Enjoy the small things which government cannot take away from us



Another week has gone by. The G7 and the NATO summit have gone, Biden has gone back to the USA. Sunak has presented his Budget. These events certainly have happened and we can trust our MSM when they write that they took place. Everything else in the MSM has become so utterly untrustworthy that it’s a waste of time to open the papers, watch the news or listen to the radio. 

We’ve lived through the covid years with the scare graphs, the fear porn, the disastrous work of the ‘nudge’ unit which ‘nudged’ most people of this country to submit voluntarily to the loss of our civil liberties. Many felt they had to go along for fear of losing jobs and livelihoods. We remember how dissenting, eminent scientists were ‘cancelled’, their arguments not heard.

When publications such as the former ‘Lockdown Sceptics’, now ‘Daily Sceptic’, gave them room we learned that the government numbers and graphs were untrustworthy if not outright lies. That was the first time many people recognised that and how they were lied to. That was the first time when distrusting the MSM went mainstream.

When the woke ‘culture’ overwhelmed universities, local councils, government departments, we were glad that the Daily Sceptic took up some of the most ludicrous examples and we were glad that the Free Speech Union existed, taking up the worst cases of ‘cancellation’. 

That was the second time when people realised that the MSM were no longer doing their job properly, that they were only presenting opinions. Unbiased news items, untarnished by interpretations, by ‘nudges about how we should think, were only available in the despised alt media.

Now, after four weeks of this war in the Ukraine, hate speech and racism have become acceptable. De-platforming and cancelling people are now good. News, unbiased news, are unobtainable. The nudge unit must be working full out, unofficially and behind the scenes, so that even the usual critics of this government, even the Free Speech advocates, have silenced themselves and have taken the knee to ‘Russia bad’. They’ve accepted, unquestioned, our being cut off from Russian news sources. 

It is as if the government string-pullers, the nudgers, the providers of ‘guidance’ on what and how to write, have learned from the covid years. They’ve stoppered up all possible sources of contrary information which ordinary people might access. Meanwhile the ‘journalists’ who’ve learned to copy and paste what government ‘sources’ provide them with are providing us with war propaganda which people who are still able to access other sources debunk on a regular basis.

The latest debunking came yesterday, in a subscribers-only video by Paul Joseph Watson who showed that a famous Ukrainian video showing how they’d shot down Russian helicopters was actually based on a video game. Nobody in the western MSM had even noticed – or worse: if they had they weren’t allowed to say so.

We’ve often talked about ‘projection’, a tool used by the Left and the lefty MSM. Pre-emptively accusing xyz about going to do something which they themselves are going to do is a well-known propaganda instrument. The MSM are happily using this method across the board, the latest being warnings about ‘false flag events’, that Russia might use bio~ or chemical weapons.

 These warnings, based solely on Ukrainian propaganda, should worry us all because Biden said such attacks would be the red line at which NATO would be forced to act. The ‘scenario’ for such alleged ‘false flag’ attacks is being carefully prepared. Putin and Russia are now said to become ‘desperate’ because Ukraine is ‘winning’, according to Mr Z.

Why should we therefore believe the ponderous ‘explanations’ and ‘interpretations’ of the MSM opinion writers when they base their comments on such dubious sources, without even checking if they’re true or not? Who is holding a pistol to their heads?

However, the malaise goes deeper than that. How can we trust any reports, any videos from either side when technical manipulations are easily detected but not called out? How can we even refute news from ‘the other side’ when we’re not allowed to see them for ourselves? 

So what are we being softened up for by the propaganda nudges we remember so well from the covid years? Is it an ongoing war in Ukraine, kept going by the west in the hope of creating a second Afghanistan for Russia? An ongoing war behind which our governments can hide their insane economic policies because they can blame it all on Putin?

Isn’t such ‘perpetual war’ the perfect occasion for the PM and his green cronies to implement Net Zero by the back door? Isn’t it the perfect occasion to scrap even more of our civil liberties when for example there will be food shortages because of ‘sanctions’? Biden, after all, has already warned that these are coming.

What about our energy security? It’s easy to boast that we’ll be ‘free of Russian gas and oil’ when spring is coming and we won’t need to heat our homes. But what about maintaining the supply chain when diesel is becoming scarce on the world markets? Use electric lorries? Where are the batteries going to come from when stuff like nickel or rare earths are becoming unavailable? 

What concerns me even more is that our elected representatives, that government and the MSM are so obviously not trusting us at all. They are relying on ‘nudges’, on behavioural ‘science’ and fear porn to prepare the ground for more restrictions.

This started in the covid years and is still going on with incessant tests being demanded to even access ‘Our NHS’. They don’t believe us unless we offer proof, from being who we are to showing that we’re not lepers. Will we have to show them in future that we are ‘thinking right’ and have accepted their latest propaganda paroles?

That’s why I’m in despair at this weekend, not just because of the dangerous situation which may well lead to nuclear war, but also because we are being driven into a totalitarian system of thought control where Free Speech has finally fallen. If we cannot inform ourselves freely because it’s made physically impossible then how can we criticise government and government propaganda with proper arguments?

It was difficult during the covid years but even then people were able to access different sites enabling them to make up their own minds. That has now gone. It has become so bad that I cannot find it in me to trust any side, western or Russian. Frankly, I wonder if it’s worth it to spend extra hours on the PC just to try and find out who is lying how and about what. 

We’re learning not to trust because we are not being trusted. Perhaps it’s time to stop hitting our heads against the wall of indifference and hatred which our propaganda ministry has created. Perhaps it’s time to stop carrying the torch for Freedom when, like the Israelites of old, people are more concerned with fleshpots and golden calves. I can’t even blame them for this – it’s all they know, they no longer can know better.

Perhaps it’s time to look at our culture and history while we still can. Perhaps it’s time to talk about gardening, about music, about ancient philosophers. The clocks go forward tomorrow. The garden birds are in full voice, the spring flowers are out, the shrubs and trees are displaying a green haze.

These are the small things we can enjoy, these are the small things neither Whitehall nor the MSM can take away from us.


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