The question asked was simple, “Do you want the UK to remain in the European Union or Leave the European Union? Remain or Leave.

We were gifted this question, because a referendum question on EU Defence Union, would have been guaranteed to lose by a landslide.  Confused? You should be. EU Defence Union was not even discussed during the referendum campaigns on either side, yet waiting in the wings the following week in a Brussels room…I’ll get back to this meeting further down this article.

Why not mention EU defence Union? Do any dodgy salesmen, (in this case Remainer politicians) point out the “small print” in what they are trying to sell? No.

David Cameron and the rest of the Remain establishment were confident a vote on EU membership was a shoo-in for a Remain win, so the question should be on membership, rather than EU Defence Union.

Years earlier, assurances were given to placate the “eurosceptic” European Research Group (ERG) in the Tory party, that any major changes to EU membership, such as adopting the Euro, EU Justice, EU Defence Union required an Act of parliament and a referendum.

European Union Act 2011 Section 6(2) (copied from UK Government website)

Where the European Council has recommended to the member States the adoption of a decision under Article 42(2) of TEU in relation to a common EU defence, a Minister of the Crown may not notify the European Council that the decision is adopted by the United Kingdom unless—

(a)the decision is approved by Act of Parliament, and

(b)the referendum condition is met.

The EU Act 2011 section 6 (2) –since repealed in the Withdrawal Act 2018, did not stipulate what the question should be, just that “the referendum condition is met”. Any question would qualify.

The trap was now set, for UKIP and other Brexiteers to think they had won a major victory and to take the credit.

Fortunately, the trap backfired spectacularly. After they had lost, the Remainer establishment kept repeating in a condescending way: “you didn’t know what you voted for”. Ironically, they were spot on with that comment.

David Cameron resigned in disgrace on the morning of June 24th, 2016, to then be replaced by Theresa May in a coronation affair. May would then try undeterred, to row back from disaster in their eyes, throughout her reign in No. 10 deploying various delaying tactics, in case the mutinous public changed their minds.

By coincidence, on 28th June 2016 (the next working day) in Brussels, was the launch of the EU’s Global Strategy to centralize sovereign control of security, defence and foreign policy, AKA EU Defence Union.

With a remainstream media who daren’t mention what was waiting in the wings, a compliant Libdems, Labour, SNP and Tories, almost managed to pull off the biggest con and diversionary trick since the 1975 referendum. However, this time, we voted the “wrong” way.

A question remains begging, would Cameron have used a Remain win, to join the UK to EU Defence Union?  I think we can safely assume he would have and a Remain Parliament would have legislated accordingly.

Theresa May, undaunted by the Leave result, assembled a pro-remain cell within Downing Street, headed by Olly Robbins to agree to everything the EU asked for in the EU Global Strategy, to negotiate a new treaty that would eventually hand sovereign control of UK defence, security and foreign policy (CSDP & CFSP) in an unconditional “Deep and Special Partnership” as euphemistically mentioned in her Munich speech and then in the Political Declaration section 92 to 107 (never mentioned in the media).

There are many who have suspect for a long time, a conspiracy of silence has existed in Westminster; a 3-line Whip not to mention EU defence union in parliamentary debates or in the media. To paraphrase a famous speech by Hugh Gaitskell, The Tories have been indulging in their usual double talk. When they go to Brussels, they show the greatest enthusiasm for EU Defence Union. When they speak in the House of Commons, they are most anxious to aver that there is no commitment whatsoever to an “EU Army”.

So it was quite a pleasant surprise to hear Lord James of Blackheath break through this wall of silence, raise the alarm in the Lords on 8th September 2019, after he visited a venue hosted by Veterans For Britain.

His questions were:

  1. Can someone please tell us the truth about EU Defence Union? This is by far the biggest issue being faced by the British public and they know nothing about it, officially.
  2. Can we have a proper account of what it entails?
  3. Is it really true that the government has entered into private agreements with the European Community that they will on completion of remain or whatever it is, transfer to the European Union in Brussels the entire control of our fighting forces, including all their equipment” (Yes, it is true)

He was then asked to withdraw his questions, but it was too late; he had spilled the beans on national TV. Years spent deceiving and dodging has really been about – EU Defence Union.

Boris Johnson tends to use Greek mythology in his speeches, perhaps Their secret “Plan” aimed at deceiving the British public had an operational name such as Operation Aniketos after the Greek god of defence strategy.

The Tories were forced to backtrack and redraft the Maybot treaty and Political Declaration. Boris Johnson PM now has a fresh mandate to “Get Brexit Done”.

The question in the public eye and the media should be Will the Conservatives still be plotting “Operation Aniketos” for UK involvement in EU Defence Union… despite their slogan, Get Brexit Done?

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