The phone rang at home the other evening – the ‘landline’ that is only very occasionally used when it proves impossible to either get a mobile connection or the signal drops out during a conversation which anyone living here in St. Mary Mead will confirm; it’s one of the minor irritations of living out in the country. Not that the landlines are any better. Conversations have to be conducted accompanied by crackles and pops which makes it difficult for anyone with even mild hearing loss to have a sensible conversation. The last time my friend reported the fault, the helpful person in the ‘call centre’ wanted to give him detailed instructions on how to remove something called the front plate from the B.T box. He graciously declined so to do as a customer of over 60 years he felt that he should at least have the benefit of some customer service and in any case due to a medical condition he would be unable – to use his words,- ‘ grovel around on the floor with a screwdriver’.

This is, of course, something that Johnson said he was going to get to grips with: superfast broadband and communications. I wonder where that promise is in the queue? My friend, by the way, lives not in the leafy lanes of St.Mary on the Wold but in a part of what used to be called the ‘Black Country’; a lifelong ‘Tory’ voter who voted this time not to secure ‘Brexit’ ( already done that mate ) or because he thought Boris would do a sterling job, but ‘actually’ because the last thing he and his other friends (mostly Labour voters as it happens), wanted was a government led by Corbyn and his pseudo-Marxist, globalist, open borders multicult worshipping friends. ‘Been there, done that with Blair, many thanks for that, not again at any price.’

He and his circle of friends didn’t have the so-called benefit of a classical education and a P.P.E from Oxbridge; what they did ‘actually’ was skilled work in engineering, making things that either kept other industries working or were for export. The supply lines were short, not thousands of miles long and supplying cheap often inferior products made halfway across the world, something that needs now to engage the minds of these Oxbridge ‘toffs’ , as, if the Corona Virus is as bad as the BBC keeps telling us, supply lines will dry up and quickly. Where does that leave us?  Because all I can hear from the bean counters and various experts in the hot air departments based in Whitehall is a deafening silence.

Anyway, back to the phone call and my irate friend:‘’ have you heard the latest?’’  Boris is sending signals about getting a grip on things and Javid is telling all and sundry that ‘bloody’ HS2 thing is to go ahead.

Same old same old Conservative con artists then, nothing about border controls immigration, crime and policing, just platitudes and jam tomorrow.  He and Javid need to come and live in the Black Country; it’s not funny anymore if it ever was. Chaos on the roads due to endless road works on the motorway network, work that has been going on for years, you can’t get a doctors appointment, the wait in the local hospital is awful and they are talking about building hundreds of houses here again, no thought of how the services will cope,  just claptrap about 20.000 new police recruits, 40 new hospitals and all the rest. And what really ‘winds us up’ the prime minister talking to some kid about why HS2 should be built, never mind the cost and environmental damage, just keep digging. You carry on with that mate and you and the conservative party will soon be in it. And then chatting on T.V with some ‘national treasure’ on how we are going to be the greenest country in the world by taking liquid-fueled vehicles off the road and replacing them with E.Vs by 2035 or something, where’s the money and the ‘lecky’ coming from then, thousand of windmills and acres of solar panels everywhere. The best bit is, if,  and it’s a big if, I can afford to own an E.V,  I can sell my unwanted electricity stored in the car’s battery back to ‘the grid’. Does this man have any idea how many cars are owned by flat dwellers or are parked in the street, or how many cars are stolen each year? I think not. And on top of that, we have to listen to Rees Smog talking about people here who are struggling to make ends meet; he needs to come and live in the real utopia that his one-nation conservatives have created with the other lot over the years.

I tell you what, mate, these people don’t have a clue what they are on about. We had years of Blair talking nonsense and flannel followed by Brown and Cameron and May,  and now this. If there were to be another election tomorrow, he and the conservative party could be in for a really big shock,

Well, I said I did try to warn you, but then the Brexit Party withdrew and there was really no choice and the majority seemed to agree. Certainly here in St.Mary there was a collective sigh of relief. The local population seems to have gone back to sleep. I shouldn’t wonder if we don’t start having Conservative party garden parties in the summer as we did of old. But to be fair, the ‘twinning association’ have noticed and removed the e.u logo from their advertising material,  so it’s certainly not all in a state shock or otherwise, mind you the local M.Ps seem to have gone into stealth mode rolled over and presumably lining up for their place in the pecking order, they certainly have got a grip on that.

Anyway, except that, nothing much seems to be happening. Has anyone seen one of those 50 pence coins we are all supposed to be rejecting? No, me neither.  Any additional checks done at airports and ports due to the CoronaVirus? No, thought not. Apparently, we are waiting to see what the e.u does, how nice of us. Any news on what’s happening on the question of access to British fishing grounds, apart from threats from the French who according to reports are ready to burn our boats and somebody  (gawd knows who( granted a license for the same French boats to fish off Guernsey which was never part of the e.u anyway. Half of Scotland appear s to be calling the shots on the break-up of the U.K without any real rebuttal from ‘Downing Street apart from  the theatre of Boris having a hissy fit and apparently calling Sturgeon, “wee Krankie” and having a go at Corbyn at P.Ms Question time , not a lot is there?

There is supposedly a remainer plot to get rid of Dominic Cummings, mostly it seems by remainer supporting and vested interests in and out of the civil service. Interesting that this is being allowed to continue and by employees of the government. Anyone who has been ‘tasked’ with driving organisational change -let alone motivation – will tell you that in any organisation there is a ‘tranche’ of personnel usually under the radar who exert influence on the workforce far beyond their pay grade or position in the hierarchy, Cummings or anyone else won’t drive change in those circles until there is a complete change of leadership and probably departmental management as well.   Like attracts like, and these people have had a lifetime of experience of doing their own thing and running circles around imported Ministers and Secretaries of State   many who sold out to the e.u decades ago. Not for nothing do people talk about the deep state and to put it bluntly ‘draining the swamp’ . And while you are about Dominic, the size of the ‘cabinet’ defies logic, it’s not government by slogan the voters want – particularly the newly converted ‘red wall voters’  – they want action. Boris may well be an expert on how Churchill managed, if he is, none of the expertise seems to have rubbed off.

There is no time to waste. We are not willing participants in a game; this is the real world and Johnson needs to start acting for real people, who need to see a real Brexit, some real leadership and conviction,  not talk of liberal ‘values’. Johnson has been given ‘the tools to do the job’,   so he needs to get on and do it then, what else does he want, somebody to supply an IN-Tray marked ‘action this day’?

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