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Three cheers that Brexit has at last happened, and a period of transition underway. Providing Boris delivers on the 31st December, and with the EU’s dark lords in retreat, can we now sit back a bit and look forward to years of happy stability, democracy and reinvigorated nationhood?

But with the change of focus suddenly forced on us with the virus epidemic, and the climate hysteria out of the headlines for the moment, it is easy to let our guard drop.

The eternal battle, we know so well, has always been between those two opposing mindsets: us, who believe that every person has an equal democratic right to determine the way, and by whom, our country is governed, and the others, who believe it’s preferable for an unelected elite to rule over us.

This latter mindset is still well alive and active. It hides within a political package, calculatedly unmarked, containing the climate change movement and its propaganda, and has been steadily persuading many of the world’s peoples and governments, including our own, to accept its false beliefs. The unwritten label on the wrapper reads “Towards Global Governance by the UN”.

When the UN was formed in 1945, The US Senate was reassured that it would not interfere in the sovereignty of the US or the domestic affairs of the American people. It was sold as a debating chamber for the world’s nations to solve problems, to foster peace and wellbeing. UNESCO was set up in the same year. William Benton, Assistant US Sec. of State said during an early, 1946, meeting that its goal must include educating children away from “the poisoned air of nationalism”…. and to “break down the walls of national sovereignty”…into “world-mindedness”. No interference? And only 5 years later, Council for Foreign Relations CFR member, James Warburg, said: “We shall have world government whether or not you like it – by conquest or consent”.

Big names in setting up the climate alarmist movement were Maurice Strong and Dr. Stephen Schneider.

Maurice Strong was a tycoon wheeler-dealer in oil, energy and cattle, yet claiming to be a socialist and environmentalist. He organised the first Earth Summit in 1972, under U Thant. This led to the formation of the UN Environmental Program, UNEP, headed by himself, the first official committee on “climate change” and a number of new UN bodies.  Notably, The Commission on Global Governance, as its title suggests, believes the world is now ready to grant the UN the authority to enter any sovereign nation to guarantee “the security of the people” as expressed by “rights”, defined in various treaties. UNEP has been behind the environmental movement Agenda 21 which morphed into Agenda 30, incidentally gaining the blessing of the Pope. It’s now been rebranded as The Green New Deal, and seemingly taken on board by the government.

The movement’s true purpose was made clear at the 1992 Rio climate conference, chaired by Maurice Strong, when he stated, “The objective is to bring about a change in the present system of independent nations. The future is to be World Government, with central planning by the United Nations. Fear of environmental crises, whether real or not, is expected to lead to compliance.” Strong fell from grace, in 2005, over a fraudulent cheque, endorsed and made out to himself for nearly a million dollars, issued by a Jordanian bank in the ‘Oil for Food Program’, and he fled to China.

It was physicist, Dr. Stephen Schneider, who initiated the climate alarmist strategy. Earlier, in a 1989 interview for “Discover” magazine he said that, as a scientist, the whole truth and all the doubts must always be stated. But in order to capture the public’s imagination and get media coverage, “we have to offer up scary scenarios, make simplified, dramatic statements, and make little mention of any doubts we might have,” and that each of us had to decide what the right balance is between being effective and being honest. In other words, as long as you believe you are right, you can lie and exaggerate with a clear conscience to persuade others to your cause. Enter Al Gore, drawn into the debate by Schneider.

As deputy US president, Gore demonstrated this poisonous mindset, of balancing efficiency versus honesty, when his climate adviser, Prof. Willi Happer refused to cooperate. Gore said that the facts must not be allowed to get in the way of policy, and Happer resigned.

I should think we have all watched Gore’s propaganda film “Inconvenient Truth”, around 2007, which brought world opinion “on message” regarding the climate scare hypothesis. The film was the subject of a court case by school governor Stewart Dimmock, who tried to get it banned for use in schools. A whole list of “errors and exaggerations” were identified by the court, under Justice Burton, but the film was still allowed to be shown. It contained the infamous “Hockey Stick Graph” stunt, eventually discredited as a scientific fiddle, and which led to the two public inquiry scandals, “Climategates I, and II”. So-called “hockey team” US collaborator, Dr. Michael Mann of Penn State University, sued Canadian academic, Dr. Tim Ball for saying that he, Dr. Mann of Penn State, should be put in the “state pen”. This case was eventually concluded in 2019, won by Tim Ball on appeal in California, with the judge agreeing the Michael Mann was “motivated to commit fraud”.  And this has been the story of the climate alarmist movement all along.

We’re now faced with The Green New Deal implying a complete shutdown of fossil fuel use and with its mantra, “Net Zero”.  For having just one seat in parliament, it must be said the Green Party is doing rather well. And all this because no one of independent mind is checking the facts, but just carelessly swallowing every fear-mongering interpretation coming from the UN and its climate propaganda body, the IPCC, and with the help of much of the MSM. Perhaps the greatest hypocrisy is that it will be the struggling third world countries, e.g. of Africa, who will be hardest hit if this Net Zero demand is imposed on them.

Going back to the beginning of this history, it’s no surprise to learn that Council on Foreign Relations, CFR president, Richard Haass, has joined in the clamour for world government, that he claims will save humanity and the planet. He insists that claims of sovereignty must no longer prevent a world authority from dictating action to deal with environmental problems. But let’s just say it the way it really is, please, “a UN dictatorship to rule the world.”

Fortunately, there are honourable people standing out against this. One such was the late Harold Lewis, Prof. of Physics at the University of California, a former member of the Defence Science Board and USAF Scientific Advisory Board, and serving on numerous top committees. He resigned his membership of the American Physical Society, after 67 years’ membership, in disgust at their refusal to engage in proper scientific debate about climate change, and their ignoring of climate sceptics.

Lewis stated “It is, of course, the global warming scam, with the (literally) trillions of dollars driving it, that has corrupted so many scientists. It is the greatest and most successful pseudoscientific fraud I have seen in my long life as a physicist.”

And do I detect a hint of the future, with comments beginning to appear in the press about needing to have a co-ordinated world response to the coronavirus outbreak, and maybe an extension to the Brexit transition period? Are the UN’s WHO ‘crats now working on a back-up plan, if the climate alarmist bid founders?


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