Give us your money and vanish from our society


There are mornings when opening the home pages of ‘Our MSM’ ought to come with a health warning – especially when one is ‘an elderly’. There are days when one wonders if the Westminster Village dwellers, i.e. the backbench politicians, the Whitehall civil serpents and their court of hacks actually understand what they are doing by their drip-drip-drip of undermining this government which was, let’s not forget, duly elected six months ago, with a majority of 80.

I have to wonder yet again if that clique of Westminster Bubble dwellers has totally lost the plot. Why else would there be two puff-pieces about Starmer in The Times? Why else would there be continuing attacks on the admittedly hapless Hancock and on the PM, disregarding the fact that they are being advised by unelected civil serpents? Why else is it that there’s one – one only – article about the role of Whitehall, an opinion piece, not an investigative one?

The CV-19 Lockdown and the accompanying demolition of our civil liberties isn’t ever addressed. The transformation of our society taking place isn’t analysed or questioned. It’s as if ‘Our MSM’ are content to turn this nation into one only preoccupied with leisure, provided everyone observes ‘Teh Rulz’: travelling, summer holidays on sunny beaches, fashion, football (where players are ‘taking the knee’ without a murmur of disapprobation), only watching movies ‘approved’ by BAME.

Every activity must be ‘patrolled’ by a new class of ‘rule enforcers’ while the unelected Mandarins of Whitehall govern unchecked, treating our elected government as puppets whose strings they pull.

For example, the rules for the much celebrated opening of pubs – see here, paywalled here – pervert our pub culture, turning it into the continental one where one can no longer stand at the bar but must wait for service. ‘Tis to ‘keep us safe’.

Reading the following makes me question the mental sanity of those who’re proposing it:

“Separately, ministers will publish legislation next week to encourage an “al fresco revolution”. Every pub, bar and restaurant will be automatically entitled to serve alcohol for people to drink on the pavement and in the street.” (link, [aywalled)

Have they ever heard about the British weather? Do they think that, Brexit or not, we must become ‘more European’? Are they mad?

Far worse is the fact that we no longer have a government run by our elected representatives but by those more-or-less faceless ‘experts’ who have been pushed to the fore by that other entity of more-or-less faceless ‘senior government sources’. Not one eyebrow has been raised by the professional commentariat reporting this:

“The government’s scientific advisers have given the go-ahead for the two-metre social distancing rule to be cut in half – providing masks are worn in certain circumstances. (link) [my emphasis]

Those ‘advisers’ appear to be the unofficial rulers of our country, making rules which our elected government must follow. ‘Our MSM’ have taken on the role of supervising body, checking that Johnson is doing as he’s told by those ‘government advisers, experts and officials’. Why then do we need a Parliament, why do we need elections? It’s all window dressing, it’s deteriorated into ‘performance art’.

Those ‘experts’ are now also warring amongst themselves. It’s quite delicious and is about that tracking app disaster:

“Claims by ministers that Britain does not need a smartphone tracking app to control the spread of Covid-19 were challenged by scientists yesterday. […] Epidemiologists said that he [Hancock] was underestimating how difficult the virus was to control.” (link, paywalled)

Didn’t we read yesterday (here) that ‘a senior government source’ said that no app was better than a bad app? I believe we did. Note that this ‘senior government source’ – code word for ‘Whitehall civil serpent’ – has been transformed overnight into ‘ministers’.

According to ‘Our MSM’, those faceless experts are ‘speaking truth to power’ by leaking to ‘reporters’. These ‘experts’ are selflessly preventing ministers from making horrendous, erroneous decisions while at the same time these same selfless, faceless experts are permitting those same ministers to implement policies created by those experts. Democracy it ain’t! 

We also read yesterday that the creators of that track app disaster have run away. Here’s a little article giving a face to one of them. You might like to take a quick look, especially at the last paragraph with a reference to Dominic Cummings. It provides a reason for the virulent warfare against him in ‘Our MSM’. It’s apparently not so much about what he did and does do but it’s fuelled by negative briefings coming from our secret, secretive, unelected ‘government’, i.e. Whitehall. 

In an opinion piece in the DT Ms Juliet Samuel very carefully makes some critical observations on Whitehall while bending over backwards so as not to step on any Mandarin toes:

“Too much of the civil service has become accustomed to following political fads blindly and then, when disasters emerge, doggedly defending its record and succumbing to inertia. Departments that should be brimming with expertise and policy ideas have become hollowed out. The Home Office bats off questions to the police. The Department for Health hides behind Public Health England or redirects inquiries to the NHS. […] Surely the “front line” knows best, we hear, as if departments aren’t there to develop policy.” (paywalled link)

Keen observers of the Brexit Trade Negotiations will have noticed that any ‘hot Brexit news’ always come from ‘Brussels correspondents’ and their ‘senior diplomat sources’. There are no leaks coming from Mr Frost’s team which is quite amazing because every other ‘news’, especially anything CV-19, is always accompanied by gossip, by negative briefings from ‘senior government sources’. See the next quote – names aren’t named but we can read between the lines, noting also that for the first time in months one Mandarin is mentioned by name:

“Occasionally, a really competent senior civil servant or minister takes charge and draws out the talent and drive still lurking in the system, but for the most part, it drifts, like a star ship whose crew has fallen into a coma. All of this could be compensated for by a really slick operation at the top. But Mark Sedwill is no Jeremy Heywood, who was known for his capacity to descend on a problem and dig into every aspect of it at once.” (paywalled link)

I do not expect ‘our MSM’ to look at the role Sir Mark Sedwill is playing in this orchestrated campaign to get rid of Johnson. It would of course be totally inappropriate if not worse to insinuate that Sedwill is doing so because he cannot forgive Johnson for scuppering Remain nor for not falling into the Remain trap of begging for extensions. Of course not!

And finally – the surreptitious war against the elderly is being fired up again, with quislings such as Matthew Parris in The Times writing:

“In my generation’s name and mostly for my generation’s benefit our government has smashed this country’s bank balances and raided Britain’s future prospects and prosperity. Just as, overwhelmingly, the virus’s victims would have been among my age group, so, overwhelmingly, the victims of our war on the virus will be the under-55s. So for us, the lucky older generation, the decade ahead should be payback time. It was for our sakes this debt was run up. Soon we must help repay. The moral case is unanswerable but practically speaking, are the over-55s in the position to offer extra help? Without question. Our generation has never had it so good.” (link, paywalled)

Oh yes – the ‘elderly’ were so ‘protected’ by government that they died in their droves in Care Homes thanks to CV-19! Don’t mention that they paid through the nose to be in those homes. Absolutely do not mention that the alleged wealth of most of those who ‘never had it so good’ has been painstakingly accumulated over decades of hard work so they can pay for those care home places without becoming a burden on their family and indeed on the state. And forget about Inheritance Tax – something that “Generation Get Rid of the Boomers” always overlooks.

Take your medication or have a cup of valerian tea before reading the following quote. After blaming the cash-rich elderly for ‘inflating house prices’ to the detriment of ‘the young’, Parris comes up with this:

“To help pay for the Second World War the government ran a war savings campaign, which citizens bought into, both for their modest return and for patriotic reasons. If fighting Covid-19 is a war, then why not look for a way to engage us directly in war-funding? Overwhelmingly it would be the older generation who would respond. The whole lockdown effort was to save our lives — remember? Even if I suspect the effort was misguided, I would welcome a chance to say thank you.” (link, paywalled)

Mr Parris apparently suffers from memory loss – don’t blame him, he’s ‘an elderly’. I however remember only too well that this campaign was run to “Protect the NHS” – saving lives was a secondary consideration. Even Mr Parris cannot have forgotten that the lives of the elderly were not saved. But yeah – after the clapathons to say thank you to ‘Our Sacred Cow’ make the elderly now give their money to say ‘thank you’ – to whom exactly?

Being afflicted by the virtue-signalling-virus is a terrible thing … 




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