Today is Good Friday. Not that this matters in our secular society where for decades the ‘great and good’ have demanded that ‘religion’, i,e. Christianity, not be rammed down their throats. At the same time anything islamic was simply brushed aside uncritically because: “diversity”, and was not to be criticised. Now that the CofE has gone woke and has submitted to covid ‘laws’, depriving their dwindling flock from attending traditional church services, the “cultural elite” inside the M25 doesn’t need to bother any longer. The only strange thing is that we’ve heard some of them now bemoan the fact that undermining the heritage of Christianity in Western countries is turning out not to be the ‘good thing’ they’ve proclaimed it to be. 

Too late now – and anwyay “we” have to care about racism and sex because Britain apaprently is one giant cauldron of sex and racism where nobody thinks of anything else. Predictably the inquiry set up by the government after last year’s ‘BLM’ riots found that actually, ‘institutional racism isn’t an issue thanks to the many laws and regulations already in place, has been condemned by the usual crop of ‘rent-an-antiracist’ academics and labour supporters. It’s as if investigations into race relations must have one outcome only – the condemnation of Britain. Mentioning that those critics all have melanin-enriched skin tones is surely racist. The funny thing is that the members of this inquiry are also blessed with these skin tones, showing that it’s not race which determines how one thinks but lefty politics.

Next, there’s more bad news for us peasants. So many of you reading here, like so many ordinary people in this country, have sent in your observations, thoughts and criticisms to the government web page regarding ‘vaccine passports’. Clearly, this was an exercise in futility, an exercise to keep us plebs quiet while making us ‘feel good’ because BJ’s government is listening to us. We could’ve saved ourselves time and effort: Gove and BJ are going to force that ‘passport’ down our throats. After all, ‘multiple government agencies’ have been working hard to develop such ‘passports’ – you don’t want that work to have been in vain, do you! See this:

“New details of around a dozen pilot schemes for safely opening large events will be announced in the coming days, with plans to trial Covid certification checks. The FA Cup final, an FA Cup semi-final, the League Cup final and the World Snooker Championship are taking part, with the Brit Awards also in discussions. People going to the events will be asked to take a Covid test to gain entry and another after attendance so that any spreading of the virus can be monitored. Government scientists are closely involved in designing the pilots and will watch everything from crowd flows to ventilation systems to learn lessons about running large events. Multiple government sources involved in the planning told The Telegraph it was hoped that Covid passports – producing a certificate showing your virus status – will feature in some pilots.” (paywalled link)

See – it’s all in aid of ‘science’ and you surely won’t begrudge those’ expert scientists’ the opportunity to find out how to combat covid! After all, you do want a little piece of freedom back, so why not get tested and tested, with all quarantine consequences still in place. And if you’ve had the jab already – why not let ‘the authorities’ know? It doesn’t hurt, does it, and the tech giants have all our data already anyway. Let me make just one tiny point in the margin here: the tech giants aren’t forbidding me going to the parks or pubs or even just hugging my granddaughter, do they! No – that would be the unspeakable covid government which again admonishes us not to hug our already vaccinated grandparents.

The pub trade has already written to BJ that demanding pub landlords to check every single pub goer, demanding name and address or the ubiquitous smartphone scan will be the final death knell to pubs (link). Have they still not noticed that breaking our pub culture where people can freely congregate, talk and criticise government is the actual aim of this exercise? Allegedly some ‘Tory rebels’ will vote against such covid passports. They’re the usual suspects (link). Have they still not understood that there’s only one way to prevent this attack on our liberties, namely getting rid of BJ and his covid politburo? 

Meanwhile, this covid-obsessed, SAGE-driven cabinet, fiddling with ever more reasons not to rescind the lockdown restrictions, has taken their collective eyes of the EU ball. See for example this report:

“French fishermen have been accused of “decimating” the Jersey coastline as they increase dredging before the post-Brexit amnesty ends at the end of this month. French boats spotted off the island’s coast this week are destroying the seabed with unsustainable “industrial fishing methods”, according to Don Thompson, president of the Jersey Fishermen’s Association. Thompson said that the boats, some of which were 65ft long, were taking tonnes of scallops off the seabed.” (link, paywalled)

Well, what with all this covid stuff how could our poor government have been able to prevent this! After all, they can’t even prevent those poor ‘refugee’ migrants from crossing the Channel! But where are the green environmentalists? Drunk on making this country ‘CO2 Free’, that’s were! Thus they have no time left to protest about this:

“The heavy gear used by those big powerful boats just wrecks the ground, there’s no two ways about it,” he said. “That’s industrial fishing and it’s unsustainable fishing. Those are the scallop stocks that our fishermen will rely on for the future and they are being absolutely decimated.” (link, paywalled)

Better to worry about cows belching greenhouse gases, blaming us peasants for wanting to eat meat and have milk, butter and cheese, right, Carrie? Then there’s the vaccine war kicked off by Brussels. Never mind that our intrepid Brussels correspondents have only now found out that the Dutch production site which was the trigger for the EU posturing was actually financed by  – us! Apparently our covid politburo didn’t see fit to mention this:

“UK taxpayers pumped £21million into fitting out a Dutch vaccine factory to make AstraZeneca jabs before the EU threatened to ban their export from the continent. Health Secretary Matt Hancock approved the multi-million pound investment in the Halix factory in Leiden with the guarantee that doses would be sent to the UK. Initially, it was hoped that Brussels and London could split the jabs produced. But a senior EU official has threatened to block all AstraZeneca supplies from entering Britain until the drugmaker ups its deliveries to the bloc – putting the factory at the centre of the row.” (link). 

Thank you, Hancock et al! “Saving us” from covid is more important than dealing with Brussels. Do we need more proof that this covid cabinet is useless? That it has been and still is disregarding events which are detrimental to our country, to our lives, events which aren’t driven by their covid obsession?

I leave you with an extraordinary statement by Whitty. He is apparently rowing back publicly from earlier gloom & doom ‘covid forever’ statements in a typical ‘give with one hand and take away with the other’, saying that:

“Lockdowns are unlikely to be needed again as Britain learns to treat coronavirus like flu, Prof Chris Whitty has said. The chief medical officer said that up to 25,000 people die in a bad flu year without anyone noticing and that accepting some Covid deaths would be the price of keeping schools and business open and allowing people to live a “whole life”. Prof Whitty, speaking on a Royal School of Medicine webinar, said the Government would only be forced to “pull the alarm cord” if a dangerous variant arrived, against which people had no immunity and which sparked exponential growth.” (paywalled link)

Now isn’t that just lovely! He’s actually comparing covid with the flu! Gasp! Is he now a lockdown denier? After all, those of us who’ve said so all along have been constantly denigrated for this comparison … Don’t get cocky though, he also said that:

“it was ‘absolutely certain’ a Covid strain will eventually emerge that will be able to infect vaccinated people, and could lead to a fresh surge in the virus if it is allowed to spread without restriction. He said this could send Britain ‘back to square one’.” (link)

Yes – it’s ‘no more lockdowns’ until it’s back to ‘we need another lockdown’. Don’t ask who decides: it can only be SAGE, driving BJ’s covid politburo. They are so firmly ensconced in their plushy ivory towers that this report, on why lockdowns don’t work, published in Lockdown Sceptics, can clearly not have impinged on their consciousness. 

I leave you with ‘news’ that more than a million people now ‘have long covid’, according to an investigation by the ONS. These are self-reported cases, and here’s one of the findings:

“The analysis found that health and social care workers experienced the highest rates of self-reported long Covid with around 3.6 per cent of healthcare workers and 3.1 per cent of those in social care. Women aged 35 to 69 self-reported the highest rates.” (link, paywalled)

There’s a cure though – money! The cross-party ‘covid’ group of MPs is demanding government compensation for those sufferers. I predict that in the next weeks we’ll find that there’ll be even more self-reported ‘long covid’ cases than could possibly be predicted. Funny that all those sufferers who’ve been living with this condition for two and three decades have been belittled, told to get on with it  because ‘it’s all in your mind’, have certainly not received one penny of ‘compensation’. 

Never mind – “we” are rich, we have Rishi’s money trees and “we” can all support more and more ‘covid initiatives’, from pub passports to lockdowns, provided we don’t rock the BJ&SAGE covid boat and just pay up. You know what to do!




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