“Singapore-on-Thames” …?


It is always gratifying when events in the real world smash propaganda slogans to smithereens. Who doesn’t remember the various Project Fear scenarios promoted by ‘Institutions’ whose leaders and CEOs were all Remainers par excellence! This applies especially to such entities as the IMF, then led by a certain Madame Lagarde, the Bank of England – then led by a certain Mark Carney who is now going to be the UN’s special envoy for “Climate Action and Finance” (here), the CBI (very quiet at the moment …) and a whole host of ‘Industry Leaders’.

Now, with new directors at their helms, suddenly Brexit is actually going to be a success for the UK. There’s the report by the new IMF director which states that

“The UK economy will outpace the struggling eurozone in the first two years after Brexit, the International Monetary Fund (IMF) has predicted for the first time. Britain also outpaced the monetary union in 2019, giving it three straight years of faster growth, according to the IMF’s latest forecasts. The fund slashed growth across the eurozone, warning that a weaker German recovery and a slowdown in Spain will weigh on the region’s economy this year.” (paywalled link)

Note the little phrase “for the first time” in that quote. During the Remain warfare, data like these were not for public consumption! It could’ve encouraged Leavers in their pigheadedness to actually wanting to Leave. 

Next there’s this report which was published for that Davos get-together. We read with astonishment (not!) that:

“Chief executives are preparing a wave of investment in Britain as the country becomes seen as an increasingly stable place to do business in a world beset by political and economic turmoil. […] The UK holds fourth place jointly with India and Australia. It ranks ahead of France and Japan, indicating the economy is once more punching above its weight after a spell of nervousness following the Brexit referendum in 2016.” (paywalled link)

As we seasoned Leavers, we historians of the shrill Remain Propaganda by vested interests here in the UK know full well, this ‘spell of nervousness’ was entirely self-inflicted. Still, it is gratifying to read the following:

“Britain is now as attractive as it was in 2015, before an EU referendum was on the cards. Kevin Ellis, chairman of PwC UK, said: “The findings provide timely perspective on the UK’s standing as a place to invest and do business. Viewed against the turbulent global backdrop, the UK is a beacon of relative stability. You can’t replicate natural advantages like our timezone and location between the US, Asia and the rest of Europe, but more than that the UK is a fair and trusted place to do business. Developing infrastructure and skills will enhance the UK’s position, and ensure its increased popularity among CEOs translates to more inbound business and investment. Likewise, maintaining an open economy and our deep connections with trading nations will be crucial.” (paywalled link)

Does anyone believe that the actual, real ‘business climate’ in the UK has changed in the handful of months since Johnson became PM, or in the handful of weeks since he won the GE? I suggest with all due respect that this was always the case but the Remain cabal wanted it to be different and did their utmost to denigrate our economy post-Brexit.

Our friends at facts4eu have published a report on the news that over 1,000 Banking and Financial Services have applied to open offices in the UK so they can operate here after Brexit. They also have a lovely graph documenting UK growth according to the IMF forecast we mentioned above – see here.

I am not an economist and think that the old saying – ‘economists were invented to make weather forecasters look good’ – is as close to the truth as you can get because there are always unpredictable ‘events’ which can and will upset economic apple carts, that latest ‘China Virus’ perhaps being one such event.

One does however not need to be an economist to predict that Brussels, in possession of those data mentioned above, will do their utmost to overturn them. It therefore comes as no surprise that the DT’s Peter Foster – Remain with knobs on and, as former EU correspondent, with a huge portfolio of  EU sources – has come up with this report:

“The European Union is preparing to offer the UK a trade deal on tougher terms than its deals with Canada, Japan and a host of other leading trade partners, the Telegraph has learned. In what will be seen by industry as an unusually harsh move, the European Commission has warned EU member states that it would be a mistake to allow some UK industry bodies to be allowed to certify that goods conform to EU standards.” (paywalled link)

It is all about creating that famous ‘level playing field’ which Madame Merkel wants. It’s about preventing the UK, post-Brexit, to have any competitive advantage. This is how Brussels aims to do it:

“The so-called Mutual Recognition Agreements (MRAs) are granted to other key EU trade partners to facilitate the smooth movement of goods in key sectors, but could be withheld from the UK if it only seeks a basic trade deal. The uncompromising European Commission stance surprised even some EU members states when they met on January 10 to discuss future goods trade with the UK, according to an account of the meeting obtained by The Telegraph. Two senior EU sources separately confirmed the European Commission’s approach, which risks hitting the medicine and car industries hardest.” (paywalled link)

Amazing! I seem to vaguely remember reports before Christmas that Germany’s car industry is in the doldrums and that there was a shortage of medicines in Germany because of lack of imports from the UK. Thus It makes total sense for Brussels to try and tighten those screws for UK imports to the EU, doesn’t it! This next quote – Mr Foster’s ‘sources’ really dropping the mask – demonstrates the insane reasoning of the EU:

“An EU diplomatic source confirmed that the EU position was motivated by a desire to avoid anything that might enable the UK to retain easy access to the EU’s single market while being free to diverge and seek competitive advantages. “Why would we rush into providing the UK a competitive edge to have the UK as an authorised testing lab on our shores?” added the source, noting that if the UK shifted towards a closer relationship, then agreeing MRAs might still be possible.” (paywalled link)

It’s inconceivable in Brussels that we’d not want ‘a closer relationship’! That’s why they have already got their list of punishments sorted (see yesterday’s column). There is however one intriguing aspect to this EU insistence on ‘no divergence’ which Jake Pugh, MEP for TBP, points out in the DT:

“In many key areas of environmental and social laws and industry regulation, the UK has higher standards than the EU. […] The simple truth is that the UK gold plates certain EU regulations, adheres to higher standards, achieves higher growth and delivers lower unemployment. Aligning with UK standards and growth levels is nigh on impossible for the EU without major supply side reforms.” (paywalled link)

Mr Pugh MEP concludes his article with these observations which I hope will be read by our government negotiators:

“The misplaced negotiating strategy of the EU is based upon the successful negotiation of the Withdrawal Agreement – namely, control the process, control the outcome. This is why they are focused on agreeing the negotiating mandate with the 27 member states and then defining the sequencing. But they’re in denial. […] Where the EU wishes the UK to align and can persuade us of the business case, we should consider it. But any sectoral agreement to align must be conditional on the return of the UK’s £7bn of retained profits at the European Investment Bank and the UK receiving full indemnity from any future Eurozone fracture.” (paywalled link)

And finally: the vermin in ermine have added two more amendments to Johnson’s Bill, demonstrating again not only their full Remain credentials but also polishing their ‘virtue’ by demanding the UK take in unaccompanied child refugees’. The Bill will come back to the HoC today where the government expects to overturn them all, thanks to their majority (link). 

As there’s also PMQ it looks as if I’ll have to spend today watching the predictable opposition peacocking … ah well, that’s what is meant by



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