Just in case you missed it:  Boris Johnson has been duly elected by the members of the Tory Party to become the next PM. What happens next is that Ms May will hold her last ever PMQs today. Then she’ll go to Buckingham Palace to inform the Queen officially that she has resigned, with Johnson following hard on her heels to inform Her Majesty that he’s the new occupant of 10 Downing Street. So that’s that. 

Meanwhile our MSM have been playing the game of ‘who will be in BoJo’s crew’. We’ll have to wait for the official announcements. That’ll be fun! Tomorrow is the last day before Parliament breaks up for the Summer Recess. Again, we’ll have to wait and see if there’s any substance in this ‘announcement’:

“Boris Johnson has been warned Speaker of the House John Bercow could “facilitate” requests for a confidence vote in his leadership before Parliament goes into recess later this week.” (link)

Digging a bit deeper into that article, it becomes clear that this is just a personal opinion of a historian:

“Asked about the possibility of MPs lodging a motion of no confidence in the new Prime Minister this week, Professor Richard Toye confirmed the Commons could indeed succeed in having the Speaker accept such a request. Speaking to Express.co.uk, Prof Toye said: “I think it is technically possible but we are in uncharted territory where things which we don’t expect to happen kind of keep happening – rules which everybody thought were set in stone turned out to be more malleable than before.” (link)

In case you wondered why The Express would ask a historian about such possible motion, here’s the actual reason:

“Labour leader Jeremy Corbyn on Tuesday confirmed his party would table a motion of no confidence in Boris Johnson “at a time of their choosing,” as he insisted they would surprise the new Prime Minister. Asked whether he would be presenting a motion of no confidence in the new country leader this week, Mr Corbyn said: “We will table one when appropriate to do so. We’ll decide when that will be – it’ll be an interesting surprise for all of you.” (link)

It’s as if we’re living inside a bad novel, with cliffhangers fabricated for the end of each chapter to keep us reading. That’s how interested our politicians really are in the fate of the Nation, never mind Brexit! Is a VONC (vote of no confidence) possible? Of course it is. Will they do it now? I doubt it: the MPs are eager to go on their summer holidays – but want to keep us Brexit plebs on our Brexit toes!

Remember the peacock’s – sorry: MP’s uproar when their precious Mid-Term hols were going to be cancelled earlier this year? Exactly! So a VONC with a following GE would mean they’d have to work during the summer holidays. Is that likely to happen?

These last weeks have shown us peasants living outside the Westminster Bubble that normality – for example going on a summer holiday – does not apply to the HoC inmates, and especially not to the Arch Remainers. Iain Duncan Smith MP, writing in the paywalled DT, has a stark warning for his colleagues:

“However, even as I write this, I am concerned that over the last few days, a group of my colleagues, many ministers, have said they might vote against a Boris-led government in a vote of confidence. The simple rule I have always followed is that, no matter how much you are at odds with your party, you support it in a vote of confidence. This surely becomes clearer as we look across at the angry faces of the Marxist leadership of the Labour Party. Would we really wish to risk putting them in government?” (paywalled link)

For the Hammonds and Grieves, for the Remain MPs from Ms May’s cabinet now left out in Boris’ government, it seems this is a risk they are willing, nay: happy to take. A Corbyn/ Labour government means “Remain”, or at least an extension due to running that GE. The EU has already made noises that they would allow such extension.

Never mind that this’ll cost us more hard-earned billions going to the EU! It would mean a No Deal Brexit is off the table for good –  and of course Remain would win that GE. That would surely mean a 2nd Referendum.

Under a Labour ‘Remain’ government, Blair, Alistair Campbell, Peter Mandelson and the rest of the Blairites would run that “People’s Vote” and they are eager show the hapless David Cameron how to win it – with the help of the EU, Big Business and the globalist billionaires. Now you know why Mr Blair is suddenly haunting our TV screens at every opportunity!

You’ll have noticed that in the calculations of the Arch Remainers we, the people, don’t count. In their minds, TBP is as good as spent because, just as in 2015, people won’t vote for them in a GE.

After all, just as in 2015, the ‘purists’ amongst the Remain voters can now vote for the LibDems with a good conscience because it’s led by a woman: “Jo Swinson, the new Lib Dem leader, can upset the big boys’ apple cart” we read in paywalled RemainCentral. In other words, the Brexit Betrayal will run and run and run.

Far more serious though is the attitude with which our Remain MSM have reported and commented on Johnson’s election. The TV commentators yesterday made not much effort to conceal their bile. Today’s comment pieces in the MSM are written in a similar vein, for example “Clowns join the country club in Tory get-together” in the paywalled Times

I’ve pointed out repeatedly that the International MSM copy from each other: the Trump-hating New York Times is the provider of Trump News to the EU MSM and our dear BBC is the source for their UK Brexit News.

I found at least four articles in the top German paper “Die Welt” yesterday, smearing Johnson before he’d even set foot into 10 Downing Street. Some were so nasty that even the Remain-supporting German comment posters were aghast.

One article only stood out against the trend. That one was by their Chief Editor, with the title “The Wonderful”. Sadly, it’s paywalled. The gist is that the author, Ulf Poschardt, states that those who want to paint Johnson as reactionary anti-liberalist are wrong. Well, it’s one voice in the EU Remain wilderness … 

If you needed more proof for the untold damage which not only Remain May but also our Remain MSM have been doing to our country and our international standing, then here is Ambrose Evans-Pritchard in the (paywalled) DT. I’ll report on this in more detail later this morning:

“No British prime minister has ever entered Downing Street after such vilification by the world’s elite media. The portrait of an incorrigible clown leading a diminished and nostalgic nation into a cul-de-sac has taken root. Caricature is the cross that Boris has to bear.” (paywalled link)

While I believe Johnson will easily bear that particular cross, it ought to be obvious that the Remainers have poisoned the wells of national and international discourse in their relentless, three-year campaign.

Having made ‘patriotism’ into a dirty word, they have wilfully and mischievously misinterpreted the meaning of ‘Sovereignty’ so that it applies only to Parliament. Not only must we keep firm in the face of the Remainers’ unabated bile, we must strive to get our language back.

All this means that we Leavers cannot expect to rest because the wicked – the Remainers – certainly won’t. It means that we must be prepared for more onslaughts.It means we cannot let ourselves be lulled into a false sense of security because there’s a”Brexit PM”.  It means that our vigilance is more important than ever. And so, to the end, be it sweet or bitter:



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