I can honestly say that I have never seen anything quite like the disgraceful and disgusting farce that our Parliament has now become and we are forced to witness this spectacle on a daily basis.

The most worrying thing is that now in Parliament and Government alike, in an effort to thwart the will of the 17.4 million people who voted to leave the European Union, all pretence of democracy has been dropped and our constitution ripped to shreds.

Worse still it seems to me that this current Brexit farce is just a distraction for something much more sinister. I urge you to watch this video:

“Lt General Riley Explains How the EU is taking over the UK’s Defence and Intelligence Capabilities”

This clear and concise video is frightening in its implications and would suggest that Theresa May is the worst traitor in British history, this is what she was really negotiating while pretending to negotiate Brexit. It seems that even if we get a no deal Brexit on World Trade Organisation terms, we will still be a vassal state of the European Union and part of its World Defence Force. I’m very sure that the ten thousand troops that have been stationed on our soil, supposedly for military exercises, are intended to become a permanent fixture, probably their numbers will grow as we become an EU military outpost.  We’ve been truly stitched up!

Jeremy Corbyn is quite clearly a maniac but so too are many of the other Left Wing lunatics trying to trample over the rights of the British people and stop Brexit; we have to wonder just what their real motives are. These problems aren’t unique to Great Britain though.

There’s another video here that comments on New Zealand Prime Minister, Jacinda Ardern’s speech at the United Nations. I don’t know who the person is in this video but he’s hit the nail on the head.

 “Jacinda now calls Nationalism ‘Fierce Nationalists’. Greta Thunberg is being exploited.”

Of course New Zealand, along with Great Britain and many other countries have signed up to the UN Global Compact on Migration, already there is a drive to vilify any sort of nationalism or patriotism and as the video suggests, probably the intention is to soon make any such thoughts and feelings illegal. It isn’t just Britain and Europe that have suffered from immigration, New Zealand in around the last 15 years has suffered a 20 percent population increase – unsustainable for such a small country’s infrastructure.

Another video about the Global Compact here, all frightening stuff:

“The Terrible Truth About the UN Migration Compact”

If you thought that we’ve suffered greatly from immigration already, you haven’t seen anything yet. Many of the so called refugees turning up on our shores have HIV or AIDS, about one in five I think. Each case costs around £150,000 a year to treat. Many of these migrants are illiterate in even their own languages and in our once advanced society will always be an economic burden.

You don’t have to be a genius to realise that at a time when much of our industry has been driven overseas, very soon we will not be able to bear the burden of immigration. Our National Health Service, already on the point of collapse, will be gone; we already have a housing crisis and it’ll get much worse, not to mention that immigrants get preferential treatment for council housing.

One of the videos above mentions Greta Thunberg and so this brings us to the global warming scam, an interesting video here:

“Lord Christopher Monckton – Global Warming is a Hoax”

When Theresa May committed Great Britain to zero net carbon emissions by 2050, it was a pernicious act.  It’ll further stifle the growth we need to provide for a rapidly-growing population.  According to some sources this amounts eventually to population reduction; we just won’t have the resources.

Globalist organisations, specifically the United Nations and European Union are executing a multi-pronged attack upon us, our resources and our sovereignty.

Our military is being undermined and sold out, without which we cannot be a sovereign nation, our economy is being attacked, we will not be able to provide for our population, our energy resources are being undermined and we will be left without health care and housing. We will in the end be worse off than many third world countries.

When you join all of these dots, you can see in reality that we’re just being attacked every bit as much as we were not just in the last two world wars but in every other war in our history. My own thoughts on this are that as things progress, as resources among a rapidly growing population become increasingly scarce, society will divide along ethnic lines and a large part of World War Three will be fought on our streets. I’m sure that many of our politicians are aware of this too, this is just simple logic.

When you look at the evil Left in our Parliament as they betray our democracy and the will of the people that they are supposed to represent, this is what they really represent; the total destruction of our democracy, heritage, culture, prosperity and way of life: they are evil people indeed.

The European Union and the United Nations have over the years corrupted our once democratic Government, Parliament and its politicians by lies, deceit, stealth and subterfuge, all behind a veil of virtue-signalling and false altruism. The really depressing thing is how our weak and untrustworthy our politicians have been seduced, probably by blackmail, bribery and the promise of future power. Maybe one day the history books will tell us the truth.

Unfortunately, if we are to survive as a nation or culture, we have to accept the fact that World War Three has already started.  It brings me no pleasure to say it.

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