If covid didn’t get you this will –  or so the ‘experts’ say



Until further notice we’ll continue to keep the Sunday issue of INDEPENDENCE Daily free of News and articles, providing you instead with space for debates. 


There are many subjects worthy of special attention, but one in particular has been shoved to the sidelines thanks to covid. That is ‘Climate Change – Crisis – Emergency – Man-made Global Warming’ or whatever the latest label is. 


So here’s one delicious piece of news which didn’t make it into our newspapers. Our friends at ‘Tallbloke’s Talkshop’ reported that the French government is going to declare ‘an agricultural disaster over an unusual early spring frost that has damaged crops and vines across the country, the agriculture minister said’ (link).


Ah. How is that possible when the climate~catastrophe acolytes preach to us that we’re all gonna die, provided we’ve not yet died of/with/because of covid?

Is Nature again demonstrating that these acolytes are in fact snake-oil merchants?






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