No, covid isn’t over: muzzles and lockdowns forever!


Rejoice: yesterday there was not one covid death in the UK, for the first time like evah, innit like! The PM is now being exhorted to lift those covid restrictions on June 21st, as promised, and disregard La Sturgeon on the other side of Hadrian’s Wall who wants to keep her Scots under her own covid cosh.

Life won’t ever go back to normal because the MSM are now utterly into ‘science’, to inform us uneducated plebs about what we ought to do because ‘following the science’ worked so well during the last year-and-a-half. It’s disquieting and dispiriting to note that apparently “we” cannot do anything without ‘guidance’ being given by whatever experts the MSM find. 

Let’s look at one breathtaking example first before I turn my beady eyes on the latest covid reports in the MSM. It’s about our gardens and about our lawns. We had weeks of cold and rain and more rain across the country, the first few days of sunshine and some semblance of seasonal warmth. Now we’re already exhorted to save water, in a private sort of hosepipe ban by none other than the RHS. The DM has an appropriately scathing headline:

“Brown is the new green! RHS tells British gardeners to let their lawns get scorched this summer to avoid wasting water and protect the environment” (link)

After the fourth-wettest May “we” must again strive to save water – mains water, that is. Here’s why:

“The Environment Agency has warned that England faces water shortages within 25 years unless behaviour changes. Sir James Bevan, the chief executive, said in 2019 that wasting water should be “socially unacceptable” as blowing smoke in the face of a baby or throwing your plastic bags into the sea”.” (link, paywalled)

This surely ought to’ve been updated, mentioning the ‘unacceptable’ behaviour of going out without a face nappy, to ‘nudge’ people into becoming a ‘water stasi’. And there’s the RHS ‘expert’:

“Janet Manning, garden water scientist at the RHS, said: “If we’re to get serious about saving water then not using mains water on lawns in the summer is one of the first steps. Lawn watering can use as much water in an hour as one person would use in a week. By raising the mower blades, choosing the right grass varieties and caring for the soil that the lawn is planted in, a natural grass lawn will recover after a hot dry spell of weather, and if it doesn’t it may well have done you a favour. You now have the opportunity to choose a better solution for your garden that can cope with the changing climate.” (link, paywalled)

Who needs a green lawn anyway – that’s so twee, so bourgeois! Show you’re green by having a ‘scorched’ lawn. No, don’t assume that it’s about ‘creating’ images of ‘scorched’ lawns to prove that we need ‘green’ climate change laws. You can always use rain water butts and carrying watering cans is good for your health.

Just as with covid, the ‘experts’ tell us what to do, blaming us in passing – but never ask if there might possibly be a connection between the massive increase of people coming here and the increase of water usage. It’s certainly odd that only the DT has a report on their homepage this morning about illegal dinghy-travellers crossing the Channel. Perhaps it’s because a border farce spokesperson used the word ‘overwhelmed’?

The rest of the MSM seem to regard this as ‘not newsworthy’. I wonder why, especially since the complaint came from a Union ‘professional’ officer – and no, I dunno if there are ‘unprofessional’ officers or if they mean they talked to a proper ‘expert’ rather than a ‘non-professional’ one. First see this:

“Channel migrants are threatening “mob unrest” over accommodation delays, warns Border Force union, as record numbers arrived on UK shores. More than 560 reached the UK over the weekend, including 336 in 19 boats on Friday, a record for a single day in 2021, surpassing the previous high of 209 on April 28.” (paywalled link)

Ah. Perhaps the MSM don’t want to alarm us? Not even when we read that Ms Lucy Moreton, the ‘professional officer’ for the ISU Immigration Union, told the DT that the Border Force couldn’t do the ‘normal covid testing’ because they’re ‘overwhelmed (paywalled link)? What about this then:

“Border Force staff are feeling increasingly threatened. There is a risk of unrest from these groups,” said Ms Moreton. “They are not exhausted, beaten down and glad to be here. They know they are going to be moved into accommodation. They want to be moved into accommodation. If that doesn’t happen promptly they get cross about it.[…] There is a mob mentality that takes over. The vast majority are young males. These are groups of people used to acting together to get what they need and frequently we cannot understand what they are saying to each other. The numbers arriving are phenomenal.” (paywalled link)

I’m sure there’s something racist about this, somewhere, and anyway, Priti P. is on the case, reassuring us that they’re ‘cracking down’ on those criminal gangs of people traffickers. I’m sure it’s only because of covid that they weren’t successful yet. Don’t ask why the French can’t stop them – that would also be racist – and don’t ask if water shortages just might have something to do with allowing illegals to swamp our shores. Let your lawns be scorched to show that you’re not a racist!

Meanwhile, as ever more people get their jabs in order to go on their summer holidays, it’s certainly odd that the hopeful British wannabe-travellers seem happy to submit and pay for all those covid tests before and after their travels with no protest while illegals are let in just like that. 

It’s also odd to see the jubilation about ‘no covid death’ while so many other deaths by non-covid causes are disregarded and while the usual SAGE suspects are still pushing for ‘no end to lockdown’ (link). Unbelievably, The Times still quotes Prof Ferguson who warns that we don’t know how fast the transmission rate of those new variants are. Any modeler who says that “they were looking at a plausible range of 20-80 per cent faster” (link, paywalled) should have lost all credibility. Here’s another shameless admission:

“Throughout the pandemic, there has been a clear pattern. Cases rise then, two weeks later, hospitalisations rise. Two weeks after that come deaths. This has meant that, until now, rising cases are a sign we should prepare for the worst. That is no longer the case. Vaccines work. The link between cases and deaths is being broken. What is still not completely certain, though, is how well.” (link, paywalled)

Unbelievable: they are implying a link between ‘cases’ and deaths even though we know that ‘cases’ is not = ‘ill’ and that the death numbers have been manipulated from the start. Even this ‘no covid death’ number is due to data manipulation:

“A change in counting methodology applied retrospectively means that one other day last summer is now regarded as having seen no fatalities occur from the virus.” (paywalled link)

And why is there no outcry, never mind a polite question about this ‘rise in hospitalisation’ after a rise in cases? Why does nobody ever ask if those hospitalisations might have been prevented by treating patients at home with drugs such as Ivermectin? Is it because it might have undermined the reason for lockdowns, the ‘save our NHS’ slogan. 

I leave you with the latest ‘health news’ from China. The DM has the gory details in their headlines:

“China confirms world’s first case of human infected with the H10N3 strain of bird flu after 41-year-old man was admitted to hospital with virus; China’s National Health Commission (NHC) confirmed the infection on Tuesday; He was diagnosed as having the H10N3 avian influenza virus on May 28, it said; The man – said to be stabled [sic!] – is living in China’s eastern province of Jiangsu; Medical observation of his close contacts had not found any other cases.” (link)

Must ‘our scientists’ now develop a new test regime? Must “we” be suspicious of every sniffle and cough? Will ‘Our Cow’ become overwhelmed yet again? Or is this a nice little ploy by China, to ‘warn’ the world, to prevent being blamed if Westerners now also catch this bird flu, after the international blame heaped upon them for not reporting on covid in a timely fashion? 

Be that as it may – “we” have now been warned. “We” better become accustomed to live in a ‘New Normal’ where every sniffle is suspicious and needs testing. At the same time “we” must strive not to overwhelm you-know-what. Best stay indoors forever in a health-obsessed country where muzzles are the public signal of ‘virtue’, of submission to health fascism.

Is that going to become our future? Brave New ‘Health’ World! I’m already feeling sick.





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