Happy Muzzle Day!


Muzzle Day is upon us. As I write these lines it’s too early in the morning for shops to be open and our intrepid reporters in ‘Our MSM’ are still fast asleep so we’ve not yet seen any reports about how unfair on wimminz it is to make them wear face nappies: it surely ruins make-up and hair-dos, no? There’s also a half-hearted attempt by the broadsheet Brussels correspondents to ‘sell’ us the cave-in by Johnson and Frost regarding the trade negotiations as “a good thing” and there’s an indication regarding what the government hopes to achieve by making us wear face masks.

It is fair to say that the country is deeply divided when it comes to mask-wearing. The scientific ‘reason’ is up in the air. You might like to read this blog post describing the way those various masks work. Matthew Parris – no friend of Johnson or of this government and their CV-19 ‘deeds’ – writes in the Spectator about the scientific method and asks why there have been no actual trials to test the use of mask-wearing. After all, randomised controlled trials (RTC) are the ‘gold standard’ in medical research. 

He mentions that human trials are only permitted under strict guidelines by the General Medical Council, for starters, and that ‘live trials’ on testing the transmission of CV-19 in humans can therefore not be done. Here’s his concluding observation:

“By not subjecting face covering to the experimental method, we have in fact been conducting a human challenge study — but our guinea pigs never volunteered. It is we, the whole British population, who have been used for the past four months to test the hypothesis that face masks don’t work. Now we’re to be used to test the hypothesis that they do. Sadly, however, there is no ‘control’ population against which to compare results. This is neither good ethics, nor good science.” (paywalled link)

Just so: we’re the guinea pigs in this nationwide ‘scientific experiment’. Regarding ‘control’ in the sense of ‘enforcing compliance’: when the big retailers and grocery supermarkets say that their shop assistants would not ‘police’ the mask-wearing and when at least one police force is already on record saying they refuse to get involved, then who will exert that ‘control’? Local tinpot dictators? A self-appointed ‘civic mask police’, like those who tried to shame everybody in their street into coming out to clap for ‘Our NHS’?

I suggest that today’s and the weekend’s experience will demonstrate if the great British public is willing to comply with unreasonable government edicts. It’ll be used by government, ruled by SAGE, to find out if we can be made to submit to an enforced CV-19 vaccination. Just see this morning’s broadsheets, telling us how wonderful our government and ‘Our NHS’ are – they are going to offer ‘free flu jabs’ to everybody over 50 and to all health workers:

“Everyone over 50 will be offered flu jabs by the NHS this winter as health chiefs aim to vaccinate about half the population. The health service wants to reach 30 million people in England from September, twice as many as usual, to help prevent hospitals buckling under a combined surge of flu and Covid-19. Year 7 pupils and the families of people who have been shielding will be among the new groups to receive the jab. All NHS staff will be expected to be vaccinated to protect patients, but there are no plans to make this compulsory.” (link, paywalled)

Don’t get lulled into a false sense of security by that last sentence! It only means that there are no plans ‘as of yet’, to make vaccination compulsory. The DT has a similar article, using the same photo of a grinning Johnson and a nurse, neither of whom are wearing a face mask or gloves. It couldn’t be more obvious that this whole thing is a Government PR exercise. But see this:

“The Government has been quietly stockpiling tons of flu vaccine to ensure there will not be a shortage when the winter flu season arrives. Ministers are concerned that if the infection rate of coronavirus goes back up in the winter months the NHS will struggle to cope because it would simultaneously be dealing with Covid-19 and a seasonal flu outbreak, which can kill nearly 30,000 people in a bad year.” (paywalled link)

Ah – so seasonal flu ‘can kill’ people? Who knew! Obviously we’ve forgotten the seasonal reports of an NHS ‘overwhelmed’ with flu patients, lying in corridors: did we have a Lockdown then? I don’t seem to remember … and I somehow cannot for the life of me recall if we were told to wear face nappies then. Reading between the lines, this is a gentle preparation for a Winter Lockdown – if we’re not doing as we’re told.

The respectable Royal Pharmacological Society has made available reports which made me go ‘hm’. For example, see this from an article published in their online journal on June 15th 2020:

“The government’s scientific panel that is advising ministers on the COVID-19 pandemic has recommended the government considers vaccinating “the entire UK population” against flu during the 2020/2021 season. Meeting minutes for the Scientific Advisory Group for Emergencies (SAGE) said it advised the government on 30 April 2020 over “the need for more comprehensive availability and deployment of the seasonal flu vaccine this coming winter”.” (link)

SAGE ‘advised’ vaccinating ‘the entire UK population’ against seasonal flu – because of CV-19? In April already?  Isn’t this, somehow, like creating ‘herd immunity’, that dirty thing? They must know that creating an effective flu vaccine is unpredictable because the flu virus evolves and mutates so quickly. There are hosts of professional articles on that, there is sufficient evidence that being vaccinated against one strain which doctors had determined in the summer was going to be the ‘bad’ one doesn’t confer immunity to another strain, deemed to be unimportant, which suddenly swamps the population. Consider this report on last season’s flu vaccine, from an US professional medical publication:

“The influenza vaccine was 39% effective against medically attended influenza for the 2019-2020 flu season; it offered lower protection against A/H1N1pmd09 virus 31%) compared with previous seasons but was 44% effective against B/Victoria virus, according to information presented June 24 at a meeting of the Advisory Committee on Immunization Practices (ACIP), Centers for Disease Control and Prevention (CDC).” (link)

Is it fair to assume that, even in the best-case scenario with the whole of the UK’s population having been vaccinated, over half of them would still catch the flu? And is it fair to ask if SAGE and the rest of those advisers envisage the whole UK population being vaccinated on an annual basis, regardless of efficacy and health considerations (side effects)?

However, while that CV-19 vaccine is still being developed, there’s a rather sinister proposal. The following quote comes from another paper published by the Royal Pharmacological Society:

“The government is exploring the possibility of co-administering the flu vaccination with a COVID-19 vaccine during the 2020/2021 flu season, draft minutes from the Joint Committee on Vaccination and Immunisation (JCVI) have revealed. The minutes also show that the Department of Health and Social Care (DHSC) considered products not currently licensed in the UK when looking to procure extra vaccine supplies for the 2020/2021 flu season.” (link)

If this isn’t sufficiently worrying, there’s more:

“Providing the COVID-19 vaccine is ready in time, and so long as the two vaccine types are able to be co-administered safely and without loss of efficacy — and this can only be known after some studies/pilots are done — then to offer the two jabs together at the same time would create many efficiencies to the programmes,” said Rekha Shah, chief executive officer of Kensington Chelsea & Westminster Local Pharmaceutical Committee and Pharmacy London lead for vaccinations.” (link)

Ah – but are there such pilot studies? And hasn’t the Oxford group developing the vaccine not yet been able to test their vaccine ‘in the wild’, to see if it confers immunisation? Will those people who are taking government and NHS pronunciations at face value line up for a flu jab where they don’t know what’s actually in it? Are they fine with participating, involuntarily and unbeknownst to them,  in an open-air human trial? It’s not been done for masks, as Matthew Parris observed (see above) – but surely government and ‘Our NHS’ will tell us what all will be in that flu jab they want us to take, won’t they?

I don’t even dare to ask how GPs and ‘Our NHS’ will be able to distinguish between immunised people falling ill with the flu regardless and those falling ill with CV-19 when both are in the same vaccine cocktail. After all, the Oxford Group said the side effects they observed were ‘flu-like’ symptoms even though they looked suspiciously like CV-19 symptoms to me.

And that’s why I think today, ‘Muzzle Friday’, isn’t really about containing CV-19 but about testing if and how much we, the live guinea pigs, will comply with government edicts. After all, we’re surely sufficiently brainwashed by ‘Our MSM’s’ fear & hysteria campaigns by now, and will do as we’re told, aren’t we!

I leave you with news that Heathrow and other British and international airports are packed with what surely must be ‘CV-19-deniers’, some not wearing face masks or even observing that social-distancing rule (link, paywalled). How can they! But then again, nothing must impede the ‘great summer get-away’ from our waterlogged isles. 

As for the Johnson EU cave-in: I’ll look at that tomorrow. Meanwhile, stay vigilant and 




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