A New Year, a new beginning, a fresh start with new possibilities, new horizons and general jubilation – this is what we’ve become used to reading and hearing from politicians, pundits and writers of opinion pieces on New Year’s Day. It’s always been ‘full steam ahead with optimism’, with a host of good resolutions, usually abandoned after two weeks of cold, January reality. 

This year it’s different. This time the usual year-end celebrations were absent thanks to the lockdown restrictions. People watched BC at home instead – and had the BC’ metropolitan, lefty, ‘woke’ world view forced down their throats. The DM took notice, it’s worth reading their report (link), lambasting both the BC and the London fireworks display. Clearly, the self-proclaimed Westminster ‘elites’ have already decided that 2021 will be a year of ‘more of the same’ – not just more of covid but more of ‘woke policies’. Yes, they want to turn 2021 into ‘Groundhog Year’. 

The broadsheets were a bit more subtle but they are as culpable as the BC in their attempt to make 2021 into a year of ‘more of the same’, not least in their attempt to write us, the people, out of their ‘narrative’. Take for example Brexit. One might have thought that this event, that the incontrovertible fact that at the stroke of midnight GMT time we were Out, might have deserved some splashy headlines, but nooo …. Instead, most of us celebrated Brexit at home, with ‘modified rapture’, according to a dear friend of mine, who used that quote from Gilbert’s Mikado.

However, we are treated to an article by BJ in the DT (paywalled link), penned in his usual exuberant style, faithfully paraphrased in The Times. Half of that text is about Brexit but strikingly absent in BJ’s writing are we the people, we who voted Leave, we who gave him his majority in the 2019 GE. This absence is hammered home – if one can hammer home an absence – in the headline The Times choose: “Boris Johnson celebrates an ‘amazing’ future for UK” (link, paywalled).

Well, if one were generous one might concede that we the people were forced to be physically absent, that we were forced to stay home, that we were forbidden to congregate in pubs or on our streets thanks to the Hancock-Tiers. And did not the BC try valiantly to nudge us into the bright, post-covid uplands with their woke messages? Shouldn’t that have been sufficient?

I am not so generous however. I regard this as an ominous sign for things to come. Brexit, despite the concerted efforts of Remain, in the MSM and in Whitehall, has been won thanks to us. This the Westminsterites won’t permit to happen ever again. “We” have been successfully sent back into our hovels thanks to covid – and covid is the cosh which will be used again and again to keep us under control. After all, it has worked well for those ‘elites’, hasn’t it! Not even the usual private fireworks were heard in towns and cities. 

And lo and behold, the first 2021 covid ‘measures’ are already prepared for us. Whitty – when will we be rid of this prophet of doom! – is ‘in the news’ by telling GPs and the NHS that they must abandon the second jab demanded by the mRNA vaccines. One jab is good enough for the time being because “we” must vaccinate as many people as possible. Whitty said:

“For every 1,000 people boosted with a second dose of Covid-19 vaccine in January, 1,000 new people can’t have substantial initial protection, which is in most cases likely to raise them from 0 per cent protected to at least 70 per cent protected.” He said that “these unvaccinated people are far more likely to end up severely ill, hospitalised and in some cases dying without a vaccine”.“ (link, paywalled)

We still don’t know if this ‘protection’ is meant as ‘vaccinated people will have less severe covid symptoms’ rather than that they won’t fall ill with covid at all. We still don’t know if vaccinated people might not infect others. We do know though that this international ‘race’ to get as many people vaccinated in as short a time as possible is not driven by international competitiveness. It’s driven by the WHO of ‘test – test – test’ fame. See their statement:

“Herd immunity against COVID-19 should be achieved by protecting people through vaccination, not by exposing them to the pathogen that causes the disease.” (link)

That’s why the nations are in a vaccination race, that’s why Whitty tells GPs to break the vaccination protocol on which theregulator allowed the vaccines to be used. That’s why the ‘logistics’ are going to play such a huge role, from using the Armed Forces to another call-out to retired doctors and nurses. You simply must savour this though:

“Retired doctors and nurses who answered calls to help administer vaccines must show 21 separate documents, including certificates that they are trained in countering racism and terrorism, fire safety, conflict resolution, human rights and data security.” (link, paywalled)

Isn’t it great: professional expertise has to take the knee! “We” must not get the jab from a doctor or nurse who can’t show they’re not racist … yes, wokeism will certainly be one of the features of 2021. The unsavoury examples of the muzzle-gestapo, the curtain-twitching lockdown stasi, will see to it. It worked, didn’t it.

It will also work when BJ pushes or nudges us into his dream of transforming our country into the model for green blobbery. As schools and universities remain closed, as a generation is getting even less education, never mind science education, one wonders if he’s aware that his dream will remain unfulfilled because there simply won’t be people with the skills and knowledge necessary for future developments. He warbles in his DT article:

“When I look at the battery technology of the West Midlands – in which we lead the world – or at the extraordinary and growing wind farms of the Dogger Bank, I see not only a UK leading the world in making green energy and tackling climate change. I see the creation of hundreds of thousands of high-skill high wage jobs that will last for a generation; […].” (paywalled link

Perhaps he believes that basic science education is unnecessary – he didn’t have one, after all. Perhaps he believes that we’ll happily follow the ‘green science’ because ‘following the science’ worked so well for cudgelling us into lockdowns. Since “we” clearly are obedient rabbits, why wouldn’t we obey ‘green measures’! Why wouldn’t we stay at home, accepting that ‘for the green good’ we must abandon our cars, no longer travel to foreign countries (that’s only ok for green climate acolytes), put up with cold and dark homes while paying more for ‘saving the planet’! That’s BJ’s dream, and that will be the Next Big Thing in 2021.

There’s one other aspect which will move seamlessly from 2020 into 2021: the splintering of public discourse. Many have turned away from the unspeakable propaganda of the covid-driven MSM and looked elsewhere to get the facts. However, we’ll see that our voices will simply not be heard because the MSM and ‘the elite’ will brush aside any doubters as conspiracists who are as bad as terrorists.

If, as yesterday has shown, people can be forced to stay at home, if we cannot even meet others in pubs then who is to say that such restrictions of our freedoms won’t continue? Who can say if the many single voices of those who’ve now created their own video channels, their own podcasts, won’t simply be silenced, one by one?

The coming battles will take place on social media even as the ‘tech giants’ are suppressing the voices of ordinary people, of those critical of the green blob and their agenda, of the covid tyranny, of the way Whitehall departments have abused science for their covid agenda. I believe that we will see more manipulations of public opinion thanks to the  incestuous relationship of MSM writers and politicians inside the ‘Westminster Village’. These denizens generally daren’t raise their contrarian voices for fear to be excluded from those ‘exclusive’ circles and dinner parties.

I leave you with the thought that something is very wrong in our country. It’s as if our self-proclaimed elites have indulged in magical thinking: ‘this bad wolf, ahem: situation will go away if we keep our eyes firmly shut and talk about ‘following ‘Teh Science’. It’s as if they are letting themselves be driven by the latest mantras from international organisations so that anything that was proclaimed as ‘Teh Truth’ a week or a month ago must now be discarded and forgotten because the opposite is now correct and must be implemented. That, I’m afraid, will be another feature of 2021.

I am sorry but I can discern no sunny uplands, hard as I may try. I see instead more wokeism, more green blobbery, more secretiveness by those who govern us, more suppression of our freedoms ‘for our own good’ and fewer critical voices being raised, never mind heard. Still, we have Brexit, haven’t we, so our duty as serfs is to go home, shut up and work for the Treasury. Or is it? 

I wonder if perhaps our task in 2021 might be to play ‘reverse spillikins’: removing surreptitiously the rods of the Westminster heap so that it collapses as spectacularly as possible. Now there’s an enticing outlook for 2021!

Meanwhile, we’ll keep our beady eagle eyes on whatever nefarious fresh hell our so-called ‘betters’ think to inflict on us and





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