One positive thing the elections last week for the European Parliament have managed to do is to make the failing two main political parties come off the fence and make the final decision as to where they stand on Brexit.

Yes, Brexit: who would have known on 23rd June 2016 just what voting to leave the EU would have meant for this country in the coming three years. Of course on the 24th June we could have left, anyone who had any sense of realism and patriotism would have repealed the 1972 Communities act, which would have rendered us left, then said to the EU oligarchs we will offer you tariff free trading and a relationship that is beneficial to all.

We didn’t of course, no – we embarked on a series of the most stupid events that will be confined to history as a smear of enormous proportions on this great nation. First, we saw an instant walking away of the Prime Minister Cameron, a man clearly lacking any backbone and sense of duty. We had then thrust upon us a new Prime Minister who was clearly, and boy has she proven the point, a remainer, in Theresa May.

Secondly Ed Miliband copied Cameron and walked away. What followed I think stunned even the most cynical political pundit. Jeremy Corbyn, a man who is as anti – British as you can possibly get, came from the back benches where he had wallowed in rebellion for thirty years to take up the leadership. Supported by an enormous group of far-left activists, Momentum, he has now totally taken over the Labour Party and threatens a seriously worrying Marxist government.

Mrs May, buoyed by her polling (just goes to show you cannot believe a poll) then called a snap General Election which seriously pissed off people, but dutifully we went to the polls and she was returned to power on a much reduced majority and had to spend one billion quid of your and mine tax monies on buying the support of the DUP in a confidence and supply agreement – yes me too: just what does that mean?

In plain speak the Tories bought the support of nine DUP MP’s to keep them in power. It cost one billion £££, was not in their manifesto and so they did not have a mandate from the British people to do this, but who cares eh! Power corrupts.

The Labour party, realising they had voted in as leader some nut job who has supported terror groups and has not got a clue about how to be an opposition leader let alone lead a proper opposition party, went down the road of two challenges to his apology of a leadership. He went on the stage though at Glastonbury to the hordes of high-as-a-kite rich kids who could afford a ticket to go on a mud fest for a week of drink, sex and drugs. Hailed a hero for the working classes he won out and remains the leader.

Mrs May then went on to lose 36 cabinet ministers, take almost three years to come up with the most ridiculous not-really-leaving in any sense of the word leaving withdrawal agreement which Parliament rejected not once, not twice but thrice, yes she is that obstinate, she kept sending it back for a further examination of the same thing in the hope of being given a different answer – is that not very close to the definition of insanity?

So throughout this time, the one party, yes the one party that had talked sense, fought hard for the referendum, never blinked on Brexit yet had been denigrated and rubbished at every given opportunity by the media and press, especially the BBC and Channel 4 news, Ukip, went on a trip that resulted in them taking a tour down the pathway of  Marches along the embankment, endorsing people not exactly resonating with the press let alone the electorate and which has left them temporarily in the doldrums, but I can tell you we will be back, as Arnie has said several times, yes “we will be back”.

The rise of Nigel Farage`s Brexit Party has shocked to their kitten heels the Tories and to their Doc Martins the Labour party, losing so badly, firstly at the local elections then three weeks later the EU elections, they are now trembling and shaking.

The Tories have lost their second Prime Minister to Brexit as May has gone to much relief throughout the country. Labour are still worshipping at the altar of Corbyn. The Tories are deciding now who will replace the Maybot. They are divided between a no deal set of contenders and never a no deal set, ten have come forward so far. They are in very serious danger, the Tories. Farage awaits on the side lines ready to pounce and fill that void they have opened.

Labour still wake each day and wet their fingers and stick them in the air: whichever way the wind blows they go that way that day. The wind though is dying down for most as they are determined to become the remainer party insisting on a second referendum. The bigger noises, Starmer, Thornbury and McDonnell, have nailed their colours to the mast firmly for remain. Dangerous: yes because the Greens and Lib-Dems beat them to it. Dangerous: yes because the five million leave Labour voters will be looking for a new home on this subject. Ukip with a new leader and new manifesto that speaks to them, can, if quick enough attract these voters, speed is of the essence for them.

Oh yes: like the battles of Winterfell and Westeros the armies line up. I just hope that this ending is not as quick and shallow and as disappointing as those two battles.




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