The Supreme Court has decided unanimously that the Prorogation of Parliament was unlawful and that the speaker of the HooC and the HoL can now recall Parliament.

I’ve listened to the Court’s verdict being read out by Supreme Justice Ms Hale, and got sicker and sicker while listening. This is a suitable time to document  the first reactions from ordinary people who watched and listened live, as I did. They are from  comments and from Twitter. I post them here, to show the mood, before the legal eagles get their comments going in the papers later today and overnight. 

Let’s start with these:

“10:45 on the 24th September 2019. Parliamentary Democracy in the UK pronounced officially dead.”

“There is no peaceful way to leave the EU.”

‘Gina Miller rules the UK”

She of course had a little help from her financiers and the Supreme Court. Note also that the government has no right to appeal – but they can, irony of ironies, go to the ECJ!

“The people are no longer sovereign,a rotten parliament, corrupt foreign businessmen, corrupt lawyers, a corrupt UK Supreme Court and corrupt quangos, such as the Electoral Commission are sovereign. Pay your taxes, obey your masters: you have been told.”

“Vote for a referendum in the UK .. ignored. Vote for a politician in the UK .. they just change parties. So what now?”

Indeed – what now?

Here are some more well-known voices, quotes taken from their twitter accounts as they came in and caught my eyes:

Andrew Marr: “Queen now placed in the centre of the most sensational constitutional fight in modern history. We must expect that Bercow will call Commons back today. Conference season blown away. Over to Johnson in New York. Calls today for him to resign, may follow soon”

Douglas Carswell: “The Establishment is now going all out to overturn the referendum result”

Partick O’Flynn: “The judges at the Supreme Court have actually awarded themselves the right to decide if Parliament actually IS prorogued, not just if it should be. This country’s “unwritten” constitution is completely falling apart. A huge culture war and massive constitutional reform both loom.”

Paul Waugh: “Massive questions here for the No.10 team who advised Johnson and for the Attorney General. But the biggest Q is for the PM: shouldn’t misleading the Queen be a resigning matter?”

Adam Tomkins MSP: ” Important to note that it is the *effect* of the order to prorogue on whch the Court has focused, not the PM’s purpose or motivation. This is *not* about the PM “lying to” HM the Queen.”

Ian Birell: “Prepare now for a vicious hard-right assault on the judges & politicisation of the courts to divert attention from their leader’s grotesque misbehaviour that led us to this position”, answered directly by Andrew Williams: “Judges have deemed that they are political actors. Their appointment now inevitably becomes political. The culture wars have been taken up a notch by this decision.”

Toby Young: “The decision of the Supreme Court fundamentally alters the balance of power in our constitution in favour of the judiciary. If we’re going to have a US-style Supreme Court from now on, SC Justices will need to be appointed by the PM and there will have to be confirmation hearings

Stewart Wood: “There also has to be the most serious of questions asked about how the Attorney General could have given legal support for a prorogation of Parliament that the UK Supreme Court has unanimously declared unlawful. This seems a failure of the most fundamental kind.” Answer: “Because the SC is making new law.”

Sam Coates SKY News: “Here in New York No10 make clear they won’t be instantly responding. They need to digest the ruling, they say”, answered by Jason Scott Tilley: “He knew when this ruling was coming and he chose to be out of the UK.” 

Of course, we all know that the UN planned their annual General Meeting  just in time to comply with Johnson wanting be out of the UK! The idiocy – it burns!

I leave you with this latest tweet

SKY News: “I invite Boris Johnson to consider his position.” Labour leader Jeremy Corbyn says the SupremeCourt ruling shows the PM has “acted wrongly in shutting down parliament and demonstrates a contempt for democracy and an abuse of power”.

He would say that, wouldn’t he – and how happy he must be to be able toe scape the cauldron that is the Labour AGM!

These quotes are just the first, momentary snapshots. They show that the Remain Establishment thinks they can now overturn the Referendum result. 

This will not end well – the repercussions will be felt up and down the country but over the coming years and decades.


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