The PM is trying to ‘play Churchill’ and never mind reality …



There are days when, scanning the MSM, I think that the denizens of the various newsrooms and their editors must live in a different universe where connecting points or, God forbid, asking inconvenient questions are anathema.Today’s headlines make my case. You can check out the compilation at the usual place here

I descended into that muck, taking one for the team. Here’s what I found. There are the local elections day after tomorrow, elections where signs are that the Tories will get a deserved drubbing. And what does this Tory PM do? He will give a video speech to the Kiev parliament today, promising them another £300m worth of ‘military hardware’ (paywalled link). That’s MSM ‘news’.

At the same time The Times shows where their hearts – sorry, their wallets are, bemoaning that rising inflation will cost pensioners with a private pension about £400 a year because they ‘failed to proof their pensions against inflation’ (link, paywalled). It seems to have escaped those financial geniuses at The Times that neither those on state pensions nor all who are working have their pensions or salaries ‘proofed against inflation’. Let’s not mention the civil serpents who neither work nor need to worry about their gold-plated salaries and pensions which we peasants are paying for!

As for the rest, our MSM seem happy to paint a picture of a placid UK where only little irritations matter. War and inflation, coming food shortages: not interested until it comes crashing through our front doors. This mental attitude is certainly strange when we as a nation have been nannied for a long time, from the daily ‘advice’ on the TV weather forecasts not to forget one’s brolly when rain is predicted to ‘guidances’ about mask wearing!

What happened to the ‘precautionary principle’, according to which we were nudged into lockdowns and are being nudged into green Net Zero lifestyles? Has the Nudge Unit been disbanded? Where are their ‘guidances’ about what to do when food shortages hit us, when we cannot pay for energy to run our few remaining industries, never mind keeping ourselves warm in winter? Will the WFH crowd get a ‘home heating bonus’? 

Never mind – there’s this war on! In tune with the latest hand-out to Kiev the PM will promise, the DT has a cringe-worthy report (paywalled link) about how such modern hardware ‘destroyed’ two Russian patrol ships in the Black Sea. This report comes from the Ukrainian MoD, so it’s true because this time the usual sentence, “we couldn’t verify this report independently” has been omitted. Clearly, the Ukraine is winning because our diligent hacks never look at any videos published by Russian military units. That would be propaganda and would only confuse us peasants.

The Times meanwhile has a sob story about the terrible two months those civilians endured in the bunkers under the Azovstal steel works (link, paywalled). I’m sure it was terrible – but two months is a bit shorter than eight years if my maths are correct. Of course neither the Times nor the BBC reporters who spoke to those civilians ever ask why it is that the Azov brigade soldiers didn’t let them go when Russia opened humanitarian corridors day after day.

Isn’t it odd that our MSM who can publish videos from the Ukrainian MoD, who publish the latest pearls dropping from the lips of Mr ‘e, are incapable of finding the repeated exhortations by that person, to ‘keep fighting, ‘no surrender,’ which he gave to those Azov brigade people bunkered up!

Unsurprisingly, our MSM diligently omit to check out the list published by the Russian MoD (link), detailing the latest Ukrainian losses. While our intrepid MSM reporters gleefully publish any Ukrainian video, they don’t publish those showing the Ukrainian POWS who are surrendering all along the Donbas front. That would be inhumane propaganda and would disturb the picture of yon victorious Ukraine which ‘we’, the USA, EU and NATO are supplying with all that military hardware – hardware which is either destroyed in warehouses or left behind by those Ukrainian soldiers.

Even the most ignorant of matters military must know that the shiniest weapons are useless when there are no soldiers to use them. The soldiers now surrendering in the Donbas are either old or very young. They enlisted because they were out of work. The young Ukrainian men who ought to fight for their country have all fled. There’s a bitter comment post on that point, posted under the latest article by Gilbert Doctorow – an article I highly recommend reading. The poster ‘Karol’ writes:

“Meanwhile the Czech government has passed an emergency law, cancelling the prohibition of Czech citizens serving in a foreign military, so long as they are serving in the Ukrainian foreign legion. In other words the neoliberal political class is trying to encourage young Czechs to take the young Ukrainians’ places in the cannon fodder trough.” (link)

Ah – but it’ll be ‘Ukraine’s finest hour’, according to Johnson. So why not go and become cannon fodder while Ukrainian young men can’t be bothered to take up those shiny new weapons …!

I leave you with one of the most hair-raising opinion pieces I’ve seen recently. It’s by Ms Sherelle Jacobs in the DT. There’s no better example illustrating the parallel universe the Westminster cabal lives in. The headline is sufficient:

“The Free West is winning the war against the Russia-China axis of autocracy – Have confidence: our foes are failing because their authoritarian systems are inferior to free societies” (paywalled link).

The two years of covid measures have obviously damaged critical minds so much that there’s no coming back. “We” are winning until even the last hack realises that we’re not. It’s going to be ‘the finest hour’ – to the last drop of Ukrainian and indeed international mercenaries’  blood. We’ll be happy to pay for this catastrophe, being a ‘free society’ where everybody is happy to do as we’re told.

Finally, here’s a text I urge you to read. Eight years ago yesterday the Nazi supporters burned alive 47 people in the Trade Union house in Odessa. I remember this atrocity only too well. And these are the same people whom “we” support, with weapons and with bennies when they’re here …

It’s a parallel universe indeed where losing is winning, where Nazis are not Nazis when they’re ‘our Nazis’, and where atroicites are forgiveable when they’re directed against Russians.

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