You will own nothing, you will eat worms and be happy!



It’s not the inanity, the infantilisation, the sheer idiocy on display even in the “quality papers” which I so dislike, it’s their utterly shameless hypocrisy and cowardice. Yes, I get it: these are dire times and the plebs needs something to cheer them up, so another day of front pages ‘dedicated’ to the English wimmin’s footie team winning yon EU Footie Cup makes some sense. See the whole ‘celebratory’ stuff in the usual place (link) if you must.

But was it really necessary for The Times to stick another knife into the current PM, with an article criticising him for not giving a reception at No 10 to yon wimmin? It had top billing in their print edition.  However, one’s got to scroll down somewhat to find it online where we’re also informed that he wasn’t at Wembley for yon match and is going on holiday tomorrow. The shame of it, innit like (link, paywalled)!

Meanwhile, other headlines tell us  that PM4PM is now supporting Truss. Meow – the claws have been drawn back in. Do we chalk this one up to ‘politicians will do everything to keep trotters in troughs’ – or do we file this under ‘politicians are saying one thing in public in order to present us plebs with a spectacle but don’t really mean it once the curtain has come down’? For me, this is yet another example of prime duplicity. But that’s in the HoC …

In ‘foreign news’ today we find two other instances for rank hypocrisy. One is the jubilant report that the grand old USofA has killed the Al Qaeda leader, using two ‘ninja drones’. The DM has this at the top of their online edition (link), and so has The Times where we read:

“President Biden paid tribute to the victims of 9/11 last night as he confirmed that the US had killed Ayman al-Zawahiri, the leader of al-Qaeda, ending a decades-long hunt for one of the world’s most-wanted terrorists and the successor to Osama bin Laden. Zawahiri was killed by a CIA drone strike at the weekend on a house in Kabul, the capital of Afghanistan, US officials said. The 71-year-old, who was bin Laden’s deputy through a wave of al-Qaeda attacks on US targets that culminated in 9/11, was a key architect of the 2001 attacks on New York and Washington and had spent more than two decades on the run.” (link, paywalled)

Good old CIA, good old USA: using drones to kill a foreign enemy! It’s what a good state does and we all feel ever so secure now, especially when reading Mr Biden’s words, faithfully reported:

“Now, justice has been delivered, and this terrorist leader is no more. People no longer need to fear this vicious and determined killer” Biden said in an address to the nation from the White House last night. “No matter how long it takes, no matter where you hide, if you are a threat to our people the United States will find you and take you out.” (link, paywalled)

Wait a minute – hasn’t he got covid, yet again? Never mind, this obviously doesn’t mean he can’t give a command to those drone-deploying agencies, correct? But please do not ask why this kind of ‘delivering justice’ is perfectly acceptable. Don’t wonder if this was also a veiled warning to Mr Putin, the current ‘threat to our people’.

Moreover, don’t dare to play the substitution game and wonder what our MSM would’ve said had Putin done something similar! There’s no need for this because in the same issue of the Times there’s a report about a former Putin ally who is now ‘very ill’. This article is a masterpiece in framing a narrative without saying anything specific:

“The highest-ranking Kremlin official to resign in protest over President Putin’s war was rushed to intensive care, prompting intelligence officers to investigate whether he was poisoned. Anatoly Chubais, 67, told friends that he believed he was suffering from a rare immune disorder, Guillain-Barré syndrome, a disease caused by the immune system damaging the peripheral nervous system. “He thinks it’s a disease,” a source close to Chubais told Reuters.”  (link, paywalled)

Does this come under ‘he (Mr Chubais) may very well think so but ‘we’ know better, “because: Putin”? If you’re medically inclined, you might peruse the wiki entry for this disease, listing a number of illnesses which can cause this rare condition. Poison isn’t one of them.

If you’ve followed the covid-vaxx saga you’ll know that, in the wake of those ‘vaccines’, an increase in the incidence of this rare disease has been observed. Of course, this is ‘very low’, so no worries … oh, and covid itself might also be a cause. Obviously, these medical causes are totally negligible in this particular instance. We must believe that Putin somehow did it, especially when The Times informs us that:

“At least one European intelligence agency was examining the circumstances of Chubais falling ill, according to reports, amid speculation that he may have been the latest dissenter to fall victim to Putin’s campaign of extrajudicial poisonings, including that of Sergei Skripal, the double agent who was attacked with his daughter in Salisbury in March, 2018. (link, paywalled)

My cynical interpretation is that the ‘one European Intelligence agency’ examining this event is of course our own MI5 or MI6: dragging in the Skripals gives the game away. Note the phrase “Putin’s campaign of extrajudicial poisonings”. Bad, innit – be horrified, but don’t be horrified by the extrajudicial murder-by-drone of that Al Qaeda leader. It’s different when the CIA does it …and it’s not at all hypocritical to praise the one and condemn the other, now is it!

Meanwhile, serious issues aren’t mentioned at all. We have to rely on all those excellent and excellently brave souls who publish their research in their own blogs. The ongoing campaign – one cannot call it differently – against our children hasn’t made it into the MSM at all, except when it’s about ‘celebrating’ LGBAlphabet and especially trans issues which the Education departments are demanding our kids have to learn about, wasting time better spent on the three ‘R’s. 

The praiseworthy Laura Dodsworth has picked up another issue being ‘trialled’ on our kids: food, especially insects. She writes on the entities behind this attempt, from the WEF and the UN all the way down to our ‘education’ blob. The MSM, nicely nudged by the nudge unit, are of course playing their part. I highly recommend reading her article “Bad Grub”, published yesterday on her blog (link).

Only an inveterate cynic like me would ask why “we” must be in hysterics about grain and food shortages because of yon war when we all, even those people in Africa, could eat mealworms and other ‘bush tucker grub’ instead. Don’t dare to ask why our kids must be ‘educated’ to eat insects but kids elsewhere aren’t!

Will ‘the next big thing’ be ‘worm bread’? Will the supermarkets, having desperately promoted veganism and vegetarianism for quite some time with their ‘plant-based’ food labels’, now promote ‘insect-based’ food on their shelves? What would all those vegans have to say about that? After all, insects are animals, no?

We can shrug off inanities and sheer idiocy, we can point fingers at rank hypocrisy. However, the nudging by vested interests when they are ‘nudging’ our children who cannot defend themselves – that is another level of maliciousness altogether. I wonder if the nearly-crowned next PM, Miz Liz, might produce some inane observations on this issue or if she’ll remain silent because she doesn’t want to get into the bad books of the all-powerful nudge unit.

And the morale of this story is: thank God for all the independent bloggers who pick up issues which never make it into the Westminster MSM, and who do better research than the occupiers of the editorial offices of said MSM! Circumstances permitting, tomorrow I’ll have another gem for you.



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