5th of November … remember remember …


This is what the conniving knaves in the HoC have achieved: we’re five days away from leaving according to the Law while Johnson is trying to sell his GE and Corbyn is trying to stop him. Skulduggery is afoot.

Above all, it has now come to this: that we Leavers have to rely on M Macron of all people! He is – so far – not willing to agree to another extension unless Corbyn and Parliament show willingness to go to the country. That means voting for Johnsons GE. More on that below.

Instead of gossip from ‘sources’ in No 10 there are some disturbing reports which have come straight from Tory and Labour horses’ mouths, these ‘horses’ being MPs with a score to settle. They are united in preventing Brexit by every means possible and to avoid a GE.

Before I go into details, keep in mind that all of these Brexit wrecker MPs know full well that they will lose their seats, that is: their place at the trough, should there be a GE. Their purpose isn’t to save us ignorant voters from a fate worse than death, like ‘crashing out’ with No Deal. It is to save their own skins, to stay on as MPs until this Parliament of knaves and connivers finally runs its course in 2022. It’s not just ‘people versus parliament’, it is ‘MPs versus their own constituents’.

Today and especially tomorrow we’ll be treated with TV ‘performances’ by those harlots, telling us about their ‘concern’ for our welfare and why they see themselves being forced to stop Brexit, to stop Johnson and to stop a GE. In truth, how can they trust us voting ‘the right way’ when they have been telling us for over three years that we, the electorate, are thick and ignorant! We didn’t know what we voted for in 2016, and we’re obviously still too ignorant now to know what’s best for us.

It has escaped their notice that we have watched them displaying their own ignorance and stupidity in the televised debates, especially those in the past week. Thus we read that Tory MPs were meeting the Tory Whips, telling him they wouldn’t Johnson’s vote for a GE:

“Remain-backing Tory MPs have warned the Chief Whip that the government’s Brexit plans will lead to “terrorist activity” on the streets of the UK. At least 20” Tory MPs led by former deputy prime ministers David Lidington and Damian Green have also threatened to vote against Boris Johnson’s push for a December 12 general election. On Thursday a group of 41 “One Nation” Tory MPs met the deputy Chief Whip, Amanda Milling. […]. In a meeting which lasted about an hour, half of the MPs present made explicit threats that they do not want an election this year. They argued the election should only happen after Brexit is done, with a number also warning that Mr Johnson’s deal as it could spark unrest in Northern Ireland.” (paywalled link)

Note that first sentence! They don’t mean that we Leavers will start rampaging through the streets – they ‘only’ mean that NI ‘terrorists’ might go back to the bad old days. Arlene Foster, Leader of the DUP, had this to say:

“When Leo Varadkar talked about the possibility of dissident violence along the border, if there were any border infrastructure piece, I thought that was wrong. I said so at the time. […] And that unfortunately now has set a precedent […]That’s wrong. That is not the way forward.’ (link)

Read the whole thing, it’s not paywalled. But the Brexit wreckers need another item in the Project Fear Campaign, so the threat of ‘violence’ seems to be the next ‘reason’ of choice.

On the other side, Corbyn, still dithering, is again setting up conditions which Johnson must meet, e.g.  ‘No Deal’ must be off the table. Those Labour demands – they are still being debated in Labour circles – are outrageous:

“Last night an ally of Mr Corbyn suggested that one option being explored is to force through legislation which meant that no deal was no longer the default position in domestic law. Instead, Labour would seek to “extend the principle of [the] Benn [Act”, the legislation passed by MPs last month, to prevent the UK from ever leaving without an agreement if a Brexit deal has not been ratified.” (paywalled link)

It doesn’t need a political mastermind to predict that such manoeuvre would be happily supported by the Letwins, Grieves and Rudds. After all, they fight for their own economic well-being, to stay with their trotters in the trough. The next Labour ‘proposal’ being mulled over is even more outrageous:

“Another senior Labour figure suggested that a so-called “rolling extension” could require the Prime Minister to request a delay if the UK comes within 28 days of an extension elapsing. Such a move could see Brexit delayed indefinitely, providing that EU leaders continue to agree to move back the deadline.” (paywalled link)

They are seriously pondering such ‘solutions’ instead of working on how best to get on with Brexit! There’s more:

“Another option would be to require Mr Johnson to amend his deal so that the transition period is automatically extended by up to two years if the UK is unable to sign a trade deal with the EU in time. This would prevent the UK from transitioning to World Trade Organisation terms in December 2020, described as a “stealth no deal” by Remainer MPs.” (paywalled link)

Anything but to face us voters! That proposal would please the EU no end. Don’t forget that this is in Johnson’s WAIB, as a barrister explained in this video (from about 9 minutes in).

There’s another plot being cooked up. This is about somehow getting their desired 2nd Referendum on the table and onto the statute books:

“Rebel alliance MPs are plotting to try and force a vote on the second referendum or customs union as early as next week rather than giving in to Boris Johnson’s election demands.” (link)

Trying to abuse the power they have thanks to Johnson’s minority government – but facing us, their constituents? Oh no! Charles Moore in the DT thinks out loud and points out this possibility:

“Although Mr Bercow has promised he will leave his post on October 31, he is perfectly free to stay on. Knowing him, one suspects his ego will find the temptation irresistible. Then he might allow MPs to vote to decide the date of an election, or he might prevent the Government from repeatedly moving motions calling for an election, or whatever takes his fancy. Mr Speaker will indulge every anti-Brexit MP long skilled in spinning things out. The least that Boris can do is to expose this chicanery, and keep reminding the public who is denying them their rights.” (paywalled link)

Yes, well – we do know who is denying us our rights! Johnson is the last person we need to point this out, given his disastrous WAIB. It is humiliating that we Leavers must now pin our hopes on M Macron, of all people, who is so far holding out against an extension:

“France is ready to force Britain to the brink of a no-deal Brexit unless Labour and the House of Commons agree to a general election or ratify Boris Johnson’s Brexit deal on Monday. President Macron yesterday moved again to block a three-month extension, forcing the EU to begin preparations for an emergency summit on October 30.” (link, paywalled)

Macron is the weakest of reeds to rely on. How serious the EU Leaders are taking this though is illustrated by the fact that  they are conferring in secret and nobody in Brussels knows how this will end. There’s more:

“Europe’s leaders are on stand-by for a crisis meeting of the European Council in the 24 hours before Britain is due to leave the EU at 11pm on Hallowe’en. […] While Mr Macron is expected to concede at the eleventh hour next week, potentially to a shorter extension in November, his tactics are seen as putting no-deal back on the table as the EU’s patience runs out. Many European capitals now regret past tactical alliances with Remain campaigners such as Hilary Benn, the Labour MP whose legislation forced the present extension debate.” (link, paywalled)

Serves them right! Politicians, here and on the Continent, have shown us all that they are a weak, cowardly lot who are not prepared to boldly take the opportunity offered by Brexit. They’d sell principles and freedom for a few more weeks and months at the fleshpots. That’s not a modern phenomenon – it’s been reported in the Bible

To round this up, here’s the real reason why Labour doesn’t want a GE in December:

“Labour is believed to be particularly concerned that a poll outside of university term time would have a negative impact on the party’s turnout in key student towns and cities.” (paywalled link)

God forbid that anything would prevent Labour losing an opportunity to finagle election results to their advantage!

We’re governed by a bunch of feeble, conniving knaves with no other aim than preserving their skin, their highfalutin’ words notwithstanding – all of them, from that lot in No 10 to the lot on the opposition benches. They seem to think that the polls showing TBP hovering below the LibDems is cast in stone. It isn’t. No Brexit on Halloween will cost the establishment parties dearly.

We Brits may not rampage on the streets – but we do know how to use the ballot boxes. The EU Parl elections should have been a warning to the knaves in Parliament … and btw, it’s only 10 days to Guy Fawkes night …!




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