As an old UKIP hand, I took part in the campaign that achieved the Party’s aim, a seemingly forlorn hope. However, we were not alone in our plans for change, nor alone in our persistence, with much larger forces in the US also seeing their efforts coming to fruition. The result this time is more disturbing, with cleansing the US of its President and his supporters – this “cleansing being the now-deleted proposal tweeted out by Rick Klein, woke political editor at ABC News. So much for “unity”.

On Saturday, I awoke to the news of the muzzling of the US President and other conservatives by the Silicon Valley tyrants. The attack on Pearl Harbour is remembered as the day that will live in infamy. The 8th of January 2021 will join it in history as the Infamous 8th, the day the global oligarchy sprang its pre-planned attack on its naïve opponents. Their quarry, the Trump forces that had shocked them in 2016, swamping their voter-turnout efforts through the sheer number Trump enthused.

This time they had prepared better, with scams and schemes in abundance to ensure a friendlier reception for the Iranian Mullahs, and a respectful hearing for the social-scoring experts of the Chinese dictatorship in the hip offices of the California tech giants that had prepared the ground for Trump’s downfall. Let us also not forget the perennial failures in the Central Banks, with Christine Lagarde, MD of the IMF, being noted in Nomi Prins 2018 book, Collusion, as saying in 2017, “If we have this conversation in 10 years’ time…we might not be sitting in Washington, DC. We’ll do it in our Beijing head office.”

CCP-styled censorship is spreading by the hour and divisions are being sharpened, with the woke forces following the playbook of the Comintern, Gramsci, the Frankfurt School and the homegrown Weather Underground terrorists. The latter’s 1974 manual, Prairie Fire, made plain their admiration of the CCP, despite the fact that the Party had recently “cleansed” tens of millions in the Cultural Revolution and Great Leap Forward. This helps explain the public denunciation techniques, perfected across China, that are now used so widely and effectively in the West, particularly in the (formerly) hallowed halls of the universities.

Einstein is known to have admired the power of compound interest, and Bernardine Dohrn and Bill Ayers, both former Weather Underground operators and very close neighbours and friends of President Obama, ensured that the Left used this timeless ratchet to good effect. Over the decades following their involvement with the terror group, the married couple and their cohort worked to complete the radicalisation of the academy and the malleable minds they form.

They helped author Prairie Fire, with Ayers becoming a leading figure in the US education system and Dohrn a law professor. The heights they rose to are clear; Obama held his coming out event as a political candidate in their home. Academe has fallen and the woke progeny of such radicals have come to dominate the media, the legal profession and many other bureaucratic fields, all now mouthing support for diversity in any form – except opinion, hence their deranged hatred for all things Trump.

During the summer riots, the Democrats watched Antifa/BLM kill and inflict destruction totalling a billion dollars, often supporting the subsidised rioters (insurrectionists?). Pelosi and many others now crying foul over the 6th of January event do not want you to think back to their past behaviour, and complicit media are busy haranguing whistle-blowers and wiping clean the evidence. Hence the “conspiracy theories” concerning the voting machines and memory cards that they seek to deny access to, doing all they can to fend off forensic audits. When Congressman Matt Gaetz gave his speech after the Capitol riot and pointed out the Democratic shenanigans in the election itself, they were guiltily silent, only howling when he claimed Antifa had been identified by a newspaper as among those rioting at the Capitol.

It is fortunate that we have eventually managed to cut our links with the EU, just before they announced closer investment ties to the totalitarians running China. The unelected leadership in both organisations can, no doubt, see many benefits for their factions in the sleazy agreement. And for the good people of Europe and China, the serfs to be corralled in the new society being imposed in the months ahead in the Great Reset? Slow economic subjugation for the docile Europeans, the knee on the neck for the Hong Kong Chinese, and the sterilisation of the Uighur women. The Davos elite and the cover-up project of their central bankers’ failure can now press ahead without the tiresome proles undermining the good intentions (with side benefits for the club members) of the “experts”.

The old UKIP forces need to coalesce once more and win another campaign, one which Nigel Farage has also spoken of. This time we do not face an officious bureaucracy, we are menaced by a truly dangerous and insidious foe: the Chinese Communist Party. President Xi and his murder gang in the CCP are the forces gaining most ground from the recent US vote-manufacturing sham, and we need to prepare our own defences accordingly. Let us be honest with ourselves, as Chamberlain failed, so have we in our response to the totalitarian treaty-breakers in Hong Kong. We now sell ourselves for the latest Apple product and cheap Christmas lights. This cannot continue.

The hard Left are ruthless, often led by psychopaths, sociopaths and narcissists such as President-for-Life Xi. These dangerous people lead committed followers, foreign and domestic, who have for over a century perfected their techniques in how to undermine freedom, faith and the family. The rot is now very deep, with even Biden labelling Ted Cruz as a Nazi, so he no doubt has been added to AOC’s list of “offenders”.

It is time to get real by re-imposing subversion laws and penalising the CCP by bringing jobs home. Why are we paying for the rope with which to hang ourselves? Just so that we can benefit a few top dogs, including a former Prime Minister who should know better?

We must recognise the systemic threat that the radicals on the Left represent, and hunt them as assiduously as the far-right is by the clowns in blue/black/hi-vis. We have to confound their plans and commit the time and effort needed to eradicate the threat they represent to all who wish to speak freely, and hand on the liberties we were born with to the next generation.

If not, shame on us.

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