“Covid Papers Please …”


The ‘Great Pub Passport Debate’ is now open. There’s also the ‘No Jab – No Job’ debate. We are clearly being prepared to accept what is coming: not freedom but captivity. After one year of behaviour control, of nudge ‘therapy’, of fear & hysteria campaigns the covid politburo is continuing in their ‘behavioural therapy’ of the Nation, nudging us to accept more restrictions. Have we truly become such a submissive nation?

Of course, our ever so wonderful MSM aren’t asking that simple question: ‘cui bono’ – who profits. Behind the covid government’s fake-benevolent attitude of ‘we are protecting you ignorant people’ are some hefty financial interests. I’m not even pointing the finger at the SAGEs, especially the top ones, whose previous academic careers were supported by huge grants from certain industries and foundations. That is now well known.

No – I’m asking who, for example, is profiting from producing all those test kits which we are called upon to use. It’s not “Our Sacred Cow” – they buy in the stuff from elsewhere. I’m sure you’ll see the irony in our paying for the NHS with our taxes and then having to pay for ‘moar tests’ when we want to go to the pub. That is what Baron ‘Beefy’ Botham suggests in an interview in The Times. It’s oh-so rational:

“He wants to see people taking lateral flow tests before going to the pub. “It takes a few minutes and it costs a fiver. Now that’s a pint of beer. So instead of having ten pints in the pub, you have nine. Simple. This is a working situation and it will get people back into society. If you’re not prepared to do the test, then you won’t be able to go for a pint. I don’t think that’s asking a lot really, when you think what we’ve just gone through.” (link, paywalled)

Now isn’t that totally rational – no worries about the consequences of such tests, none about the validity of them! When positive, you’ll not only not be allowed your pint – you’ll have to have a PCR test now and you’ll have to quarantine yourself. And that is ‘not asking a lot’, is it? But there’s more – and this goes right to the heart of all that ‘advice’ regarding vaccine passports: those who promote them are covertly in for nice little earners. Here’s more from Baron Beefy Botham:

“Liam Botham, his son, works for a company developing vaccine passport technology and Botham holds up his phone showing an app on which he has uploaded details of his Covid-19 vaccination and recent lateral flow tests. The technology, which a number of companies are developing, is simple to use even for a technophobe, he says. “I’m not a Bill Gates. I still throw pigeons out windows with little notes on their feet.” (link, paywalled)

So it’s ‘technophobes’ who refuse such apps, is it? The idea that there are some hugely important questions about civil liberties, about privacy, about the prohibition of making medical procedures mandatory, ever since the Nuremberg Trials – that doesn’t seem to’ve entered the minds of those vaccine passport promoters. 

Now we’re told that there’s another powerful group planning to demand such ‘passport’. This is the ‘no jab – no job’ brigade. To no-one’s surprise it’s the managerial class which is at the forefront of this demand:

“The Chartered Institute of Management conducted a survey recently that found that more than half of managers wanted to make coronavirus vaccinations mandatory for staff returning to work. Unions oppose the approach. Although ministers have been clear that they will not make certificates mandatory for offices, there are no plans to forbid bosses from establishing their own schemes.” (link, paywalled)

This is again going to be done ‘by app’, and clearly, the thinking seems to go that if you’re happy to get tested to go to the pub then you shouldn’t resist when your boss demands you do the same. There’s one interesting little piece of information regarding those ‘passports’. They’ll be issued “through the NHS app and provide proof that people had been vaccinated, tested negative or developed natural immunity.” (link, paywalled).

Ahaha – and how does one ‘provide proof’ that one has developed natural immunity? A certificate from hospital that one’s been there with covid? What about all who’ve had what felt like covid but who weren’t seriously ill? Those who didn’t approach their GP about this because, as we all remember, GPs were ‘unavailable’? Perhaps scientists are already developing a failsafe test for covid antibodies showing that one is ‘safe’ … for just another fiver … Here’s what a SAGE psychologist had to say:

“Professor Robert West, a psychologist at University College London and member of the government’s Scientific Advisory Group for Emergencies (Sage), told Times Radio that the “balance of evidence is against” widespread use of vaccine certificates, citing discrimination fears and uncertainty over the level of protection provided by vaccines.” (link, paywalled)

Is that another SAGE rowing back, after Whitty’s statement yesterday? Perhaps it’s due to the initiative by a group of expert psychologists, reported in the DT this morning, who have been writing to their professional body, condemning this ‘experiment in behavioural manipulation on the British public’. More on that below. Meanwhile here’s the reason why this particular SAGE psychologist is against such passports for pubs and jobs:

“And the other issue with it is the idea of creating a false sense of security. We don’t know exactly what the level of protection is going to be [with the vaccines] but it certainly isn’t going to be 100 per cent.” (link, paywalled)

Interesting, that! Obviously the vaccines cannot be 100% ‘protective’ – we’re talking about biological systems here, not about mechanical engineering. I do wish though that the SAGEs Behavioural Unit would get to work on BJ whose covid politburo has now come up with what is clearly the famous thin edge of the wedge:

“Last night, a Whitehall source told the Mail ministers would try to win round furious Tory MPs by reassuring them that any new passport scheme would be temporary. While no decision has been taken on how long any scheme should last, the source said it was likely to be no more than a year. ‘It will be time-limited and I think the duration of the scheme will be measured in months,’ the source said.” (link)

And “we” believe this because the first lockdown a year ago was also going to being ‘time limited’ … as ‘time limited’ as the covid law now extended to October this year … ! Mick Hume in the DM makes this important point:

“Yet now it appears that vaccination is to be turned into a ticket to permanent unfreedom, used as the pretext for a booster shot of further interference in our everyday lives. […] Supporters of vaccination passports argue that they will help us get back to ‘normal life’. But what on earth is normal about effectively being forced to show your papers, reveal your medical records and prove the status of your antibodies to a doorman or some other jab-police jobsworth? Such sinister measures are normally seen as the stuff of dystopian fantasies about an authoritarian future, not part of life in a modern democracy of supposedly free citizens.” (link)

You might like to read the whole essay. Sadly, the thoroughly brainwashed peasants who answer the many polls run by government and vested interests seem to support the further curtailment of all our freedom: the SAGEs behavioural experts clearly have done a sterling job when, a year later, even with vaccines being now available, so many are still frozen in fear. 

In the report on how SAGE created and promoted fear in a ‘behavioural experiment’ we find a stunning acknowledgement that not only did they do it but that other SAGEs were compliant, not standing up to this monstrous exercise:

“[One] Sage member said SPI-B reports tended not to be “challenged” by Sage because “the core membership of Sage is not very well equipped to evaluate it – there are not other social scientists at the heart of Sage”. They added: “When someone from SPI-B is saying we need to ramp up the fear and keep it ramped up – there wasn’t much questioning of that at the beginning and most of the questioning came from external sources, not from within.” (paywalled link)

Questioning and criticism from outside were clearly disregarded by the SAGEs. We remember the many well documented instances of substantive criticisms published in certain MSM, written by experts such as Prof Carl Henegan or Prof John Lee. Funny though that we’ve not heard much from them in some while – as if ‘Our MSM’ were told not to provide them with a platform. It seems this attitude was even worse in regard to the ‘fear’ brainwashing undertaken by the SAGEs. Here’s another quote worth keeping on file, for the record:

“Gary Sidley, a retired NHS consultant clinical psychologist, said: “It’s as if there is a little industry around pandemic management and it excludes alternative voices.” (paywalled link)

Indeed so. This issue is not going to go away, with more people now researching this subject. They’ve already come up with excellent phrases such as ‘weaponising fear’ and ‘doom loops’ where manipulated case numbers are used to induced more fear. 

I leave you with this government statement – clearly penned by a civil serpent who hasn’t understood why people, why scientific experts, are now taking critical, close looks at this whole covid ‘experience’:

“A government spokesman denied covert techniques had been used, adding: “Since the start of the pandemic we have followed the advice of our world-leading scientists and medical experts, taking the right measures at the right time to defeat coronavirus. We have set out clear instructions to the British people as our approach and knowledge of the virus has developed, and taken decisive action to delay the spread of the disease, reduce the number of people needing hospital treatment, and ultimately save lives.” (paywalled link)

Let’s not ask how many lives of people not ill with covid they have actually saved! That reckoning will come in and no smooth defence of this wretched policy will then suffice. At the Nuremberg Trials the defendants kept telling the judges that they ‘only followed orders’. I think we’ll see that the excuse of the covidians in a ‘lockdown trial’ will be: “we only did what the scientific experts told us to do”.

It didn’t work in Nuremberg – it should not work now.




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