Another dose of this will surely ‘eliminate’ Covid, right?


As the days get shorter and the nights get longer it seems the Nation will be made to sink into metaphorical gloom – the Covid gloom now set in scene by Johnson, Hancock and the Vallance-Whitty duo, a gloom also being driven by ‘our MSM’. 

The Sunday TV ‘shows’ were full of Hancock telling us that it’s all our fault for not having done as we’re told. ‘We’re ‘at a tipping point’, he told us (link, paywalled) – oddly enough at the same time that the DT, in their ‘Live Ticker’, reported that French hospital doctors were talking about ‘tipping points’. No-one asks why, how come, when masks have been mandatory in France, for much longer than here and with more draconian threats for non-compliance. That is inexplicable – unless you accept that it would disturb the ‘narrative’.

Equally forget about questions on the validity of those tests, never mind the validity of the data. There was an interesting case of ‘hiding’ an article on just that point. It happened in the DT, for which Prof Carl Henegan and Dr Tom Jefferson had written an article for their paywalled opinion pages. Now I’m no slouch when scanning the papers, especially the paywalled ones, but that article wasn’t there. I couldn’t even find it after being told it had been published. It was so well hidden that I only found it when someone handed round the paywalled link.

In it, Prof Henegan and Dr Jefferson ask why nobody involved with running those tests was aware that a return to school also means a return of the seasonal colds and sniffles to which kids are especially prone. These are also caused by viruses, some even corona viruses. Given that some schools closed down immediately when one (!) person, teacher or pupil, had tested positive, parents were clearly worried and demanded tests. Ah – but that was ‘a worry too far’, as Hancock told the nation last week: tests must now be ‘rationed’. 

Here’s another point about ‘test and trace’. Given that Hancock proposes those fines of £10,000 for those who’ve left their house a second time when they should’ve ‘quarantined’ themselves, why would anybody now chance taking a test? ‘Contacts’ have to be named and that ‘tracing app’ will tell them to stay at home as well, tested or not. Will people want to inflict such quarantine on their friends and colleagues? Must we now look forward to our smartphones telling us to quarantine ourselves because: “Covid contacts” – contacts of which we may not even have been aware? That gives a whole new meaning to ‘computer sez no’!

With the economy being in dire peril, job losses being on the cards from next month, has Hancock thought about the consequences? It’s not just that government is happy to promote a snitches’ charter – I wouldn’t put it past them to promise a ‘bonus’ to those who’ve successfully snitched on a ‘covid rule breaker’ – it’s clear that this is also a fine skivers’ charter. Rishi will be so pleased to have to hand out even more money to those quarantining themselves because their smartphones tell them to.

Then there were the first reports of people already starting to ‘panic-buy’, and of a run on supermarkets’ delivery slots. Better get yer loo paper now – you’ve surely run out of what you’ve bought six months ago!

What was truly scary was that pants-down Ferguson was given space in the Guardian (here) – where else! – to spread more of his gloom-and-doom model predictions. That was topped by Sir Bernard Jenkin MP in his ill thought out article yesterday where he told Johnson to call in the Army, to ‘take back control from his unaccountable advisers’ (paywalled link).

No, this wasn’t about the Army putting those advisers into Army Lockdown! It wasn’t even about the Army ‘helping’ the Police in their duty of chasing quarantine breakers – this was about letting the Army run the logistics of test-and-trace! Why not hand the whole thing over to the Generals already?

It seems MPs are as incapable of reading the scientific case against the Covid- and Test- hysteria as the ‘government advisers’. Obviously, we cannot expect them to read LockdownSceptics – that is, after all, ‘only’ a blog. But surely, reading the Spectator now and then – surely not a hive of conspiracy theorists? – ought not to have been beyond them. There, Prof Henegan and others have repeatedly made the case that these tests are not an indicator for current infections.

It is obvious, isn’t it, that this is no longer about ‘government’, following ‘Teh Science’ to ‘protect’ us. It can only be described as power-mad bureaucrats on a Covid-Powertrip,  trying to show us peasants that they have the might to crack the whip over us. Here’s a hint of who they are – ‘government scientific advisers’:

“Britain faces a further six months of “very difficult” lockdown restrictions, Downing Street has warned, as Boris Johnson prepares the country for fresh measures to combat the latest increase in infections. The government’s chief scientific and medical officers will tell the public today that Britain is “heading in the wrong direction” and that we are at a “critical point in the pandemic.” […] Mr Johnson has been told by the government’s scientific advisers that at their best estimate an effective vaccine or treatment for Covid will not be available until the spring, meaning that any new measures could have to last up to six months” (link, paywalled)

Six more months of ‘Post-New Normal’, is it? How … exciting! Rounding up this gloomy Monday morning, there’s an extraordinary article in the DT – by their “Global Health Security Editor”, Paul Nuki. He baldly starts with saying the virus is now growing exponentially – with not a shred of proof, disregarding that this so-called ‘exponential growth’ shibboleth has already been refuted by Nobel Prize scientists and by the actual data. The he states:

“The accelerating trend makes it all but inevitable that the country will once again be overwhelmed within a month or so unless the circuit of transmission can be broken.” (paywalled link)

Oh dear! Does he mean ‘Our NCS’? That’s not a typo – some comment posters have started calling ‘Our Sacred Cow’ the National Covid Service’, and rightly so. Do have a quick look (scroll down) at this morning’s newsletter by LockdownScetics (here) where a senior NHS nurse describes the situation in his hospital.

Back to Mr Nuki, who next states badly, with no further explanation, that “A second mistake is to think that avoiding another lockdown is in the Prime Minister’s gift.” (paywalled link) – the first mistake being to demand we follow Sweden. In whose gift is it then? Hancocks? No – Mr Nuki seems to think “we” should hand it all over to Prof Whitty:

“I would leave it to Prof Whitty. Fair or otherwise (and I’ve no idea which) Sir Patrick is damaged goods. He is not a medical doctor, he allowed himself to be misunderstood on ‘herd immunity’ early on in the crisis and he has the faint whiff of the greasy pole about him. Prof Whitty, in contrast, is liked and trusted. He should address the nation directly and it should take the serious tenor of a formal public-service announcement.” (paywalled link)

Good grief! “We” apparently would accept scientific inanities, provided a ‘trusted scientist’ will spoon-feed them to us! Remind me – who elected Prof Whitty? Can we de-select him? In fairness, I must point out that this is Mr Nuki’s lone opinion, but as lockdowner he has some extraordinary advice for Prof Whitty:

“[He] should instead treat us as adults. He should focus not on rules to be learnt by rote (and which we can all pick holes in) but on educating the nation about the dynamics of viral transmission and relative risk.” (paywalled link)

Why Nuki doesn’t advise Johnson or indeed Hancock to treat us as adults is astonishing, but perhaps he’s right: who trusts Hancock to say anything sensible! Lastly, see Nuki’s concluding remarks – for unadulterated propaganda twaddle they are unsurpassed:

“Perhaps most important of all, Prof Whitty could reset expectations and the nation’s perspective. The virus – and the changes in our behaviour it necessitates – are likely to be with us for another year or more. But the choice is not between freedom or servitude, boom or bust. Many countries are getting through this pandemic without crisis or even much damage to their economies. That is because they have adapted and adjusted, with everyone pulling together to their bit. Prof Whitty needs to inspire Britain to buckle down and do the same.” (paywalled link)

Another year? Seriously? No evidence is given for that. However – if we just accept voluntarily and gracefully the ‘Whitty resets’ then there’s no need for getting upset about our loss of freedom, is there! We’re all in it together, and when the trusted Whitty explains it to us we’ll gladly accept another six or 12 or more months of Lockdown misery in one form or another, right?

 It won’t come as surprise that Mr Nuki omits to tell us which countries are getting ‘through this pandemic without crisis’. Mentioning Sweden is forbidden. Germany, as a look at German papers show, certainly isn’t ‘successful’. The two countries I can think of are New Zealand and China – perfect models for the Nukis of this world who believe that it’s possible to ‘eradicate’ the virus.

I leave you with a remark from the unsurpassed Sir John Redwood who, in an aside in his Diary today makes an important point generously overlooked by the ‘global health security science editors’ of ‘Our MSM’:

“If one country could do it [eliminate the virus] they would need very tough border controls to stop it coming back in from elsewhere.” (link)

Tough border controls? We should be so lucky … ! Meanwhile do as Nigel Farage said in his video yesterday: write to your MPs. They’ll not answer you, but a huge number of emails and letters on this one issue will certainly put the frighteners on them.




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