In terms of Brexit involvement, the Commonwealth receives either a poor reception or none at all.

In yesterday’s Brexit Betrayal column, our editor wrote there is a stuchie* regarding the re-appointment of the current Secretary General (Baroness Scotland) who is considered not up to the job, is accused of favouritism and has apparently been colluding with some African member countries in order to preserve her job.

Our editor questions: “Isn’t the Commonwealth supposed to be one of our best assets during our non-EU trading negotiation”? Regarding the ‘best asset’ concept you may refer to UKIP policy stated in the party 2010 Manifesto:

‘UKIP will seek to establish a Commonwealth Free Trade Area (CFTA) with the 53 other Commonwealth countries. The Commonwealth Business Council estimates that a CFTA would accord for more than 20% of international trade and investment facilitating trade exchanges worth more than £1.8 trillion and direct foreign investment worth about £100 billion.

and in 2015 the party pointed out

Britain is not merely a European country but part of a Global Community, the Anglosphere.  Beyond the EU and even the Commonwealth is a network of nations that share not only our language but our own Common Law, democratic traditions and global trading interests from India to the United States of America and New Zealand to the Caribbean.

Whether we remain ‘bosom friends’ with the EU or we finally Brexit under an Australian style No Trade deal (WTO), we shall be resuming our position which is precisely that which was obtained in 1940.  On the final fall of France we stood alone, waiting as now, for the USA to become our best friend.

Then the Commonwealth (Empire in those days) was maimed, but Canada, India, Australia, New Zealand, etc. remained under threat but intact, and generously fully supported what was then known as the ‘mother country’ in her hour of need.

Our leaving the EU and rejoining the Commonwealth will, we hope, go some way to atoning for the wrong we did in ditching them and joining the Common Market.  It should be remembered these people were often our kith and kin who were wounded or gave their lives.

The UK is now a fully independent sovereign island trading nation with global increased trade expectations, but these also come with responsibilities already inherited from the formation of the United Nations and the attendant Security Council, in which we have been allocated a permanent seat as we have regained position, so must the stature of the Commonwealth be enhanced.

The position of the USA as ‘best friend’ is to say the least dubious in that it seems to depend on the President.  Security and safety are probably always in our two nations’ mutual interest, but can we depend on them politically? Who can forget Obama’s foray into the referendum campaign?

I believe (I`m not the only one – see remarks by Tory “big beast” Michael Ancram in his Daily Telegraph exposée where “he had been lied to for 40 years”) there is a deep down residual emotional ‘hang-up’ in the very psyche of US politicians and leaders of all parties, which dates back to their having been a colony of this country. This collective character defect passes from generation to generation and was exemplified when Mr Obama gave the game away in the lead up to the referendum, when he along with Camoron appeared at their press conference where he urged this nation to give up Brexit and REMAIN in the dead end of ‘The care home for elderly failed European nations’ – the EU.

I truly believe at the bottom of this vile advice was this suppurating sore that resulted in Obama`s concept that there was not room in his playground for two exclusive nations and the US`s exclusivity would be tarnished irretrievably.

I was out campaigning in the market place the day after this announcement and grassroots voters were aghast at the effrontery and implications of what this man had said.  In the parameter of the referendum it was a catalyst moment when many realised we/they had been conned for years by their own elected politicians and other supposedly elite agencies who had adhered to their own agendas without consulting the electorate, and at the behest of the smarmy EU snake-oil salesmen (perhaps we were not sold snakes, but there was certainly a pup in the mix).

Whether it is aware of it or not or whether it even likes it, the UK is regaining global stature; re-engagement with the Commonwealth will enhance its position.  Whatever the UK has voiced on the Commonwealth’s behalf up to now has been tinged with an EU shroud; now the voice can be clear and completely in their interest.

Earlier I referred to ‘duties’ associated with our permanent membership of the Security Council.  One of the reasons the EU was so set on keeping us within its catchment area was it wished us to cede our seat to them as the bloc probably felt it would confer more ‘clout’ and would appear as a fully functioning ‘real’ nation, whereas with us gone, they are left at the permanent behest of the French who, along with us, were the only EU member country with that responsibility.

How galling it must be now for nations to have to go to the French to get the OK for any of their foreign policy initiatives – delicious really; it leaves the French as EU king pin and Germany having to pay for it!


* A person acting stupidstuck up. An object, action, or attitude that is dumb.

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