He’s back, with an agenda – so be afraid, be very afraid!


A miracle has occurred! Today is the second day where the front pages of our beloved MSM do not carry any scare numbers of ‘cases’ or ‘covid graphs’ showing a rise in hospital covid admissions or covid deaths. When I noticed this yesterday I thought to myself that a swallow does not a summer make, but twice in a row? What is going on? 

It’s not as if numbers and graphs weren’t available to our covid MSM. The Times in their editorial uses them – without graphs – to cement their demand that ‘we all stay at home’ in these perilous times:

“Another 46,169 people tested positive for Covid-19 yesterday while the numbers in hospital hit 32,494, up 22 per cent in a week and the highest since the start of the pandemic. A further 529 people have died within 28 days of a Covid diagnosis, taking the seven-day daily average to 926.” (link, paywalled)

I’ll just point out in passing that The Times and the rest of the covid MSM have accepted, with no questions asked, the official definition of death ‘with or from covid’ is having had a positive test within 28 days. ‘Any death is a covid death’ nowadays and don’t forget that hospitals test their in-patients repeatedly. 

So – what is going on? Well, our beloved MSM have found another horse to flog: vaccination. Yes, alright, there are ‘outrage’ cries about BJ having cycled 7 miles for exercise: how dare he! But that’s a piffling outrage compared to the actual one, the new outrage about vaccination.

Regardless of where you stand in regard to this mass vaccination plan: this covid government is trying to earn gold stars with their announcements, only to be dragged down immediately. We read that the government will offer 32 million jabs in order to achieve a vaccination of 60% of the population ‘by spring’ which apparently now means May. Still, so far so good, one would have thought – if one believes that vaccination is the latest holy covid grail, with Test & Trace apparently relegated.

Now see what happened next: “Health officials” had to re-write their invitation letter to the elderly because it was worded in such a way that many thought they had to travel to vaccination hubs, even up to 40 miles away. Mentioning that their GPs could give them the jab was apparently forgotten. Well, that should’ve been expected since those ‘health officials’ probably all WFH.  Worse: Royal Mail is hampered from delivering mail in ‘covid black-list areas’:

“Tens of thousands of people living in 28 areas, including swathes of London and the South-East, along with Leeds, are only getting “limited” deliveries because so many Royal Mail staff are off sick or self-isolating. Residents in some areas on the list said they had not received post for more than a month.” (paywalled link)

Well – what did people expect? That posties disregard the ‘quarantine rule’ and risk being fined? Or that posties are more resilient than NHS staff, ‘off sick or self-isolating’ in great numbers? The police forces are similarly afflicted – that’s why their chiefs demand that they must also go to the front of the jab queue. 

It’ll only get worse. There are new ‘contact rules’ in force, creating more ‘covid criminals’ to be fined:

“New “test and trace” rules could see millions more forced to self-isolate, after the definition of a “close contact” was tightened. Previously, those who tested positive for Covid were asked to hand over details of anyone they have been within two metres of, for one period of at least 15 minutes. But under the new rules, the 15 minutes can be made up of several brief interactions over the course of a day. On Monday, the Government said the definition had been changed in order to keep up with the latest scientific data about the risks of transmission.” (paywalled link)

There’s even worse to come – well, it’s ‘under review’ so far, but Whitty, who seems to think that none of us should have any contact with another human being until all have been vaccinated (no, I dunno how he thinks that’ll work out …) and Hancock, furious about ‘lockdown rulz flouters’, are thinking of increasing the ‘safe distance’ to 10 feet (link). Yes, words fail me, utterly, and not for the first time either!

Back to the mass vaccination – and lo and behold, The Kneeler has resurfaced. As true hero of ‘teh people’ he demands that ‘Our NHS’ must vaccinate people 24/7:

“Sir Keir Starmer, the Labour leader, questioned why services were being set up on an 8am to 8pm basis given the nature of the virus crisis. In a speech in London, he called for “a really round-the-clock vaccine programme, 24 hours a day, seven days a week, in every village and every town, in every high street and every GP surgery”. (paywalled link)

Never mind that a third of NHS staff is off sick, never mind that ‘vaccinators’ are still battling with the ‘health bureaucracy’, never mind that his demand means that GP surgeries would only be able to do jabs and not see any other patients: these ‘vaccinators’ are all ‘little people’ who can easily work shifts, for the ‘good of all’.

If you wonder where his ‘every village, every town’ is suddenly coming from, wonder no more. Starmer is now setting out Labour’s ‘agenda’, according to The Times. It is cringe-making:

“In the first of a series of speeches setting out his agenda, he called on people to “come together to walk through the darkness” and look to the recovery. Just as we did in 1945 when Attlee’s government built the welfare state from the rubble of war, we can restore pride and prosperity in every village, every town, every city and every part of our United Kingdom,” Sir Keir said.” (link, paywalled)

No, don’t ask since when Labour was interested in villages – it’s a lovely image! He’ll use it repeatedly, ad nauseam. The reference to Attlee however ought to have alarm bells ringing because it’s a reference to the wholesale nationalisation of industries and services. If that is Labour’s ‘new agenda’ then we can say good-bye to any economic recovery. Here’s how he envisages the recovery from the covid ‘rubble of war’:

“He called on the government to prevent council tax rises, stop a planned cut to universal credit in April and extend the ban on evictions and repossessions. He also urged ministers to introduce an enforceable flexible furlough system to help parents juggle work and childcare in lockdown.” (link, paywalled)

Prevent council tax rises? How? And this ‘flexible furlough’: is he envisaging more lockdowns already? Then there’s this – apologies for inducing shudders of disgust in you, dear readers:

“He said that he had spoken to Tony Blair, who has offered advice on the vaccination strategy, and welcomed the government’s discussions with him.” (link, paywalled)

Ah! Now we know who is providing help in formulating The Kneeler’s agenda! It’ll be ‘a people’s agenda for ‘Teh People’ – we’ve been there before …

Meanwhile, surprise surprise: wishy-washy dishy Rishi is back! He gave a rather upbeat interview, duly reported in The Times and he did give a statement in the HoC, omitting to say how he expects that ‘financial stimulus of £280bn’ to be paid for. That this stimulus isn’t sufficient for Labour goes without saying. He did warn about short-term difficulties, due to job losses, but in his interview he forecast “a “Big Bang 2.0” for the City of London”. Referring to Mrs Thatcher’s deregulation, he said:

“If you look at the history of the City stretching even further back than that, it has always constantly innovated, adapted and evolved to changing circumstances and thrived and prospered as a result. And I think it will continue to do that.” (link, paywalled)

Aww – there’s lovely! He also referred to Brexit – this is interesting:

The chancellor said that in the wake of Brexit and the trade deal with the EU he would “get on and make sure the City of London remains the most dynamic place to do financial services in the world”. […] London and Brussels have pledged to agree a memorandum of understanding by March on regulatory co-operation and equivalence. He cited provisions on the free flow of data and business travel. “There is strong language on future regulatory co-operation, and putting in place a memorandum of understanding in reasonably short order to have that structured regulatory dialogue [he said].” (link, paywalled)

Given that the EU economies are as shaky as ours such Big Bang might eventually appear. Meanwhile though there’s a huge fight brewing in the EU because of vaccination and about who has got how many doses. It’s now common knowledge in EU member states that Merkel, Macron and Ms vdLeyen have totally bodged this, but there’s a new outcry because Germany bought up more vaccine doses for themselves, unilaterally, transgressing the EU scheme (link, paywalled). Oh dear. 

Never mind – the people in the EU can sleep untroubled by Brexit though because ‘strong men’ are watching the borders to the UK. Not one fibre of ham, not one shred of cheese is permitted to cross that border into the pristine EU, not even when ‘disguised’ as sandwich, according to a report in the DM. Dutch Police is hard – very hard, just as our own covid police is hard when it comes to ‘rule transgressors’. 

Strange that our police, eager to fine anything that moves, display the mindset of EU police forces. Has the contempt in which the EU bureaucrats hold us, the people, seeped from Brussels to the UK and infected our police, despite Brexit? I do hope this process is reversible!

Meanwhile, I won’t hold my breath waiting for our covid MSM to document, with the same diligence with which they fuelled Project covid fear, how cases and patient numbers are decreasing. While I expect hysteria in the covid MSM over this mass vaccination I sadly do not expect that we’ll hear anything about adverse vaccine reactions.

“We” must be herded into accepting ‘teh jab’ and keeping ‘teh rulz’, never mind that they are becoming ever more detrimental to keeping our country working.




Photo by UK Parliament

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