‘Here be tyrants and dictators’


Words fail me! I am incandescent with righteous anger! It’s beyond belief that the Remain relics in the HoC and of course in the HoL are raising up over a perfectly legal Bill but they’ve not had the gumption to rise up over the Lockdown legislation which has made life a misery for our country. It’s not as if Parliamentary sovereignty hasn’t been severely damaged by government directives which Hancock institutes as a matter of course with no scrutiny, even unto the latest Covid idiocy – that you’ll now have to make an appointment to get tested!

It’s not as if ‘Our MSM’ are the slightest bit better! The aim of that Remain cabal is to get rid of Johnson, so now they’re also trying to use Brexit – the one issue on which the Tories have won their ’stonking’ majority, as if the Lockdown scandal weren’t sufficient. They don’t even demand that Parliament get back to working properly!

It’s unsurprising that Labour is keeping a noble silence, that ‘Our MSM’ aren’t even asking them if and how they propose to scupper that Bill. I assume Labour Remainers are busy formulating amendments, just as those Tory backbenchers and ‘grandees’ are planning to do:

“Boris Johnson is facing a revolt by up to 30 Tory MPs over plans that would break international law and allow him to renege on parts of his Brexit deal. The rebels have tabled an amendment that would bar the government from overriding the withdrawal agreement without parliament’s support.” (link, paywalled)

This mindless piece of stupidity by those Remain Tories is staggering. Not only does this Bill not ‘override the WA without parliamentary support’ – it is about Parliamentary Sovereignty in the face of EU diktats. See this quote from the government statement, published yesterday afternoon in ConHome:

“Parliament is sovereign as a matter of domestic law and can pass legislation which is in breach of the UK’s Treaty obligations. Parliament would not be acting unconstitutionally in enacting such legislation. This ‘dualist’ approach is shared by other, similar legal systems such as Canada, Australia and New Zealand. Under this approach, treaty obligations only become binding to the extent that they are enshrined in domestic legislation. Whether to enact or repeal legislation, and the content of that legislation, is for Parliament and Parliament alone. This principle was recently approved unanimously by the Supreme Court in R (Miller) v Secretary of State for Exiting the European Union [2017] UKSC 5.” (link)

Thank you, Ms Gina Miller – I bet you never expected that your Remain lawfare would be used on behalf of Brexit! There’s also the important reference to section 38 of the WA – a section inserted by Sir Bill Cash. Sir John Redwood, in his usual terse way, wrote:

“[…] the UK government has the right under Clause 38 of the EU Withdrawal Act to establish control over its borders and trade, notwithstanding  the Withdrawal Agreement. This is expressly recorded in UK law. It was also clear to the EU at the time when we legislated in this way that was the UK’s understanding of the Withdrawal Agreement, as we put it into primary legislation.” (link

As for the ‘noble Lords’, Remainers all – over 90% kept voting for Brexit-scuppering amendments, we remember – they also seem to have overlooked Section 38. This is disappointing:

“Lord Howard of Lympne, a prominent Brexiteer, became the third former Tory leader to reject the plans, warning that they would damage Britain’s global standing. Lord Lamont of Lerwick, a former chancellor and another Brexiteer, said there was “no way” that the legislation, which would allow ministers to override elements of the withdrawal agreement, would pass through the Lords.” (link, paywalled)

Having perused the various reports and articles yesterday evening, about how Brussels ‘grandees’ were scuttling to London in ‘outrage’, I’ve still not come down from my own outrage – both because of Brussels and because the Remain Cabal obviously doesn’t have one tiny patriotic bone to share between them. 

‘Our MSM’, having got drunk on their own ‘power’ to make government dance to their Covid tunes, are now trying to do the same for Brexit, in the belief that no opinion by anyone outside the M25 matters. Again, the ‘reporters’ copy from each other, using tweets as valid ‘news sources’.

You might have heard that Michael Gove got into ‘a slanging match’ in his meeting with that Slovakian EU Commissioner. Well – look at this:

“The Cabinet Office minister reportedly erupted in fury during the crunch meeting, according to BBC News’ Political Editor Laura Kuenssberg. She tweeted: “EU source says Gove was ‘not the usual gentleman’ and didn’t use ‘usual diplomatic language’.” But minutes later, Ms Kuenssberg tweeted: “Other briefing from the meeting contradicts claim that Gove was anything less than diplomatic – both sides said to have gone through their positions, but neither side willing to budge.” (link)

Ah – the Holy BC and the inevitable Ms Kuenssberg! Note that for her an anonymous EU ‘source’ is more worthy than ‘briefings’ – presumably from a government spokesperson or perhaps even from Mr Gove. The DT’s Remain correspondent couldn’t resist to include that piece of gossip in his report:

“EU sources accused Mr Gove of failing to act like the “usual gentleman” by refusing to use “diplomatic language”, although this was denied by others.” (paywalled link)

Michael Gove firmly told the EU commissioner, Mr Sefcovic, that there would be no backing down (link). Meanwhile, the EU is gearing up for full anti-Brexit warfare. I cannot believe that the ‘noble Lords’, the ‘Tory Remain Rebels’ and Remain Labour, apparently find the stark ultimatum from Brussels perfectly acceptable!

They dare using ‘parliamentary sovereignty’ as their war cry while overlooking that caving in to Brussels is precisely demolishing that sovereignty:

“The European Union has given Boris Johnson a 20-day ultimatum to back down on his plans to alter the Brexit Withdrawal Agreement or face the collapse of trade talks and legal action. Brussels warned on Thursday that legislation allowing ministers to override key elements of the divorce deal relating to Northern Ireland constituted an “extremely serious violation” and broke international law. […] Maros Sefcovic, a vice-president of the European Commission, told his counterpart, Michael Gove, at an emergency meeting of the UK-EU joint committee that the UK had until the end of the month to withdraw the measures. Should the Government refuse, it faces a lawsuit in the European Court of Justice and potentially huge daily fines.” (paywalled link)

If that’s not an ultimatum I don’t know what is! And the Remain cabal is happy with that? Unbelievable! There’s also this:

“[…] the EU said: “The EU does not accept the argument that the aim of the draft Bill is to protect the Good Friday (Belfast) Agreement. In fact, it is of the view that it does the opposite. By putting forward this Bill, the UK has seriously damaged trust between the EU and the UK. It is now up to the UK government to re-establish that trust.” (paywalled link)

Despite articles by eminent lawyers which point out that this Internal Market Bill is about trade while the Good Friday Agreement isn’t, emphasising that the Bill cannot therefore be said to endanger the GFA, the EU and Remainers are still trying to use this scare argument. 

Meanwhile, the DT’s Remain correspondent has clearly been given preferential treatment, i.e. access to the EU paper which was hastily cobbled together yesterday. Take some tranquilisers before you read the following:

“Brussels will start a trade war with Britain if the UK presses ahead with plans to renege on the Withdrawal Agreement and ignores other sanctions possible under the Brexit divorce treaty, according to internal EU documents. The bloc is also considering legal action against the UK, which could lead to large fines levied by the European Court of Justice, before the Internal Markets Bill is passed by parliament. […]The EU is also prepared to use the dispute settlement process in the Withdrawal Agreement, which could result in further fines and binding rulings, a paper circulated among the bloc’s 27 capitals said.” (paywalled link)

And to make it perfectly clear what this EU ultimatum, this diktat, is all about, read this, straight from the EU horse’s mouth:

“If those sanctions fail to force Britain to cave, the EU will suspend any free trade deal or other agreements it may have with the UK, which could involve the imposition of tariffs and quotas. In case of non-payment or persisting non-compliance, the complaining party is entitled to suspend its obligations arising from the Withdrawal Agreement (with the significant exception of the provisions relating to citizens) or from the future EU/UK agreement,” the paper said.” (paywalled link)

I’m as incandescent with righteous anger re-reading this as I was last night when this was first published. I’m as speechless with fury as I was last night when I saw various ‘reports’ in ‘Our MSM’ being more concerned with letting Remainers have their say than commenting on this insulting EU diktat.

It’s again crystal clear, from the first leak of that Bill, to the Financial Times on Monday, unto yesterday’s leaked EU papers, that Remain is still and only relying on Remain leaks and EU ‘information’. They’re not even doing due diligence by checking out the actual legal situation. Their shock-horror headlines on Tuesday and Wednesday drove Brussels to panic, using blackmail and threats. But there’s also this nice little piece of speculation:

“Despite mounting tensions, Lord Frost, the UK’s chief negotiator, insisted the basis for a deal remained intact, with the two sides agreeing to resume talks next week in Brussels. It led to renewed speculation among MPs that the Government’s actions were an attempt to force concessions from the EU, rather than bring about a no-deal situation.” (paywalled link)

It is of course heinous of us to ‘force concessions’ from the EU even as Brussels indulges in hysterical blackmail threats! Nevertheless, I do wonder if our friends at facts4eu weren’t on track, way back in July, when they surmised in an aside that Lord Frost might be waiting for the right political moment to slam the door on Brussels once and for all.

Might this Bill, might the blatant EU ultimatum provide this ‘moment’? We’ll have to wait in hopeful expectation and




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