If you needed proof to see how far removed  from us, the people, our so-called ‘great and good’ are, then the Brexit ‘news’ yesterday and this morning are ‘it’.

Yesterday the papers were full of exhortations to us – not the PM, us! – about Brexit and what to do:

Daniel Hannan MEP (T): This is the Tories’ last chance to reject May’s deal, press reset and undo her appalling mistakes

Gisela Stuart (L): The route out of this mess is a general election

Esther McVey MP (T, ERG): As a Brexiteer backed into a corner, I will now vote for this deal

David Blunkett (L): To solve this crisis, we need a second referendum

And of course, Top of the Pops, yesterday morning Theresa May (T, PM) wrote: The patriotic thing for MPs to do is vote for my Brexit deal

These articles are all paywalled, so don’t bother going there – the headlines speak for themselves

None of the authors grasp the fact that it’s not us they need to convince! We’ve told them what we want: the No Deal Brexit we’ve voted for! No more posturing, no more cave-ins: stand on your convictions and face the consequences of our anger! You had sufficient time!

The top ‘news’ this morning, with the Brexit clock ticking on,  is that Ms May may delay (hah – now that’s novel!) the vote on her WA this week. Someone has come up with this little abbreviation which I happily steal: MVIII, or “Meaningful Vote III”. As you recall, this MVIII was to take on Wednesday, so Ms May would be enabled to go to the EU Meeting on Thursday and ask for a ‘short extension’.

It is dawning on the mighty minds in the Tory Party that this might still not get through, some cave-ins from the ERG and DUP notwithstanding. So now they talk and write about not even letting Parliament have that MVIII:

“Theresa May will cancel plans to hold a third vote on her Brexit deal this week if she does not believe she can win it, ministers revealed on Sunday. Instead, Downing Street is understood to be discussing an alternative strategy of holding the vote the week after, cranking up the pressure on MPs to back the deal or accept the blame for a lengthy delay.” (paywalled link)

It’s fully-fledged “Parliamentary Project Fear”. You can recognise the various thumbscrews used by looking at some articles in this morning’s papers. They are, as usual, long on speculation and short on substance. Here’s a blatant instant:

“Liam Fox has warned his fellow Brexiteers that failing to back Theresa May’s deal would alienate voters because it would bring a lengthy delay to Britain’s departure from the European Union.” (paywalled link)

You should get out more, Liam Fox – voters will be thoroughly disgusted, not just alienated, if this May Abomination gets the nod! Even the shilly-shallying BoJo who has asked his own constituency party has ‘got it’:

“My constituents were strongly of the view that I should not compromise. They assured me that they would support whatever decision I took – but they believed I should continue to vote against the deal.” (paywalled link)

Note however that he’s left a little backdoor open to vote for whatever is expedient in the end. Still, according to the (remain) DM, at the moment BoJo stands firm against Ms May’s deal .. so far …

Since May needs the DUP to get MVIII through, the main issue is, again and of course, the backstop. The following will therefore come as no surprise:

“She will receive a significant boost today when Lord Trimble, who tried to take the government to court over her deal, says that she has secured substantive changes that would limit the impact of the Irish backstop.The intervention from one of the architects of the Good Friday agreement could help to bring on board Tory Brexiteers, who have used the threat to the integrity of the UK as a reason not to fall into line. It could also influence the DUP, whose failure to support the deal has been fatal.”(paywalled link)

A ‘breakthrough’ on the backstop? Lawyers for Britain don’t think so! Here’s the key quote, from Mr Howe QC:

“The consensus of the lawyers who have looked into this argument is that it is hopeless. Even if it weren’t hopeless it would have to be pursued through months or years of international arbitration proceedings with a very high risk of a damaging adverse verdict against the UK. I have been alarmed to see at least one major politician today who is apparently basing his views about whether we can get out of the backstop on one letter to The Times which clearly has failed to deal with a vital element of the argument, unforeseeability.  I think that politicians have a duty to base their decisions on vital national matters on a fuller and more careful review of the available legal advice.”

Exactly, Mr Howe QC! This advice is even more important when we read this speculation, according to which Lord Trimble has secured a ‘breakthrough’:

“But former Northern Ireland first minister Lord Trimble has hinted changes secured with the EU have improved its chances of getting through the Commons. He said the Tory government had “succeeded in securing substantive changes that will affect and limit the impact of the Irish backstop”. (link)

It’s not the courts then which have changed Lord Trimble’s mind – it’s the EU! Really! And of course we’re not told what this change is about. But we are told (in the same article) that people may vote for May’s abomination because of sheer weariness …  what a perfectly reasonable political argument!

The inevitable ‘Brussels Sources’ must also be rolled out:

“Brussels fears that Mrs May’s deal will be rejected yet again and are preparing for negotiations with a new British leader. [..] According to the minutes from a recent meeting, the European Commission’s secretary general, Martin Selmayr said: “Imagine that they have a new Brexit secretary or prime minister – what then? Article 50 has been agreed and the process has ended. It must be clear that the starting point is not a renegotiation of the withdrawal agreement.” With May’s position under serious threat, the EU is making provisions to stop the current withdrawal agreement being unpicked and altered. (source)

The incomparable Sir John Redwood has been writing about the ‘offers’ on the ‘table’ over the weekend. He deserves to have the last word this morning:

“So there we have it. An actual very expensive long delay which Parliament rejects, or a theoretical long delay which the 188 Conservative MPs who voted against delay could not accept. What a silly idea that we have to choose between a disaster and a phantom.The default option remains leaving without signing the Withdrawal Agreement, which remains the best option.” (link)

So it’s another week of shenanigans and manipulations by our Remain MSM and Remain  MPs and PM. When will these people get it that we want our WTO Brexit, no ifs and buts?

Keep emailing your MPs and MEPs, you constituency association chairmen and your local papers! We must be relentless now, it’s the endgame.

11 Days to Brexit


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