on October 18.
Mr Raab said EU law could ironically override the bill. As reported by Mail On Sunday, he explained: “The Surrender Act – which requires basically us to roll over to the most punitive conditions that Brussels could inflict on us – is a shoddy bit of legislation.

One of the Brexit Party’s MEP has called on Brexiteers in the Express.

ANN WIDDECOMBE has issued a rallying cry to Brexiteers as she revealed the “biggest danger” if Brexit is not delivered by October 31.
The Brexit Party MEP warned of the “greatest danger” if disheartened Brexiteers decide “to give up” as she spoke to Speaking ahead of the Brexit Party conference in central London on Friday the Tory defector said there was a risk Leave voters would say “we voted last time and wasn’t listened to so why bother this time?” in the event a second Brexit referendum was called.
She said: “There is a great danger that we say ‘ahh, let’s forget it’ but that is the one thing we musn’t say, we must be very determined.”


There could be a vote of no confidence in the coming week, reports the Sun.

A REBEL plot to force out Boris Johnson and install Jeremy Corbyn as PM could happen as soon as Monday, a senior SNP MP has claimed today.
The Labour leader has been cooking up a stitch-up to stop Brexit behind closed doors with the Scottish Nationalists – and a key figure said they will launch their bid this week.
They hope to topple Bojo by getting MPs to vote to say they have no confidence in him as a leader.
Corbyn would then be shuffled in as a “caretaker” PM, despite Labour not winning an election, with the sole purpose of delaying Brexit.

But who would lead it?  Not Corbyn, says the Evening Standard.

Opposition parties could stage a vote of confidence in the Government next week in a bid to thwart a no-deal Brexit, a senior SNP MP has said.
Stewart Hosie said the plan – to put in place an interim government to secure a Brexit extension – appeared to be the only way to ensure Britain did not “crash out” of the EU on October 31.

The rebels think this is the only way to stop No Deal at the end of next month, says BBC News.

A vote of no confidence in the government aimed at replacing Boris Johnson as prime minister could be held next week, a senior SNP MP has said.
Stewart Hosie told the BBC such a move may be the only way of avoiding a no-deal Brexit on 31 October.
SNP leader Nicola Sturgeon hinted on Friday she might back Jeremy Corbyn becoming a “caretaker” prime minister.
The Liberal Democrats have, however, said the Labour leader is too divisive a figure to play such a role.

The Guardian thinks this will pressure Boris into asking for an extension.

There could be a vote of no confidence in the government next week in order to remove Boris Johnson as prime minister and secure a Brexit date extension, a senior Scottish National party MP has said.
Following talks between opposition party leaders at Westminster, Stewart Hosie said the move appeared to be the only way of ensuring Johnson did not push through a no-deal Brexit on 31 October.
“We have to do that because there is now no confidence that the prime minister will obey the law and seek the extension that parliament voted for only a few weeks ago,” he told BBC Radio 4’s Today programme.

Conservative Party

A hard no-deal Brexit would hurt the Tory Party, claims the Independent.

Boris Johnson has been warned that he risks sending the Conservatives into “terminal decline” if he allows this week’s party conference to become a rally for the hardest form of no-deal Brexit.
With a general election expected within weeks, former Tory MPs who were stripped of the party whip over Brexit said the prime minister must use to Manchester gathering to show that the party is more than a narrow ideological sect obsessed by Europe if he is to hold onto the voters who have previously delivered Conservative majorities.

Other policies coming out of the Tory conference include animal welfare, reports the Independent.

The long-distance transportation of animals for slaughter could be banned after Brexit, under new Conservative Party proposals.
The trade in live sheep and calves to Europe and beyond has been the subject of angry protests for decades, with campaigners insisting it is so cruel it should be replaced by a trade in meat.
The Conservatives will consult on recommendations that farm animals should be sent to the closest available abattoir, which could effectively ban many live exports. Boris Johnson has spoken out in the past in favour of a ban.

Another policy due out is reformation of the NHS, says the Telegraph.

Boris Johnson will on Sunday announce plans for 40 new hospitals to replace outdated buildings and equipment, as he takes on Jeremy Corbyn over the NHS.
In an interview with The Telegraph, the Prime Minister, who has identified the health service as one of three domestic priorities, says his administration will embark on “the biggest programme of hospital building in a generation”.
Speaking as the Conservative Party’s annual conference gets under way in Manchester, Mr Johnson insists that spending on the NHS is “absolutely central” to his vision of a “united society and a united country”.

And the Times claims the party will promote itself as pro-NHS.

The Tories will seek to portray themselves as “the party of the NHS” today as Matt Hancock announces the largest hospital building programme for a generation.
In an interview with The Sunday Times, the health secretary said the government will invest £13bn over the next decade to construct 40 new general hospitals — many of them in key marginal constituencies.
Building will begin immediately at six sites costing £2.7bn at Whipps Cross University Hospital, Epsom and St Helier Trust, West Hertfordshire Trust, Princess Alexandra Hospital Trust, University Hospitals of Leicester Trust and Leeds Teaching Hospitals Trust.

There’s a lot of money being put aside for the hospitals, says BBC News.

The government has pledged £13bn for 40 hospital projects across England in the next decade, at the start of the Conservative party conference.
The plans include a £2.7bn investment for six hospitals over five years.
A new approach to NHS mental health treatment is also to be trialled in 12 areas of England – with housing and job support alongside psychological help.
The government says £70m is being invested and the NHS will build more ties with charities and local councils.

And broadband coverage will be enhanced says the Telegraph.

Boris Johnson is poised to reveal a broadband subsidy of as much as £5bn in an attempt to deliver his pledge of a complete national upgrade  in just a few years.
The massive cheque is likely to be unveiled at the Conservative Party Conference in Manchester this week, according to industry and Westminster sources, who last night cautioned that the schedule could still change.
The taxpayer funding will be aimed at the most sparsely populated rural areas, many of them Tory heartlands.

Labour Party

The Telegraph highlights Labour’s anti-British policy.

The single most shocking proposal to come out of the Labour conference was largely overlooked. Attention naturally focused on the blizzard of Bolshevist policies: expropriating private houses and schools; decreeing a four-day week; giving the vote to foreigners; opening our borders without restriction.
Worse than any of these ideas, though – and, in a sense, the key to understanding them all – was the promise that, as John McDonnell put it, Britain would “begin making some reparations for our colonial past”.

And Universal Credit is also being targeted by Labour in the Express.

LABOUR leader Jeremy Corbyn announced plans to scrap Universal Credit in a move deemed “reckless” by the Government.
Mr Corbyn announced a controversial plan to make major changes to the Government’s troubled flagship welfare programme within the first 100 days of his time as Prime Minister should his party come into power. The plan will also involve scrapping it entirely within five years, a move that will cost taxpayers billions of pounds. The two-child policy will be ditched along with sanctions for Britons who do not seek work or miss crucial appointments. He has previously branded universal credit “cruel and inhumane”.


Boris has got Juncker and Barnier on the run, says the Express.

EU BOSSES Jean-Claude Juncker and Michel Barnier have no time to decide if Boris Johnson is “bluffing” over Brexit.
ITV’s political editor Robert Peston said British negotiators have reportedly told the EU Commission Mr Johnson will not resign to avoid being forced to ask for a Brexit delay. But they warned he will find a “way to get round” the Benn Act and “refuse to ask for a delay”. This means European Commission President Jean-Claude Juncker and the EU’s chief Brexit negotiator have “literally no time to decide if Johnson is bluffing”.

Breitbart reports that the EU bosses celebrated the Supreme Court ruling.

European politicians celebrated the Supreme Court ruling against the British government, with figures in the EU believing that a no-deal Brexit is now less likely.
The Supreme Court ruled on Tuesday that Boris Johnson’s prorogation (suspension) of parliament was unlawful, after court challenges against the government came from Remainers seeking to frustrate Brexit.
The legal defeat came on top of rebels in the Tory Party voting against the government and the Benn Act, forcing the prime minister to ask for another Brexit extension and leaving Europeans to view the prime minister as having lost control of the Brexit situation, according to Brussels diplomats speaking to The Guardian.

New party

A failed leadership contender may be planning to launch a new party, says the Telegraph.

Rory Stewart is to launch a new centrist “party” modelled on Emmanuel Macron’s ‘En Marche’, he has said.
The former Tory MP said it would be based on youth participation and the “radical exercise of listening”.
Mr Stewart had the Conservative Party whip removed after he voted against the Government on the Benn Act, which requires Boris Johnson to seek a Brexit extension from the EU.


The little squeaker is planning to reprimand MPs, says the Independent.

John Bercow is expected to convene an emergency meeting of party leaders to stem the use of inflammatory language in Westminster amid growing concerns over the safety of MPs.
The speaker of the house will meet with officials from each party in a bid to diffuse growing tensions over language used in debates, The Observer reports, as well as potential security measures required for parliament.

The Guardian says he will ask them to tone down their language.

Commons Speaker John Bercow has summoned party leaders to an emergency meeting on the growing use of inflammatory language in Westminster, amid concerns that MPs are facing an increasing safety risk before a potential election.
Bercow has convened the meeting on Monday in an attempt to tackle the acrimony in the Commons and to discuss any new security measures in parliament. It comes just days after Boris Johnson accused his opponents of Brexit betrayal and surrender.


An old exam could be scrapped, says the Times.

Britain’s oldest — and poshest — exams are to be scrapped, leaving traditional prep schools facing financial oblivion as one expert warns they belong to “another era”.
The Common Entrance exam, which tests 12 and 13-year-olds on up to 11 academic subjects, including maths, science, history, modern foreign languages and classics, is to be phased out in its current form within about 18 months.


And we could be in for a big freeze, reports the Star.

Britain is braced for the early arrival of winter amid warnings a major Arctic freeze will strike within weeks.
The first significant snow of the season threatens to blanket parts of the country next month, according to some long-range forecasts.
Britain could face another record winter chiller, with early indications pointing to a repeat of last year’s Beast from the East.
Warnings come as strong winds and torrential rain continue to hammer the nation, with more bad weather forecast this week.

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