Is it a distraction from Boris Johnson’s failure to deliver and failure to keep his word?

The Prime Minister, Boris Johnson, is making another call for an early General Election, this time for 12th December this year. This is after a previous attempt failed. The argument for these calls has been to “get Brexit done,” but is it a valid one?

The PM indeed was elected as the leader of the Conservative party at least partly on this slogan, but what has he actually done to bring this about since then?

It is undoubtedly true that he has had to contend with a Parliament which is dominated by an assortment of remainers, but he knew that before he became Prime Minister.

Those who defend his inability to deliver on Brexit state that in reality he has an ace up his sleeve and using that will ensure Brexit happens. There is no evidence of the existence of such a card and time is running out.

Who is to blame for not delivering Brexit? Parliament? Boris Johnson? Or both?

Already, Boris Johnson is blaming Parliament for the failure to deliver Brexit, despite him being fully aware of the odds stacked against him.

Although much of the mainstream media is being compliant with the Downing Street message that the Prime Minister has achieved “the impossible” and negotiated a “deal” with the EU, the reality of what this means is becoming revealed to the British public.

Johnson deal: a sell-out of Brexit?

Nigel Farage of The Brexit Party correctly stated that this “deal” is 95% Theresa May’s “deal,” and most of the rest of the difference is the sell- out on the unity of the United Kingdom.

Yes, Boris Johnson was prepared to do the unthinkable, and surrender so one of the Home countries effectively has a different EU connection to that of the rest of the UK. He was prepared to be duplicitous and dump his Democratic Unionist Party ( DUP) allies, all for the sake of getting a “deal.”

Have Tory Brexiters neutralised themselves by their actions?

This, as well as other important appalling aspects about the “deal,” should have raised warning signs among the small band of Conservative MP’s who the public had perceived as standing up for a clean break Brexit.

Sadly, no more. One by one, these MP’s, “Spartans” and others, queued up to support and defend this  Conservative party caving in to the EU.

To watch this was unedifying, excruciating and frankly embarrassing.These were people we put our faith in, and in a matter of a day, they lost our support and respect, and they grossly let down the Leave campaign.

They lost their credibility to such an extent that it will be amazing if they can regain it. How can anyone trust them to deliver Brexit after their conduct?

Can the Conservatives be trusted on Brexit?

So we come to the crucial point: how can we even trust the Conservative “Brexiters,” let alone Boris Johnson and the rest of the Conservative MP’s to deliver a Brexit which is nothing but one in name only?

The evidence is that we cannot by their actions to date. Whether it has been a deliberate ploy or not, getting the Tory Brexiter MPs to “front” this “deal” has successfully discredited them and the Brexit cause. They have been neutralised.

Then there is the key question –

“Why are not Boris Johnson and indeed the Tory Brexiters taking the UK out of the EU on 31st October?”

That is not only the default position, there is now additional legal argument that the UK left the EU on 29th March and those arguments apply to 31st October too. This has been recently published on the Unity News Network and elsewhere. In essence, it is the contention of QC Stanley Brodie that the EU broke their own laws for the UK exiting the EU, and thus legally the UK is no longer a member.

The impression given is the remain dominated Conservatives simply do not want to deliver on the clean break Brexit public voted for. The public never voted to have a deal and it is a distortion to allege otherwise.

The awful fact is that the Conservatives have not brought about Brexit in over three and a half years and that cannot all be blamed on remainers in Parliament.

Have the Prime Minister’s Parliamentary tactics helped or hindered the Brexit cause?

The tactics of the PM in Parliament over the past few weeks have been hardly impressive. We know the tactics of the remainers have put Parliament into disrepute, but the government’s conduct has been very questionable too.


[To be continued tomorrow in Part 2]


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