Janice North writes:

Whatsapp groups are taking over. We have lots of them at the moment. On one of the London ones we started discussing the thing we all agree on – Brexit – and how we wish we could work with all other groups fighting for it. Some of us follow Robin Tillbrook because he is of course not just the leader of the English Democrats but also the solicitor taking the government to court to say that we have actually already left the EU on the 29th March 2019. After some to-ing and fro-ing and making an agreement to contact him I took on the job. He turned out to be a lovely man who called me back the very next day!

Robin said he would love to meet us and understood that we didn’t want to join his party but felt we should all unify and work together, with which he agreed. So, a date was set and I arranged a meeting place. There was interest from all over London – we even had people coming from Kent and Wiltshire! No pressure then…

Once Robin arrived we were all glued to his every word. He had also had his case dismissed based on one vote and the letter advising him had mysteriously been sent to him while he was away on holiday – no email or warning that it was coming! Suspicious? We all agreed it very crafty. Luckily someone was opening his post for him and spotted it, so Robin was able to launch an appeal in time, which he got.

We had many questions and Robin was very good, open, friendly and honest with us.

A video was made and this is attached for your enjoyment.

We did a collection for the case and Robin was very surprised by this and also very touched by our support.

Before he left he said to us that he had been feeling very good about himself on the way to meet us to think that we were interested in meeting him. Such is his humility – as of course we are eternally grateful to him and people like him – they give us all hope!

Please watch the video and enjoy.

Video created by Liz Jones

Photos by Janice North

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