As I write this, the world’s stock markets, after some spectacular losses, seem to have found some respite. Where the markets will be by the time this article is published is anybody’s guess. Stimulus so far doesn’t seem to have worked, but there is much, much more on the way.

Today we’ll look at things that are mostly unreported in the mainstream media and perhaps could be regarded as speculative, but I’ve heard too many whispers from different sources.

Let’s start with this from the Telegraph:

“Chancellor unleashes £350bn bailout to rescue UK economy from coronavirus crisis”.

The US, Germany, Britain, nearly all Western countries are promising to throw the kitchen sink at markets in an attempt to bring stability.

Never mind that this is an ongoing disaster that has been well over a decade in the making; money printing having created markets that are totally divorced from fundamentals. While we’ve been told that the economy is booming, the Baltic shipping index has been plummeting, there has been a retail apocalypse starting in the US and gradually spreading worldwide. As for asset bubbles, well, I don’t think I need to elaborate.

This from James Delingpole in Breitbart:

“Delingpole: Coronavirus is Going to Make Big Government Even Bigger”.

Dellingpole talks about the calls for ever-expanding government intervention in markets, and there is an endless list of excuses touted as reasons for them to do so – but it gets more sinister. This is something that you’ll hardly hear mentioned in the mainstream media but is being discussed in the background.

From Casey Research but reported elsewhere:

“The Federal Reserve May Start Buying Stocks”.

Apparently, the Federal Reserve is in negotiations with Congress to be allowed to buy stocks and equities directly, something that until now they have not been allowed to do. The Federal Reserve has since 2008 intervened in markets by buying junk bonds and debt, printing money to prop up banks, etc., all adding to the national debt and ultimately at the expense of taxpayers.

At the moment, there are calls to bail out holiday companies, airlines, and whole swathes of industries that are being decimated by a slowdown that is being blamed on coronavirus. If the Federal Reserve can buy stocks directly, this amounts to a stealth nationalisation of large parts of the US industry and who knows which other countries will follow suit.

The money we’ve seen being printed by most Western countries since the 2008 financial crisis could be about to pale into insignificance compared to what is coming. Governments could be about to get a lot bigger and all at a time when their populations are in lockdown because of a virus.

Now we come to the bit that had me very surprised, something that is only just beginning to be mooted by the alternative media. Here’s a video by Gregory Mannarino:


Gregory Mannarino rants and raves; he may not be to everybody’s taste, but this, although it’s highly speculative, I am giving it serious consideration.

What Mannarino is suggesting – and I recommend that you have a look, although it is half an hour long – is that the US lead by Donald Trump is about to form an alliance with Russia. This shocked me because, for years, I’ve been wondering about the axis that seemed to be developing between Russia, China, Iran, and other countries that are leading a movement away from the US dollar, something that threatened the dollar’s reserve status.

China, although it would never admit it and it is rarely reported, is in a world of economic trouble; perhaps Putin has decided that Russia’s future lies in a different direction. This would also help to explain the fanatical rantings and ravings by the US Left and the likes of Obama and Clinton, their endless demonisation of Russian, and attempts to start a war … views also shared by the European Union.

Donald Trump perhaps knows that he can’t win a trade war with China without partnering with another resource-rich country. The implication for Great Britain is enormous: are we going to remain with the EU and the status quo, or do we join what would be a new world order?

You can understand if there is any truth to my speculation, why the European Union and the Remainers in our government have put up such a hard fight over Brexit: there are massive strategic implications. This is an alignment between what will be two massive opposing forces if it goes wrong; this is what world wars are made of.

I apologise for the speculative nature of this article, but it has been apparent to me for some time that there is a hidden game being played here, trying to understand it is a case of joining the dots. I may be wrong, but alarm bells are ringing.

In the coming months, as this coronavirus scenario plays out and our bankrupt economies go through their gyrations, things could be about to change. In the next few weeks and months, we may be about to enter a different world.

Donald Trump has always had something up his sleeve; whatever it is, we’d better hope he gets it right. Trump will either go down as the greatest US president in history or as the man that started World War Three.

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