Actions speak louder than words. Having last week seen Members of Parliament launch a war against the subjects of her Majesty the Queen, if the Royal Family is to have any relevance going forward and be the People’s Monarchy – as the Royal Family has been trying to position itself ever since the tragic death of Princess Diana – now is the moment for urgent decisive action. Her Majesty must urgently dissolve Parliament so that it cannot pass primary legislation to thwart the will of the people and the UK leaving the EU on 29th March.

Such a measure is entirely justified as the UK’s democracy is now in crisis and consequentially, the UK is an international laughing stock.

Although either through incompetence or deliberate slyness the legislation overwhelmingly passed by MP’s facilitating the Leave/Remain in the EU 2016 Referendum said it was only advisory, this was superseded by both sides agreeing that whatever the once-in-a-generation-Referendum result, it would be actioned by Parliament.  While it is generally accepted that people voted both ways for a variety of reasons, the idea – especially with all the TV debates and discussions in the national media, including the two memorable debates between Messrs Clegg and Farage – that in this technological day and age of so much knowledge being literally at the end of our fingertips, that people didn’t have a clue about what they were voting about, is patent, patronising lunacy.  The exceptionally high voter turnout – the highest turnout of any Election or Referendum vote in the UK’s history – shows that people had indeed finally realised the importance of EU membership on their daily lives with ex-EU Commissioner Vivienne Redding having said that 75% of EU member states’ laws and regulations originated in the EU.

After issuing the Article 50 Letter on 29th March 2017, Parliament agreed to a snap General Election for which both the Conservative and Labour Party Manifestos repeated the Referendum promise that Brexit would happen on 29th March 2019 with or without a Deal – as stated in both the EU Treaty and now UK legislation.  Given it is generally accepted that there was, and is, little of substance to differentiate the Conservative, Labour and Liberal Democrat Parties and the importance of Brexit, had people changed their mind they could have voted in a Liberal Democrat Government as their Manifesto pledged to reverse Brexit, but instead 85% voted for parties who pledged to action Brexit.  Thus all but the most cussed Remainers now also wanted Brexit actioned to end the state of uncertainty.

Many appear to be overlooking the important background fact that a significant contributing factor to Leave edging the Referendum result was PM Cameron’s humiliating rebuff by intransigent EU leaders when prior to the 2016 Referendum he called for the EU to reform, to make itself fit for the 21st Century.  This intransigence has continued, resulting in unwieldy Brexit In Name Only documents – the so-called Deal – of over 150 times the length of the USA 4-page Constitution. Thus Parliament was right to twice overwhelmingly vote to reject it.

However, as Parliament and the laws it passes only exist with the will of the people who elect it in the first place, Parliament was wrong last week to vote to declare war against the people by voting against a No Deal/WTO Brexit and to breach the promise to exit the EU on 29th March by voting to extend the remaining time, by as yet an unspecified duration.  Parliament delegated its authority and thus, crucially, its responsibility for the consequences by agreeing to the 2016 EU Referendum, and having promised prior to it, and again, more specifically after issuing the Article 50 Letter that we would be leaving the EU on 29th March with or without a Deal, Members of Parliament have no democratic mandate, nor moral authority, to breach now this twice-made promise.  But in nonetheless attempting to doing so, MP’s have thereby declared war on the people, and created a democratic crisis.

While last week’s Parliamentary motions do not in themselves change the law that the UK is leaving on 29 March 2019, they nonetheless potentially pave the way for doing so.  First of course the EU would have to agree an extension which is likely to be short-term if MP’s who have hitherto rightly voted down the BINO Deal were to lose their nerve and inexplicably and illogically vote it through after all; or to give time for an orderly last-minute WTO Brexit. The EU have said that otherwise they would expect the extension to be much longer – possibly as they understandably wish to know a meaningful purpose of an extension, with the condition of a second referendum, which itself would exacerbate division and worsen the present democratic crisis, whatever the result, as well as crucially leaving the UK in a continued state of limbo it’s now been in for three years.

The four-month campaign of the Yellow Vest movement in France has already graphically shown what could happen if democracy is perceived by enough people to have broken down.

Thus if ever there was a time the Queen needs to take urgent action as Head of State, and as head of the People’s Royal Family, this is the moment.  Her Majesty needs to protect the institution of Parliament from its present House of Fools and Ivory Tower Lords and be not only the Defender of Faith, but also Defender of Democracy and specifically of her subjects.  By personally dissolving Parliament with immediate effect this would thwart any attempt to change the law and prevent us leaving the EU on 29th March.  Such a Brexit would still be able to be managed by Ministers who would remain in office (or replaced with Brexiteer MP’s if they resigned) until the General Election, but unable to change Primary Law they would then be forced to do the people’s bidding – as they after all twice promised.


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