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On the rigging of voting machines connected to the Internet there is now not just a smoking gun but a whistleblower who admits firing the gun! The scandal is surfacing in Italy where the Government of Giuseppe Conte is facing a no confidence vote because of the involvement of the Leonardo Group (Defence Contractors) in the US vote changing fraud. Conte presides over a coalition of the anti EU Five Star movement and the europhile left wing Democratic Party – having previously led a coalition of two anti EU parties (Five Star and the Northern League).

I quote here from the Affidavit of the man who admits manipulating US voter data in favour of Biden and uploading via satellite and Frankfurt back to voting machines in the US:


The lawyer Professor Alfio D’Urso provides the affidavit in which ARTURO D’ELIA former head of the IT Department at Leonardo SpA (having been charged with technology/data manipulation and implanting viruses in Leonardo’s computers) states in sworn testimony that he:

“under instruction and direction of US persons working from the US Embassy in Rome, undertook the operation to switch data for the US elections of 3rd November 2020 from significant margin of victory for Donald Trump to Joe Biden in a number of States where Joe Biden was losing the votes totals”

The affidavit says that he was

“working in the Pescara facility of Leonardo and used military grade cyber warfare encryption capabilities to transmit switched votes to Frankfurt.

the Defendant swears that the data in some cases may have been switched to represent more than total voters registered.”

D’Elia stated that he had secured the backup of the original data and data switched upon instruction to provide evidence in Court. He fears for his safety. Here is the sworn affidavit.


One of the sources of this information about this scandal is Bradley Johnson a former CIA Chief of Station. He asserts that Italy was involved in the US Democrat party-promoted “2016 Russian interference” hoax. A Call by Trump to the government of Italy had ended with the sacking of 4 Italian Intelligence operatives.

Johnson asserts that US voting machines (specifically vote counting) were illegally connected to the Internet and voting results data passed through a server in Frankfurt, Germany. Because such a flow of data does not leave specific tracks to follow, this new admission of the source of the manipulation in Italy is the first really hard evidence of vote fraud. 

According to Johnson, the fraud was co-ordinated by a State Department individual through the US embassy in Rome, supported by the British MI6, the CIA and of course the Leonardo Group itself. The coordinated shutdown of the count in 5 critical swing states on election night became necessary because Trump was getting a vast numbers of votes. (the highest ever for any sitting President seeking a second term). A new analog to change votes became necessary and was sent back up thru the military satellite run by Leonardo back down to counting machines in the USA. The overnight blip of Biden support seen in voting figures was the result. Johnson claims British MI6 techs who were present in Rome were tracked by Italian Intel (they had not followed the protocol of announcing their presence to the local authorities).

All this is devastating for the unbelievably incompetent Boris Johnson who has, in the face of massive vote fraud evidence, asserted that the US Presidential elections were fair!!!

A second source for the Italian scandal is Maria Zack (of Nations in Action) interviewed on America Can We Talk (the video has since been removed by YouTube).

She has ensured that the evidence has been passed to senior Congressmen and the Governor of Georgia. It is a measure of the corporatist fascist putsch in the USA that so many witnesses have been intimidated and fear for their lives. This is no democratic environment – it is an electoral and media war against democracy. In the case of the USA there is specific legislation to counter and pursue it where foreign actors are involved (as is the case here). China is a prime case for investigation as is Venezuela and now Italy.


In September 2018 President Trump issued an Executive Order to counter the:

“the ability of persons located, in whole or in substantial part, outside the United States to interfere in or undermine public confidence in United States elections, including through the unauthorized accessing of election and campaign infrastructure or the covert distribution of propaganda and disinformation, constitutes an unusual and extraordinary threat to the national security and foreign policy of the United States.”

Any property or interests of those found to have interfered in those ways:

“are blocked and may not be transferred, paid, exported, withdrawn, or otherwise dealt in”

One thing is crystal clear – any politician, judge or Administration which does not pursue these many sources of clear evidence of vote-rigging are admitting they are conspirators with the vote riggers and the enemy of Democracy.

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