Our country may have been invaded in centuries gone by but in the last couple of hundred years or so, we’ve been feeling fairly safe. After all, our English Channel has protected us from the Spanish Armada and from invasion during two world wars.

Who would have thought that our English Channel would fall, not to mighty ships and fleets of high tech aircraft but to small rubber boats, piloted and occupied by people from such an alien culture to our own that they may as well indeed be space aliens.

You can imagine my dismay today, when I found Nigel Farage’s most recent video, it is worthy of discussion. Please watch it – we will discuss it: 

“Nigel Farage reacts as 52 migrant boats arrive in a single day”

As Nigel says: “if this doesn’t constitute an invasion, I don’t know what does.” Nigel was staggered by reports of just how many hotels around the country are now stuffed with these illegal immigrants.

One headmaster of a school near one of these illegal immigrant occupied four star hotels, has had to ask the girls to always catch buses from different locations; she wants to make it harder for the migrants to lay in wait and sexually harass the girls. Behaviour ranges from the unpleasant and distasteful to the outright dangerous.

We’ve seen all of this behaviour before though haven’t we, starting in Rotherham and spreading to towns and cities all over the country. It seems that our government believes that our women and children are to be sacrificed on the altar of globalism and its organisations such as the European Union.

We have to bear in mind that of the fifty thousand illegal immigrants that we know of, in reality now probably many, many more; apart from the odd pregnant woman, most of them are military aged men. Assuming that we do indeed ask these people to leave one day, does anybody really believe that they will cooperate and leave quietly? Do we even have the resources now to eject them forcibly; these people are not our friends and never will be. What a mess! 

Much of this problem is caused by the European Union of course, and their interpretation of the Dublin agreement, another problem area that our government simply refuses to address. Indeed, this treacherous Withdrawal Agreement is a problem that was created, either by incompetence of deceit, by our Prime Minister: Boris Johnson.

We never did need a withdrawal agreement to leave the European Union, it was always the latest in a long line of stitch ups of the British people; the European Union never had any intention of allowing our independence and neither did our government. Don’t forget either that legal immigration is still carrying on at ridiculous levels.

So, where do I see this heading? I think that things will kick off in the United States; Donald Trump, in spite of attempts to rig the election, will win easily. The Left or the Democrats, for the last four years or so have simply refused to accept the democratic result of an election in the US; the Marxist left certainly won’t tolerate another four years of Trump. Expect rioting and extreme violence to start in the US shortly before the election, descending into almost, if not actual, civil war thereafter.

As the violence erupts in the US, as we approach our hopefully final departure from the European Union, the rioting will increase in Britain. This again, in the new year after we cut ties with the EU, will descend into civil unrest, perhaps even civil war. Perhaps our government can foresee these events as well? Perhaps that is the real reason for the lockdowns? 

Nigel did comment that: “it is strange how the Police use so much force against relatively law abiding people and almost nothing against the likes of ANTIFA and Black Lives Matter; all of these are Far Left, Marxist organisations.”

Certainly, when our country does erupt into violence, do not expect the law or our government to be on the side of we native and indigenous Brits. The globalists that have planned the invasion and destruction of our country and way of life, have no intention of giving up now, they’ve been silently and insidiously working on their plans for decades.

We’re about to find out that the multicultural, border-less utopia that has been promised by insidious, globalist, Marxist propaganda, was nothing more than a power game, a stepping stone to a world government and a complete pack of lies. Our enemies have not suddenly become friends, multiculturalism is failing the world over and our politicians know this even if they won’t admit it.

How could we have been so naive, so blind? In hindsight, it seems so obvious that if we don’t defend our borders, then our wars will be fought on our own soil. Invasion is nothing new in this world, it is always disastrous for the victim country, in this case us. It seems strange doesn’t it that the very people that complain of our old empire and our occupation of their lands, they want to move in with us even though they don’t seem to like us much, if at all.

So, if you thought that 2020 has been bad, expect 2021 to be much, much worse, this constant invasion of our country was never going to end well and now things are coming to a head, reaching boiling point. Perhaps the best thing for us all to do now is to network amongst ourselves and make plans to defend ourselves, our families, our friends and ultimately our country; we may be badly prepared but this is going to happen prepared or not.

Lastly, I’ll leave you this video so that over the next few years you can remind yourselves just what you’re fighting for:

 “Victory in Europe celebration on VE-Day in London in 1945, AI-enhanced and in HD colour!”


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