Observations on Rodney Atkinson’s article ‘The May Withdrawal Treaty would be a disaster and could not be renegotiatied‘  which was published on his site ‘Freenations’.


Treaties are stipulated between sovereign states, normally. If one of the parties decides to resile unilaterally, there is nothing much the other one can do about it, unless it is prepared to invade the other and re-impose observance with armed force.

Laws can only be considered really binding if they have not only courts to arbitrate, but effective enforcement agencies, ie with police and prisons and the ability to inflict hurtful penalties, on those who break them. These are the attributes of sovereign states alone. There is therefore no such thing as “international law”.

Civil laws need to be underpinned by criminal law, for a civil court can only inflict pecuniary penalties, but if the party concerned refuses to pay up, criminal-law provisions will be needed in order to send in hobnailed-booted enforcers in order to bend him to their will, by taking away his property, and if he resists, sending him to prison.

If a person breaks the law of the land, he can expect to suffer physical consequences, such as prison. A treaty does not have this force of law. It is more like a gentleman’s agreement. If one party breaches it, they may expect to suffer some – debatable – loss of reputation or credibility, but no more.

Under the bedrock provision of the British Constitution, to wit, that No Parliament Can Bind Its Successors, if one Parliament ratifies a bad Treaty, the next Parliament is at liberty to revoke it, unilaterally. It does not require the consent of the other Party to that Treaty, nor does it have to follow any particular procedure laid down by that Treaty.

The EU treaties are exceptional in that their ultimate aim is to unite and dissolve a number of sovereign states into one single State – the United State of Europe. To do this effectively, they will need not only a court – the ECJ, which they have already – but enforcement agencies which are able to enforce the decisions of the Court on recalcitrants. This is why they will need a beefed-up Europol, the European Gendarmerie Force and ultimately a European Army, under central command and control from Brussels, in order for a European State to exist. As long as the means of hard, violent, physical enforcement are controlled by the existing national states, the European State cannot exist.

This is why, with this danger in mind, over the years I have focussed on the Corpus Juris project for a single all-EU criminal code with a European Public Prosecutor, the European Arrest Warrant which is the first step towards Corpus Juris, and the nascent Eurogendarmerie.

I have shouted myself hoarse in trying to flag up Theresa May’s incredibly dangerous statement to the Commons when Home Secretary in June 2012, that “of course” she would welcome “special intervention units from our European allies (ie the Eurogendarmerie) onto British soil” if she “saw the need”. Alas, to no avail, no other commentators have picked this theme up, so far.

People in Britain have had the good fortune of being accustomed, for centuries, to matters of political power being decided by debate, by voting etc, so much so that we have completely forgotten, and blanked out of our minds, the harsh underlying truth that in the last analysis “power springs from the barrel of a gun”.

Lethally-armed foreign paramilitaries, such as will be welcomed by Theresa May, owe allegiance only to Brussels which claims supremacy over us. We allow them onto our soil at our peril.

This is why we should be highly vigilant as to the prospect of a UK-EU “Security” Treaty, to be stipulated after Brexit (if that ever occurs), planned by Mrs May, with Amber Rudd and others, which will provide not only the amalgamation of our armed forces with those of the EU, as Veterans for Britain and a few others have been warning, but also our continued membership of Europol and acceptance of the European Arrest Warrant, as Home Secretary Rudd announced to the Commons in March 2017, with the prospect of the Eurogendarmerie getting its hobnailed boots onto our soil, as thoughtlessly envisaged by May in June 2012.

Once that happens, it will be bullets, not ballots, that will decide the outcome. We have a duty to make every effort for matters not to reach that point. As a first step, we must sound the alarm and make sure that people are aware of the danger, and of what is at stake.

It may just be that people like Jacob Rees-Mogg and Boris Johnson are intending to agree to May’s dreadful WA Treaty, with the idea that, even it provides within itself no escape mechanism like article 50, later we will, if all else fails, be able to leave it unilaterally.

What they seem not to realise is that as soon as it is passed, the treacherous Mrs May intends to stipulate a separate Security Treaty with the EU, which will involve the amalgamation of our armed forces with theirs, and the placing of their hobnailed boots on our soil. Once that is achieved, well, they will hold the guns and we will have none.

The blue flag with the circle of yellow stars will flutter over Big Ben and Buckingham Palace. Brussels will rule our roost, completely. A once-proud nation state will have been reduced to the status of a province, governed totally from a location beyond its borders.

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