What adds value to our country… and what adds value to our world:

  • Art galleries, museums and collections.
  • British and other standards. British inventions, however old.
  • Creativity, innovation, intellectual advantages, knowledge, profits, wealth, infrastructure ranked by importance.
  • Commercial institutions such as banks, Trinity House, Ordnance Survey etc, even music and good education.
  • Economy, education, erudition, exercise, Scouts and Guides, experience, dexterity.
  • Infrastructure, innovation, institutions/institutes, federations, unions, societies, etc.
  • British-based knowledge run by Encyclopedia Britannica and others.
  • Old People.
  • The People.
  • Training. Universities (now only Oxbridge is not debased/devalued).
  • Wildness and Wisdom.


Answer: PRUNING…

Question: ANYTHING ELSE?? (said sarcastically)

Answer: INTUITIVE JUMPS… Of a higher order than music or painting. Or creativity if you want a moronic hackneyed label, which does not begin to satisfy the criteria. I’m not that clever to take this much further, however, I must try.

First, the pruning. It is obvious to the meanest intelligence that the state is several thousand percent overblown, corrupt, uncontrolled and wasteful, and suitable only for menial tasks. The same is true of over large, over mighty and corrupt businesses that are encouraged to suck on the teats of government and its free income. This is a well known problem and can be discussed elsewhere.

The second but more important question of creativity has clearly been long considered by our betters and their response has been what we’ve currently got. Musicians, artists, actors(presenters), designers, fashion, FGMBRAQ by the ton and crappy education.

One of the tricks of management is to separate half a dozen or so people from the rest of the firm and put them under a bit of pressure of varying kinds. The results can be amazing. During my apprenticeship in the 50s with GEC, I was subjected to similar. It works. The technique is used mainly for development but odd results do occasionally occur. It must surely have been developed. Many other devices must have been developed in 70 years. Psychologists cannot all have been lying on couches for 70 years.

Unfortunately, big business has a different problem. It’s big, so a tiny increase in anything will result in huge numbers, including directors’ remuneration. And it requires no intelligence or thought to sack a few hundred, or bribe an MP. A 0.02 % increase in profit pays a thousand times over for a £100,000 bribe or rise in a director’s bonus. This is just fact. It explains Remain being big business’s preferred option.

Also, business makes a profit. They want to continue. Change costs. So, change is bad. Business will fight tooth and nail against any change except snail-like growth from its own controllable efforts. This means our intuitive jumps are stultified and not paid for, unless harmlessly channelled. Similar reasoning applies to the Civil Service. Again, ANY change is BAD.

During my lifetime in work there have been many instances where governments have collected supposedly clever people and put them to work on various projects which have been abandoned at the last minute for some scummy political reason or aim. I only know of one or two like TSR2 and missile guidance systems, and I suspect, helicopters.

This is a big and vital debate. And I’m not clever or knowledgeable enough to guess much further. We need discoveries and intuitive leaps for the immediate problems like CURING diseases not treating them,  like proper  quantum computers instead of just inventing a new name. Artificial Intelligence will not solve them. Educationalists need not apply.

This is a big and vital debate for the world. I am not clever or knowledgeable enough to even start   this debate let alone engage in it. Although certainly I’m old enough to shout at you kids.

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