Part 1 of Twenty-twenty vision was published here yesterday.

At the very least, it seems to me to be a very peculiar communication and marketing strategy by those presumably advising Boris in the cabinet office and behavioural change unit.

Maybe with all that working from home, these people have lost touch with the reality of what life is like for people out in the real world and not cosseted by civil service pay and conditions.

It seems an odd way to motivate and build confidence in the local economies, never mind the national one, when, in now less than a month, we cut all the remaining shackles with the European Union and this new enthused motivated green United Kingdom takes on all-comers on the world stage.  Can’t see it myself but there it is.

The general public has been scared witless by the continued barrage of doom and gloom, foisted on us at every opportunity by our friends in the mainstream media, quoting experts in disciplines that most of us would never have heard of, apparently all independent on the surface at least and all following the government line, because, as we have now all learned, dissent in 2020 Covid Britain is not something that is tolerated and only takes place now on alternative media – internet platforms, chat rooms and news sites such as Independence Daily – which, as we all know, produces the independent analysis and thought which our masters now realise is a threat to their narratives and which is why free speech and thought is being continuously attacked.  No free market in the exchange of information, expression or, now it seems, thought, in the ‘new built back better’ United Kingdom. They can’t allow the individual to make ‘informed decisions’ unless made from approved sources, seems to be the latest narrative.

Dissent of course being one of the ‘in’ words of the moment, but, as we have seen graphically over the months and earlier this month, dissent is allowed when it suits.  There is now without doubt a concerted attempt by government to stifle any opinion that doesn’t agree with its narrative of the moment.

Dissent or protest at your peril and if your protest is not one of the chosen few, you can expect the full force of heavy-handed aggressive policing to be forthcoming. No one is exempt; the old, disabled, young, women, even pregnant women, you can’t say that the police are not diverse in their choice of prisoner, all manhandled, handcuffed, hands behind their backs and carted off for, it seems, breaking Covid regulations when exercising their right to have and attend peaceful protest meetings or demonstrations.

Only unapproved protests though, as at other ‘demonstrations’ police were seen to be ‘taking the knee’ or taking no action when obvious criminal damage to statues and buildings was seen to be taking place.  Even people marching in paramilitary uniform, contrary to the provisions of the Public Order Act, were ignored.  Behaviour not seen in Britain since the 1930s.

All part of the ‘new normal’ then, selective policing and featuring a ‘them and us’ attitude by young men and women with little, if any, concept of ‘community policing’ or policing by consent, content to parade around in body armour and carrying an array of armament of semi-automatic weapons and supposedly non-lethal high voltage stun tasers and various CS gas and pepper sprays often sprayed directly into the face of anyone being arrested.

All this when illegal migrants arrive without any documentation and are treated to the full panoply of state care.   Care due to them because of their ‘human rights’, at a time when citizens of the UK are prevented from the right to a normal family life, locked down and prevented from travel, not allowed to meet with other people in their own homes, or show any dissent or assemble for protest – all rights apparently not now covered by their ‘human rights’ but bestowed at the direction of the health secretary.

It’s no wonder that many people, well, the ones that are observant and think that is, are beginning to wonder where all this is going. But not to worry as we are increasingly told this is a Conservative government and the alternative would be much, much worse.

It’s easy to destroy an institution and once trust is gone, as it has now, as they say in the retail sector (or did before that too was destroyed) ‘once it’s gone, it’s gone’.  Police and Crime Commissioners have been silent while all this has been going on.   Why, you ask, are they not our supposed link with operational policing and strategy and able to hold chief constables to account on our behalf?  Why are they so quiet?  Have they ‘gone native’ or are they, as Margaret Thatcher used to say, just ‘frit’?

Maybe they have forgotten that they are up for election in 2021, well it should have been 2020 but our democratically elected representatives decided to suspend the elections, presumably because of the danger from Covid.  Just why polling stations were thought to be more dangerous than say a supermarket, school, university, or anything else for that matter, was never explained.  If tiers, lockdowns or circuit breakers or anything else you would like to call them can be made law at any time by this government, what guarantee do we have that local elections will in fact take place next May?  After all, some experts want even more draconian restrictions to continue into the foreseeable future.

To counter that, the BBC, the broadcaster that spends your licence money as if it’s going out of fashion, is promoting ‘woke’ issues for all its worth, has been on the wrong side of public opinion outside the M25 financial, media and luvvie classes for years, has been chosen by government to use it’s ‘trusted’ local radio stations of which there are 39, to push its Covid jab propaganda.

We then can all look forward to local radio interviews and items appearing in local and regional newspapers as well.  Look closely and often reports are written by a ‘local democracy’ reporter, a title gained when the BBC embedded and supported them in local newspapers!  Aid from the national state broadcaster to independent publishers of newspapers – now there is a concept for you.

Independent radio stations are mostly music-orientated apart from the fast-growing Talk Radio.   It will be interesting to see how spokespersons fare when interviewed by people such as Julia Hartley Brewer or Mike Graham, who are forensic in their questioning.

‘New normal’ seems to have been taken away from mainstream media only to be overtaken by ‘social distancing’, ‘anti vaxxer’, ‘Covid denier’ etc.

I’m sure there will be more as time goes on, speaking of which the new latest word, often now used in conjunction with ‘digging down’ by political and media types is ‘granularity’.  I leave you to decide how to use that, but I guarantee that it’s not a word you will have heard in the socially distanced world of a tier one pub such as the Pig and Whistle.

The United Kingdom in the second decade of the 21st century, totally unrecognisable as the country that so many of previous generations fought for and paid with their lives to defend.  Rights now removed or bestowed on the nation by political pygmies who, without logic, often using dubious mathematical programs and doubtful science, pontificate and are dismissive of alternative views however well-founded, and remove rights that Britons fought for long before the political class was invented.

Surely we can do better than this.  Can we not strongly object to rule by decree, the cancellation of Parliamentary process, to the politicisation of our judiciary and police, a force once held with respect and confidence by most and envied throughout the world?

At a recent demonstration, protesters were heard shouting ‘choose you side’ at police dressed like a robo cop army of occupation under military command.  One woman shouted, as she was hurled to the floor by several of these uniformed police (I refrain from using the words ‘officer or constable’ for in my view they are far removed from that status):

“You are meant to be on our side.”

How wrong could she be?  Twenty Twenty Britain, debt ridden, frightened now not only of the virus and increasingly the police and of government too.

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