Researching pathogens in the Ukraine since 2014 …



I know I shouldn’t be surprised when our Propaganda institutions, a.k.a. MSM, sweep vital information under the carpet.  It still takes my breath away however when they do so in a concerted ‘effort’. Alright, so there were the ‘Oscars’ last night which meant that extra pixels had to be spent on dresses and speeches and ‘celebrities’ posturing. I have no idea what went on – life’s too short to waste on that ‘entertainment’.

Of course, the inevitable ‘war news’ had to be given lots and lots of space as well. One quick scan of the headlines showed that there’s been nothing new: “Russia bad” and ”Mr Z demands”. The remaining space was given over to ‘Royal News’ and to the now infamous Biden pronouncement. 

Starting with that one first: Biden did say in his speech in Poland: “For Gods’ sake, this man cannot remain in power”. Immediately afterwards, the great “he didn’t mean what he said” spin machine was started:

“A White House official issued a comment minutes later saying that Biden was not calling for regime change. The President’s point was Putin cannot be allowed to exercise power over his neighbors or the region. He was not discussing Putin’s power in Russia, or regime change,” the official said.” (paywalled link)

That statement came in the new, modern form for official government communications – a tweet. Ever since, US politicians and spin doctors have swamped the MSM with reassurances that Biden really didn’t mean to call for Putin to be dealt with ‘terminally’, or for regime change, for example by Mr Blinken (link). The wannabe Napoleon waded in as well yesterday, telling the world that he’d never say such a thing (link). No, of course not – Macron would prefer to remove Putin without prior announcement. 

So, you see: our MSM simply haven’t got the space or time to address the issue of US biolabs in the Ukraine and elsewhere. They also haven’t got the time to address the very unsavoury fact that Biden’s son, Hunter Biden, was involved, earning lovely stacks of money.

The whole sordid tale about that laptop and the emails therein, about why the US MSM sat on that information – that is another story. Suffice it to say that amongst those emails was proof that the Bidens were up to their necks in the bio lab funding sleaze – remember, Biden sen was the Vice President at the time this kicked off in 2014. 

On Friday 25th March 2022 the DM published a proper report (link) on this scandal. It should have been top news, copied by the rest of our MSM. After all, there’s the connection to covid which is still kept on the backburner, to be used to clobber us with when necessary. This report though did see the light of day and was updated on Saturday. I suspect that the work and the research had already been done because this news item appeared world-wide:

“MOSCOW, March 24. /TASS/. US President Joe Biden must provide explanations regarding his son Hunter’s involvement in the operation of biological laboratories in Ukraine, Russia’s State Duma speaker, Vyacheslav Volodin, said on his Telegram channel on Thursday. “US President Joe Biden himself is involved in the creation of biolaboratories in Ukraine. An investment fund run by his sun [sic!] Hunter Biden funded research and the implementation of the United States’ military biological program. It is obvious that Joe Biden, as his father and the head of state, was aware of that activity,” Volodin said.” (link)

We remember that Russian military officials had produced papers, documents and letters relating to those biolabs in the Ukraine. Those were immediately pooh-pooh’d as ‘propaganda’. Even now, the two papers which have currently published their articles are quoting ‘intelligence experts’ labelling the Russian claims as ‘propaganda’. The New York Post has this lovely example of squirming (my emphasis):

“Hunter Biden’s ventures raised the eyebrows of a former CIA officer. “His father was the vice president of the United States and in charge of relations with Ukraine. So why was Hunter not only on the board of a suspect Ukrainian gas firm, but also hooked them up with a company working on bioweapons research?,” Sam Faddis told the Mail. ‘It’s an obvious Russian propaganda attempt to take advantage of this. But it doesn’t change the fact that there does seem to be something that needs to be explored here.” (link)

Yes, daring to mention that proof for US involvement in Ukrainian biolabs, actually exists is – propaganda. Here’s more, from the report in the DM (my emphasis):

“Intelligence experts say the Russian military leader’s allegations were a brazen propaganda ploy to justify president Vladimir Putin’s invasion of Ukraine and sow discord in the US. But emails from Hunter’s abandoned laptop show he helped secure millions of dollars of funding for Metabiota, a Department of Defense contractor specializing in research on pandemic-causing diseases that could be used as bioweapons.” (link)

There’s also something which is of huge concern for us as it goes to the question of how and why that covid virus appeared, with the well-known consequences for our health, for our economy, and for the denial of our civil liberties. Right at the bottom of the DM report there’s this:

“Metabiota [one of those Ukrainian ‘Biden labs’] also has close ties to the Wuhan Institute of Virology (WIV), suspected to be the source of the COVID-19 outbreak. […] Chinese scientists performed gain of function research on coronaviruses at the WIV, working alongside a US-backed organization EcoHealth Alliance that has since drawn intense scrutiny over its coronavirus research since the COVID-19 pandemic. […] Metabiota has been an official partner of EcoHealth Alliance since 2014, according to its website.” (link)

No, this doesn’t mean Hunter Biden and Metabiota were directly involved in creating covid. However, it does mean that for years sleaze and corrupt financing instruments were used across the world for biolabs creating pathogens, with the involvement of US departments. 

It does mean that far more people have known for a long time about US bioweapons research in biolabs across the world, that Ukrainian oligarchs and US citizens like Hunter Biden earned nice sums of dollars. It does mean that the shrill accusations of ‘Russian propaganda’ are feeble attempts to cover up what happened.

Pres Biden and his propaganda mouthpieces have preemptively  tried to blame Russia for ‘bioweapon attacks’ as soon as the documents regarding the existence of these biolabs were published by Russia. Now the same ‘intelligence experts’ are trying to imply that Putin used the existence of these biolabs as ‘reason’ for this war. Words simply fail me!

I leave you with news from two “EU voices”. One is a statement from Mr Borrell, the EU’s ‘Foreign Secretary’, who ‘fears’ that this war and the sanctions ‘could push Russia closer to China’ (link). Crikey – who could possibly have seen that coming!

The other statement is … precious indeed. It’s about a possible ‘ban’ on Russian diamonds on which the Belgian diamond industry depends. A Belgian minister said: “that Western sanctions “must have a much bigger impact on the Russian side than on ours.” (link) – but of course! Make Russia deliver what the West needs to keep their economies going while ‘degrading’ the Russian economy. Perhaps Mr Putin will demand that diamonds also be paid for in roubles? I’m sure the Belgians will comply.

After all, diamonds are forever, aren’t they …

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