This animal is dangerous! It spreads CV-19 – keep it indoors!


I recall the time when a certain SpAd called Alistair Campbell ruled the roost in Westminster. I recall the time when the Expense Scandal broke – here’s a ‘history’ if you want to refresh your recollections. I recall the anguish expressed by Westminster journalists that they had missed that scoop, telling the Nation that they actually did know about this – but were afraid to report because they’d forfeit their precious access to Blair and Campbell.

I now wonder if ‘our Westminster reporters’ are so coy questioning the role of Whitehall mandarins because they fear to lose access to their gossipy ‘sources’, providing them with briefings against Johnson and his government.

As ‘Our MSM’ are deteriorating at the rate of knots a glance through the articles and reports this morning shows that they still haven’t ‘got it’. They still believe that it’s their holy duty to tell us peasants what and how to think. The finding of that poll earlier this month, that only 28% of us trust them, has apparently wafted by them as they write in their ‘work-at-home’ garrets.

They are still fighting their fight against Johnson and Cummings, crowing over a poll (link) while omitting to look at Labour and Starmer – who ‘took the knee’ in the safety of his office. Important questions about the effect of the government ‘guidances’ aren’t being asked.

The whole lot of them is infected with the disease of reporting gossip from ‘unnamed sources’, mixing up ‘government’, ‘Whitehall’ and ‘ministers’ to obfuscate who said what for which reason. Moreover, they are now happily giving space to ‘experts’ especially when these experts can claim the label ‘scientist’. 

Here are a few of today’s examples, demonstrating that editors and writers in ‘Our MSM’ must know what they’re doing. Take for example that tracing app. In a major U-turn yesterday afternoon the government scrapped that fabulous NHS app, that re-invention of the wheel. They’ll now use the despised Google/Apple app. It seems they’re still trying to reinvent the wheel though – here’s Hancock at yesterday’s Hancock Hour, but take note of the last sentence:

“Mr Hancock said that in trials neither of the potential apps was accurate enough to be used by the public and he could not indicate when, or if, a usable version might be available. “The truth is that no app is better than a bad app,” a senior government source said.” (link, paywalled)

Is that so? Who is this ‘senior government source’? Why didn’t he ‘leak’ this observation a few weeks ago? Did he actually tell Hancock? Weren’t there tracking apps available and being used elsewhere in the world? Why is it that, in their Westminster Village snobbery, ‘Our MSM’ haven’t, until now, mentioned the concerns expressed in IT publications about the invasion of privacy? Now they shamefacedly explain what that precious NHS app was meant to do:

“The NHS wanted to use a centralised model in which someone tells their app that they have Covid-19 and the app sends a log of everyone they have come into contact with in the past 14 days to a remote server.’ (link, paywalled)

It’s as if they are happy about this invasion of our privacy and the curtailing of our liberties because they know that we plebs would still observe ‘Teh Rulz’ while those who want to destroy our country never will. The BLM demos have shown this to all of us, and no amount of MSM propaganda will make us forget – from the sanctioning of statue toppling and defacing to the Johnson-sanctioned labelling of patriots as ‘thugs’.

Staying with CV-19 reporting, we’re presented with the findings of ‘scientific experts’ from University College London. You really couldn’t make this up:

“Cats should not be allowed out and dogs should be kept on leads in order to avoid coronavirus spreading between households, scientists said as they called for widespread testing of animals. In an article for The Lancet Microbe, experts from University College London said there was “increasing evidence” that some animals can pass Covid-19 on to humans.” (link)

The reason for this study is mind-blowing: 10,00 farmed minks were culled in the Netherlands because infected minks were suspected of having transmitted CV-19 to two (!) humans, never mind that a few paragraphs down we read:

“Experts believe that, once originally infected by humans, the outbreak among minks spread to different farms via wild cats. Antibody testing in the Netherlands found a significant minority of cats had been infected with the virus.” (link)

Will the usual suspects now call to cull humans? These experts ‘believe’ – not ‘know’ but believe without proof, and conclude that therefore domestic cats in the UK ought to be kept indoors! There’s a final connection drawn by that ‘science’ reporter which is just breathtaking:

“The Lancet paper comes as staff at a chicken processing plant in north Wales were asked to self-isolate for two weeks after 58 cases of coronavirus were confirmed. Production was halted at the 2 Sisters Poultry factory in Llangefni, Anglesey.” (link)

This paragraph seems to suggest that chickens might also be CV-19 carriers, and that cats, domestic or wild, might have given it to them. Forgive me when I recall the mass culling of sheep and cattle during that Foot and Mouth outbreak in 2001. One of the instigators of that mass cull was a certain Professor Ferguson. Will our Fear & Hysteria MSM now clamour for a culling of domestic cats and dogs and all farm animals, as ‘precaution’? Sadly, I wouldn’t put it past them. 

Still, some writers are nevertheless looking at the date of the outbreak of CV-19. I found this report extremely interesting:

“China recorded a tenfold surge in infections classed as flu at the end of last year, a study has found, suggesting that the coronavirus may have already spread to thousands of people and was being misdiagnosed. The health authorities reported 1.2 million cases of influenza in December, compared with 130,442 recorded in the same month in 2018. The figure was also nearly twice that of the previous year’s peak month for flu in January, when 608,511 cases were registered.” (link, paywalled)

These numbers aren’t conspiracy theories, they are official:

The figures published by China’s Centre for Disease Control and Prevention were highlighted by SindoInsider, a Taiwanese consultancy group, which said the huge increase suggested the virus was being diagnosed as flu in the weeks before China notified the World Health Organisation (WHO) on December 31 of a new disease. The health commission stopped providing weekly reports on flu cases on December 27 […]” (link, paywalled)

That chimes with the report earlier this month on the study of hospital car parks in Wuhan in the autumn of 2019 (here). Leaving aside the question of the actual start of the outbreak, as opposed to the notification of the WHO by China, one might ask if our government, if indeed the rest of the world would have gone into universal Lockdown had this turned out to be ‘just the flu’. After all, we didn’t when there were other, famous flu outbreaks – see here for a historical overview. There’s a very interesting article though, published by ‘Our NHS’ in 2012 (here) where we can find the first indications of the rationale behind ‘our’ Lockdown – definitely worth reading!

And finally, let’s look at another ‘laboratory experiment’. This is about Wales, a Labour fiefdom since 1999, demonstrating to those who can see what a Starmer government will be capable of. We can thank BBC Wales for the reports. For example, the Welsh First Minister, a certain Mark Drakeford, is now, finally, going to ‘think about’ lifting restrictions which only applied in Labour Wales:

“For the last few weeks people in Wales have been asked to “stay local” – with five miles from home given as a guide. Mark Drakeford will now review the restriction by 6 July.” (link)

Yes, well, the small fact that Welsh tourism is on its knees after Drakeford and his ministers told everybody else to stay away from Wales might have something to with this re-think! And isn’t it a huge success for the Welsh government that the 17 (!) ‘field Hospitals’ erected in Wales, at the cost of £166m, stood empty throughout, with only 46 patients treated in the big’un put up in Cardiff inside the Millenium stadium (link)! See the ‘precautionary principle’ in action, at its worst:

“Health Minister Vaughan Gething defended the decision saying in hindsight he would have “made different choices at the time. If we had needed extra capacity, in much greater numbers, and I had not acted as I did, I think the public would have rightly said, ‘Why on earth didn’t that man in charge do something about it?’,” he said.” (link)

Funny that this Welsh Labour ‘excuse’ of ‘if -if- if’ doesn’t seem to apply when ‘Our MSM’ lambast the Johnson government. There’s one other industry which is desperate for a lifting of Lockdown – the hospitality sector, commonly known as pubs. Pubs have been closing in their thousands over the last years and the Lockdown may indeed be their death knell:

“In Wales, there is currently no date for them to reopen, while in England the UK government has suggested they will reopen “no earlier than 4 July”, if Covid-19 safety guidelines could be met. The Welsh Government is due to make an announcement on lockdown measures on Friday.” (link)

For ‘safety guidelines’ read ‘2m rule’. Johnson’s early remarks about pubs being part of our culture notwithstanding, ‘our rulers’ know that pubs are dens of iniquity where people congregate and exchange ideas inimical to all those in power. We can’t have that – better kill off the pubs, especially in Wales. Force us peasants to drink at home and use social media where government and other interested parties such as Momentum can keep track of our plebeian, nefarious, thuggish thoughts.

And keep your moggies (not ‘that’ Moggie, how very dare you!) indoors, or else!




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