On 25th March 2019, Ukip polled 9%, taking them above the Lib-Dems for the first time in quite a while. I have, though, to be very honest and say that I have often doubted that the Lib-Dems have consistently polled at 10% for so long, bearing in mind they have disappeared from the theatre of politics.

We are, in law, on a statute royally accented, supposed to leave on the 29th March at 11 pm, the EU and all its institutions. I need hardly remind erstwhile readers that we were told by 500 MPs when they voted to enact the Article 50 procedure and those same MPs then in 2017 stood again for election on a manifesto that promised to honour the outcome of the referendum in 2016.

Now the Prime Minister has totally gone against all those promises and the fact that she has over 108 times at the despatch box claimed that we are leaving on the 29th. She stood at the despatch box and stated the totally bloody obvious that there was no support for her so-called deal, a deal that is in fact a treaty, which if enacted into law we would be stuck with. No one has ever said that, have they? We were never told this withdrawal agreement is in fact a treaty. She does not therefore wish to offer up her deal for a further undoubtedly embarrassing loss.

Instead we now have an extension which, within the dea, overrides the statute and Magna Carta. This extension is to be either 12th April or 22nd May. Two weeks more. As Mr Dodds of the DUP quite rightly asked, what for? What is the point of an extension? So, we are redundant and our vote on the 23rd June three years ago is to be vacated.

In a remarkable set of circumstances, an extraordinary turn against the electorate and the people, Parliament has decided to take charge. The very real prospect of a second referendum, before the first has even been enacted, is on the horizon. Either that or worse; if the remainers really get there way, we will also possibly face a revocation of the Article 50 process to leave us firmly locked into the gang of 27.

Stunned and shocked is my state, head in hands and a shaking of my head is taking place very much so, each and every day. What next? They say that over the previous weekend 1 million marched in London (the Police say it was a third of that number) but that matters not a jot as far as the bent lying and totally pro-EU press in this country are concerned.

What these people cannot fathom is that they were marching to give up our sovereignty to an unelected executive that is demanding openly that the other 27 members of the EU hand over large swathes of their sovereignty in order to quicken up the process to enslave them into a super state of Europe (the grand plan all along).

In France, the Gilet Jaunes are into their 20th week of outrage and protest. Macron their president is evil; he has imported mercenaries and they are mercilessly beating these protesters. The violence is totally shocking, yet what is more shocking is that it is not reported by any mainstream media. This past weekend a lady in her seventies was badly beaten to the ground and received a fractured skull.

The government has said we have three thousand troops on stand-by, but, only in case of logistical support being needed in the case of no deal. Do not be fooled, anyone, for a micro second, they are on stand- by to put down any insurrection post-revocation. We are on the precipice of civil unrest in this country, nearer to it than we have been since 1664 and the uprising against parliament lead by one Oliver Cromwell.

Older ex-PMs such as Major and Blair going to the EU openly speaking against the country that served them well, alongside disenfranchised current Tory and Labour MPs, is seen by the public as nothing less than treason. There will be a reckoning, there simply has to be, let`s hope and pray it’s at the ballot box and not on the streets.

Recent “go slows” on motorways have taken place, quickly shut down by the police they had little effect; larger more rigorously prosecuted blockages will come. A run on the banks, refusal to pay council tax and the avoidance of any EU goods for purchase are planned too. People are truly fed up. It takes one person to lead this, pull it all together and we have a fight.

The Tories are, in my view, toast at any elections coming up, including the next general election. Labour will fair no better. They have openly called for a second referendum, as have the Lib Dems. So, the public looking for an alternative are finding Ukip again. Ukip have never blinked from a total freedom charge away from the EU. Ukip believe absolutely in the United Kingdom. Ukip have a mantra and an ethos that this great nation, this Great Britain, should be alone to stand free and tall amongst the rest. The party can and will restore our values and merits that made us great in the first place.

Ukip have had, since 2010, many radical, well thought out resonating policies, many of which have in fact been nicked by the Tories or Labour. We simply have to get that message out again, common sense, speak to the people and be honest and upfront as we always have. This country needs us, this country is sunk beyond all recognition and needs a new direction, a new pathway cemented in our traditional values that allow the freedom of expression and the freedom of enterprise in derived of liberty and truth. There is nothing else, other than decay, lawlessness and a steady slow slip to oblivion unless Ukip stands up the plate and fulfils its destiny.

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