It’s again time to be afraid, very afraid …


Today people are going to the polls in the Tiverton and Wakefield by-elections whose outcome might damage the PM irretrievably. Since the MSM dutifully observe the political purdah on election days there is not one word in the papers. There’s the second rail strike today but references to that are oblique. ‘More pay for all’ is the cry and the proposal or ‘Sunak’s plan’ to remove the triple lock on pensions is the cudgel being used by the MSM. Well – by some of them. Others are screaming on their front pages that ‘polio is back’ and that parents must get their kids jabbed. You’ll find this morning’s collection of headlines at the usual place (link).

Starting with polio first: it is a devastating disease. Some of us can remember tragic images of people in iron lungs breathing for them. Then a vaccine was discovered which was taken on a cube of sugar. Now there’s a jab for it. Here’s the interesting bit about this return of polio (my emphasis):

“The virus was detected at the Beckton sewage treatment works, which covers a population of four million in north and east London. Signs of it were first found in February. Now an investigation is searching for the source of the outbreak, so the area can be targeted with a vaccination drive. Anyone found to be infected might be asked to isolate.”(link)

I’m actually outraged: this virus was found ‘in February’ and we only read about it now? How is that possible? Let’s draw our own conclusions as to why our MSM didn’t scream this discovery from the rooftops in February and why they weren’t interested in February, March, April … Methinks that another reason why we’re told only now is this one:

“The UK Health Security Agency believes a traveller, possibly from Pakistan, Afghanistan or Nigeria, shed the virus in their faeces after being given a live oral polio vaccine during an outbreak.It is likely they then infected relatives by failing to wash their hands properly and contaminating food and drink. Officials are looking at the possibility that just one family – or an extended family – may be affected.” (link)

That’s awkward, isn’t it, having to mention ‘travellers’ from Pakistan Nigeria and even Afghanistan as possible source! It would be racist, correct? At least the word ‘immigrant’ hasn’t been used, although I do wonder who those alleged Afghans are who can afford to travel to London. And then we get to the actual reason for those fear reports:

“However, the NHS is starting up a major drive to ensure routine vaccinations are being taken up after the Covid-19 pandemic caused a lull in appointments.” (link)

It’s outrageous that the NHS and by extension the MSM are surreptitiously blaming parents for this ‘lull in vaccination appointments’ caused by covid. Lockdowns, no GP appointments for no-one: for the NHS this isn’t a valid reason, nor is mentioning the possible source of this disease.

I’d be interested to know if the NHS is now checking all of the ‘arrivals’ coming across the Channel for polio. After all, do we natives not deserve to know if more such cases are spreading across the country when we do know that yon ‘arrivals’ are being distributed around our towns and cities?

Will the NHS vaccinate them, to make sure that all of us are protected? After all, we’ve ‘learned’ that vaccination helps against covid, haven’t we, and that everybody must have the jab. Polio is indisputably a far worse illness, so will we see another vaccination campaign, bridging the gap to autumn when we’ll have to get the next flu jab? Won’t that cost money?

And so to the rail strike, inflation and money. The Mirror is incandescent about the government’s remarks that pay rises ought to be kept below the rate of inflation, with a beautiful diatribe against ‘fat cat’ bosses (link). Someone tell them that they’re on the wrong train. The real enemy who must be kept down are the pensioners – not because they’ve been marching on Whitehall and Downing Street, Zimmer frames aloft, but because someone in the Treasury leaked a plan, a proposal, to remove the triple lock from state pensions.

When this plan was leaked on Tuesday, right on time for that first rail strike, we were told this hadn’t been decided and was going to be debated in cabinet. Of course, this was water on the mills of trade unions demanding pay rises, now! Sunak, quoted by the FT, explains why raising pensions isn’t inflationary:

“Sunak said paying pensioners an increase of about 10 per cent next April, after the government reinstated its triple-lock guarantee, was less inflationary than accepting such wage demands even though both add to demand and spending in the economy. “The slight difference with pensions is pensions are not an input cost into the cost of producing goods and services we all consume so they don’t add to inflation in the same way,” he said.” (link, paywalled)

That’s an interesting explanation. In the FT’s sister paper we read that the PM is making a stand, refusing to allow pay rises in the public sector above 3%, the sum budgeted for in last year’s Autumn Budget: “Downing Street argued yesterday that it would be “reckless” to raise public sector pay in line with inflation.”(link, paywalled). This is giving a hostage to the future because, as sure as God made little apples, BJ will cave in to the union’s demands, not least because the first of what will be many articles lashing out at pensioners has already appeared. It is unmitigated ‘bash the rich pensioners’ propaganda:

“Thanks to the triple-lock, they’re getting a raise. 10% or more, actually, in line with inflation. As always, the main thing to remember is that the purpose of a system is what it does: In Britain the system drains the young of time and money in order to fund a dominant pensioner voting bloc. So, faced with a crumbling economy, British politicians will turn the screws on workers to make sure that older voters don’t have to downsize their home.” (link

It’s the old slogan of ‘up with the workers and down with the ‘rich’ in their own homes’ because those pensioners are all Tory voters and need to be squashed. There’s more – pure propaganda of envy, cloaked in ‘concern for the young’:

“It’s easy to become inured to just how much Britain hates its young people. Young graduates will face marginal tax rates of 50% from next year. Young people live in crowded houseshares while satisfied Boomers block the construction of new homes. Our birth rate remains chronically low because young people who want to start families can’t afford them. Now, after locking them in their homes for two years to halt the spread of a disease which barely affected them, British politicians are once again turning round to mug the young to pay the old.” (link

I’m crying already … ‘Tis odd though, isn’t it, that so many of our ‘diverse’ people manage to have children galore. But when it’s about ‘cry for the poor yoof’ and bash the old, anything can be used. Isn’t ageism also a hate crime?

This same ‘poor yoof’ has sufficient funds to attend Glastonbury which opens ‘for the first time in three years’ (link, paywalled) as ‘thunderstorms and rain threaten’ (link): just in time for this festival where rain and mud galore are obligatory.

We’ll see if, as I read somewhere yesterday, Mr ‘e will make a ‘virtual appearance’. Will the crowd sing as they did for Corbyn three years ago? I’m sure ’reporters’ for the DT will let us know! After all, that paper has reverted to blatant warmongering, with five articles today on “that war”, not counting the opinion piece by Mr Coughlin who writes that “we” must be prepared to go to war with Russia (paywalled link, if you really must …).

And finally: Dominic Raab introduced his ‘Bill of Rights’ in the HoC  yesterday. The Times sniffs that this Bill ‘will cost the taxpayer more’ (link, paywalled). I suspect that this ‘argument’ will have more power to defeat yon Bill than any considerations about getting out from under decisions in the European Court of Human Rights.

‘Tis the age-old story we remember from the Bible, of Esau selling his rights for a bowl of potage. Plus ça change, isn’t it … 

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