Tony Abbott with PM Boris Johnson

Well, ‘supremo’ is a bit tongue in cheek, but with the evil press the chap seems to have been thrown his way, I thought the fact that the British government had finally got round to giving him the job, in fact, any old job at last deserved some sort of applause, particularly as I understand he is willing to do it for nothing.

I did not know a lot about Tony Abbott and although I knew he had once been PM of Australia I had never seen or heard him speak until I chanced on an interview he had with Nigel Farage a week or so ago, at the height of the cross channel illegal immigrant ‘invasion’.  He was actually explaining how he had successfully dealt with Australia’s problems with ‘boat people’, intercepting their craft and turning them back – much to the indignation of the authorities in the countries they had sailed from.

He was also intimating that succeeding Australian governments had been ameliorating his actions and thus suffering a return of the original problems due to their too soft approach. I am sure his advice would be to turn round the cross channel invaders and ignore the ire of the French authorities – they are presently behaving like bullies.

So all I know about him is he appears to be the sort of chap who won’t put up with nonsense, stands his ground, isn’t too fussy who he upsets and goes for the jugular when necessary.  To me, he sounds just the sort of person required to push trade deals. Personally I am not practiced in dealership so can only speak as I have heard, but they appear to be rarely straight forward, despite apparent practicality or indeed necessity.  Progress can suffer from political interference or just plain procrastination.

I also applaud his appointment in that he is an outsider but really an insider; we often say an onlooker ‘sees more of the game’ and as an outsider (Australian) he will not be enmeshed in our usual internal fierce rivalries and thus will be able to ‘cut to the chase’ and sort out what is really important, but he is also ideally placed to appreciate the value of trading again with the Commonwealth, who we not only ‘owe’ for ratting on them and joining the Common Market, but also realising that we will not be ‘alone’.  We will, and are, a member of one of the largest and oldest trading powers in the globe.

Now for the biggy! It is shouted he’s grossly unsuitable for the job, in fact he represents the lower levels of humanity, his morals and instincts are of the gutter!

“You are a homophobe and misogynist,” triumphantly yells one less-than-a-lady hostile interviewer (I think it was Burley on Sky).  It crossed my mind that nobody seemed to have asked any of the interviewers to give specific instances of the crimes of homophobia. I certainly would have done so.  I therefore decided to do a bit of research.

The Independent said Tony Abbott given Top Trade Role

Tony Abbott appointed to UK’s Board of Trade

Former Australian PM made senior UK trade adviser despite ‘outcry’ (my quotation marks)

So what did they say he had done to warrant such a savage clouting?

They wrote: “Mr Abbott previously said he felt ‘a bit threatened’ by homosexuality and campaigned against same-sex marriage. He has also been accused of misogyny by fellow former Australian PM Julia Gillard.”

Personally I didn’t think he sounded much like a homophobe. ‘A bit threatened’ is hardly a ringing condemnation of homophobics, in fact I have reservations myself about the proselytization of the practice (particularly as I believe it appears in schooling and in major promotion in the mass media.  Why doesn’t heterosexualism get similar promotion?).

Then I got on to misogyny.  I had no idea it was a crime, particularly as some of us old buffers are quite used to being called “a bit of a misogynist” (perhaps we still are, whatever it means).  So I consulted the oracle (the internet) and typed in “is misogyny a criminal offence” and out came a not unsurprising answer (it isn’t) but wait a minute – the ‘mob’ (usual suspects) are working hard on it.

There’s this report in

Misogyny isn’t a hate crime by definition of law. However, by individual police forces recognising it as such, they hope to encourage parliament to make misogyny a hate crime. “It’s through this groundswell of public interest that we can influence the legislation to reflect it in the charter,” says DCC Winward.

And on the BBC Misogyny should be treated as a hate crime Say MPs:

A group of women MPs and charities are urging the government to treat misogyny as a hate crime within the government’s new domestic abuse laws.
Their amendment to the Domestic Abuse Bill would require police to record and track crimes motivated by misogyny.

It was also noted:

Nottinghamshire Police became the first force to treat misogyny as a hate crime in 2016.

But since then a few police forces have followed suit voluntarily and there are more than 30 police forces that do not classify misogyny as a hate crime, Citizens UK said.

And House of Commons library:

Criminal offences motivated by other characteristics – such as sex, age or appearance – can also be treated as hate crimes, but are not centrally monitored as such.

Dear ‘White van man’ Emily Thornbury said it was “the wrong appointment on every level” and went on to say (nastily probably for effect) that “first his history of offensive statements is so long and repetitive that it speaks to serious defects in his character which is not one I think should be representing Britain on the world stage”.

So again Emily dishes the dirt, but doesn’t state specific instances.

To sum up, and this is only my opinion from one who is not at the centre of affairs, of course the chap has a few warts and he rubs up a few backs the wrong way and to be quite honest, perhaps I expect that from an Aussie (look how our ‘own’ Aussie has done wonders for the English Rugby Union squad), and I am sure this is the right bloke to take a prominent part in forwarding Britain and the Commonwealth as a rightful global entity after Brexit.

Oh, and you notice I haven’t commented on his climate change credentials, but I do now just to say “Good on yer Tony – you tell ‘em they’re a load of crooks.”

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