Showing how to treat ‘Covid News’ in ‘Our MSM’


It’s time to start laughing – at ‘Our MSM’ and their ‘science and health’ editors and at their ‘political’ writers who are suffering as much with Post-Covid Madness as the Government and especially Johnson and Hancock. They all need to be ridiculed – and today’s news items provide ample munition for that.

The main news item in this morning’s papers was obviously Sunak’s ‘Winter Plan’, to get the post-covid economy going. Equally obviously, there were the first callers from Tory backbenchers to have Sunak replace Johnson, taken up by some authors, e.g. the suddenly starry-eyed Ms Alexandra Phillips, formerly an MEP of TBP, writing in the DT (paywalled link). 

The outcries from the usual suspects, that Sunak’s ‘gifts’ aren’t sufficient and that he ought to give more to ‘workers’ or ‘businesses’, immediately found their way into this morning’s papers. It’s as if the Westminster Cabal cannot help themselves but display their mindset which is more akin to spoiled brats than adults faced with a real crisis. They seem to believe in the magic money trees hidden in the garden of the Treasury. They seem to think it’s terribly uncouth to ask how and by whom all these Rishi-riches are going to be paid for. They don’t notice how ridiculous they have become.

In other ‘news’, Hancock unveiled that wonderful NHS app which we all must download, as our civic duty. So here are some ‘news’ which come under “who’da thunk”, e.g.:

“Millions of people with smartphones will be unable to use the government’s new coronavirus tracing app because their devices are too old. The government believes that about 13 per cent of smartphone owners in England and Wales will have non-compatible technology. […] Caroline Abrahams, charity director at Age UK, said: “Only 53 per cent of over-65s use a smartphone . . . significantly more older people are likely to miss out because only a smartphone with a fairly recent operating system works and by no means all older smartphone users own the latest tech.” (link, paywalled)

Oh dear oh dear oh dear – who could’ve predicted that! Doesn’t the government have data about how many people have or don’t have smartphones? However, given that most of the illegals flooding in across the Channel seem to have smartphones, perhaps this tracing app will allow government to ‘trace’ and then ‘test’ them, in a sort-of ‘every cloud – silver lining’ attitude.

Another news item, coming under that same category and with the ‘subtitle’: “who could’ve predicted this” is even more disturbing for the lockdown fanatics:

“Only 18 per cent of people with Covid-19 symptoms are self-isolating, according to an official survey that questions the basis of a test and trace system that has now cost £12 billion. Only 11 per cent obey when asked by contact tracers to stay at home, research found, leading to calls for more financial support for those told to isolate for two weeks. […] While more testing is being carried out than in spring, Yvonne Doyle of Public Health England said the figures were “a stark warning. We must all follow the new measures that have been bought in to help control the virus.” (link, paywalled)

Note the discrepancy in numbers between those who self-isolate and those who ‘disobey’ the contact tracers’ – this is presumably due to people self-isolating (or not) when coming back from their holidays in covid-ridden hotspots. But also note the desperate appeal by that PHE lady!

Far more interesting though is that we’re told how much this whole thing costs – we must be a very ungrateful bunch for not obeying when government is spending so much of our money on this shiny bauble! I wonder how long Rishi is going to shell out for this. They do cost-benefit analyses at the Treasury, don’t they? Oh wait – there’s HS2 … 

It seem though that our disobedience isn’t really our fault – we’re just ignorant plebs:

“Fewer than half of people can correctly identify the symptoms of coronavirus, a proportion that has not improved over time and fell slightly when loss of the sense of taste or smell was added to a new continuous cough or a fever. “(link, paywalled)

Perhaps we peasants are simply not hypochondriacs, checking every hour if that sniffle, that cough, could be the dreaded killer virus? Perhaps it’s only a certain set of people – those living in Audi Avenue – who worry thus? Perhaps Sunak should hand out more money to ‘educate’ us? Or for moar tests?

In a sweet little article in The Times we read that tests are unreliable – not because of the false-positives which have been talked and written about by eminent scientists not on SAGE, but because there were false negatives. Who’da thunk! It’s as if this were a totally unknown phenomenon, never observed before:

“One in 16 suspected coronavirus patients was wrongly given the all-clear by the testing system used by government laboratories, The Times has learnt.” (link, paywalled)

This astonishing event came to light because rival firms in the jungle that is testing have started a court case – well, the contract is worth £1.5million over one year. No outrage by The Times that the firm who did the sloppy work but was given the contract is Belgian, not the British one who found those errors and started the court case.

Then there’s that fabulous vaccine which may be not so fabulous after all. Even the Whitty figure is suddenly back-pedalling:

“Government scientific advisers are braced for the first vaccine that gains regulatory approval to be only partially effective and are considering how to explain to the country the need for caution as it is introduced. […] Professor Chris Whitty, the chief medical officer for England, does believes that science will eventually “ride to the rescue” but early inoculations are unlikely to protect everyone and the virus will continue to circulate.” (link, paywalled)

I respectfully suggest those government scientists contact their tame ‘science’ writers in ‘Our MSM’ and tell them to dial back their fear&hysteria campaigns! However, being a suspicious and cynical old cow, I found this decidedly sinister:

“A jab that cuts the risk of people falling seriously ill would be a huge advance, reducing deaths in high-risk groups and lessening disruption to services such as cancer treatments.” (link, paywalled)

We’ve been told repeatedly in the last week that the rise in cases and therefore the new lockdown restrictions are all our fault because “we” are disobedient, not following ‘Teh Rulz’, nor testing&tracing or self-isolating properly. ‘High-risk group’ though means ‘the elderly’. They can easily be frightened. They still have a conscience and sense of duty. So I bet the next government slogan will be addressed to them: “become guinea pigs for the new vaccine – you’ve had your innings, time to die ‘for the cause’, especially since this’ll protect ‘Our Holy Cow’ and will allow cancer treatments to pick up”. That however is no laughing matter.

And what are other ‘hotspot’ countries doing? LockdownSceptics in this morning’s newsletter reports that Belgium is ‘easing restrictions’ despite case numbers rising, and that they are moreover doing this:

“Belgium has abandoned the PCR test because it’s too unreliable. From now on, decisions about whether to tighten or relax restrictions will be based on hospitalisations.” (link)

Ah! Is Post-Covid Madness loosening its grip on Belgians? Remember – it’s a Belgian firm running our ‘tests’ … But there’s more, again reported in LockdownSceptics. This comes under ‘you couldn’t make it up’:

“A reader has written to say that a family member who is part of a Scottish engineering firm noticed yesterday on the website for Public Contracts Scotland that a tender had gone out and contractors found for the dismantling of Glasgow’s Nightingale Hospital. Is there any clearer sign of the incoherence, if not outright mendacity, of the Government’s strategy, that it will increase restrictions while clearly having no expectation of hospitals being overwhelmed.” (link)

Well well well! Of course, since the intrepid Covid reporters manning and womanning ‘Our MSM’ haven’t reported this, it cannot be true. Nicola would never do such a thing, would she! 

I leave you with two hilarious news items. Firstly, there’s a report in the DT under the absolutely stunning headline: “New coronavirus mutation could be evolving to get around mask-wearing and hand-washing” (paywalled link). Yes, they seriously published this! The image of ‘Teh Virus’ dodging masks is too deliciously ridiculous.

This is a write-up of a US paper, showing that the author, calling herself ‘US Editor’ is as scientifically illiterate as Hancock. This is the ‘summary’:

“Covid-19 may have become more contagious as it has mutated, the largest genetic study carried out in the US into the virus has suggested, as scientists warn it could be adapting to interventions such as mask-wearing and social distancing. […] Their paper, published on Wednesday by preprint server MedRxiv, however, did not find that it was more deadly.” (paywalled link)

Early comment posters for that article had a field day, pointing out the incredible feats that virus must be capable of, from telling the time – only attacking after 10pm – to attacking muzzle wearers and circumventing hand sanitisers. Then the muzzle acolytes waded in, their posts sounding truly desperate.

Here is the other news item, and yes, you couldn’t make it up either. The PM demonstrated again that he’s truly lost the plot. This quote comes from our friends at Tallbloke’s Talkshop:

“Prime Minister Boris Johnson says he wants to make a “big bet” on renewables, turning the UK into the “Saudi Arabia” of wind power, reports BBC News. Speaking via video link to a climate roundtable discussion at the UN in New York, Mr Johnson said the country held “extraordinary potential for wind”.” (link)

Yes, let’s turn our country into a northern desert, plastering it with wind turbines everywhere! Do we need more signs that Post-Covid Madness has the PM firmly in its grip?

There are days when I think that even Rishi, thoroughly domesticated by his Treasury Mandarins as he is, cannot be as bad for our country as this mad PM. Time to paraphrase Henry II outcry again: Will no-one rid us of this troublesome PM?





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