Stop rejoicing – covid mass vaccination is ‘jam tomorrow’ …


Today’s news are terrible – for BJ’s covid government, for the vaxers and ultimately for all of us. Yesterday it was all jubilation because “we” beat the world in giving approval to those vaccines and that we’ll be ‘first in line’. Today, this has turned into a squib that’s not just damp but wet. And then there’s the EU, there’s Brussels where bureaucrats and politicians are again indulging in last-second brinkmanship.

Let’s look at the EU shenanigans first. “Sources”, both in government here and in Brussels over there are pointing fingers at each other:

“Government sources said that Michel Barnier, the EU’s chief negotiator, had called for further concessions from Britain on post-Brexit subsidy rules at a meeting with Lord Frost yesterday afternoon. One […] source accused Paris of “agitating around EU capitals” as both sides closed in on a deal. The insider warned that with the two sides “still some way away” on fishing rights, the new demands had set back the talks by “at least 24 hours”. (link, paywalled)

Well, BJ will have another chat with Ms vdLeyen, so something surely can be worked out … or it might if there weren’t the wannabe Napoleon ‘destabilising’ these talks because details need to be re-negotiated.(paywalled link)

It’s all too tedious for words – but there’s one aspect which seems to have escaped our Brussels correspondents. As they focus on the manufactured drama of Barnier scuttling between London and Brussels, of BJ and vdL ‘chatting’, they don’t ask what Macron might want to achieve with this intervention. It seems to me that the question of fish is just a pretext. 

I believe Macron aims for a No Deal end for this charade. His EU ambassador has already dropped that point into the debate. We quoted him in yesterday’s column. Either our Brussels correspondents have already forgotten or they are incapable of connecting the dots themselves. Yesterday, our friends at facts4eu published a report (link) describing how the EU is trading on WTO terms with over two thirds of the world’s nations. 

This would support my assumption about finishing the talks with a ‘No Deal’. If Brussels can squeeze out a few concessions on the way then ‘tis even better. It is to be hoped that BJ will have his spine stiffened in his chat with Ms vdL not just by Frosty but by the points made by the inevitable Sir John Redwood in his Diary entry this morning (link). 

Now then – let’s look at the vaccination farce! It is a farce, a demonstration of how the whole covid set-up is a question of politics and political propaganda rather than our Nation’s health. And what do we read this morning about the vaccine, the fabulous solution for us all, the one item which must not be questioned, by nobody? The one item which will make us get back to ‘normal’, whatever that means nowadays?

Well, in the first place there won’t be enough of it to inoculate the key NHS staff! Now, only the old people in care homes and their carers will get it. Why? Because instead of the 10 million doses “we” were supposed to get, there will only be 800,000 for now. Something, as now usual in the covid nightmare, doesn’t add up:

“The first vaccines arrived in Britain on Thursday night. One million jabs were delivered to a secure Public Health England depot where they will undergo further checks before being delivered to 50 designated hospital hubs across the four nations. […] Chris Hopson, the chief executive of NHS Providers, said that an initial 800,000 doses “could be the only batch we receive for some time”. ” (paywalled link)

Astounding! Is this what is meant by ‘first in line’? Delving deeper, it seems the PHE excuse about ‘checks’ is in fact about hiding questions about distribution:

“The vaccine is difficult to get to care homes because it must be kept at around -103F (-75C) and comes in large batches of 975 shots which, under quality control regulations, cannot be broken up. There was further confusion on Thursday night as the NHS said it could not ship the vaccine to care homes until the Medicines and Healthcare products Regulatory Agency (MHRA) had authorised the splitting of batches. However, Scotland said that it had solved the splitting issue and would start sending out small batches to care homes from December 14.” (paywalled link)

Another nice cock-up by the ‘heroes’ of PHE – the entity which covered itself in glory over PPE and T & T (not!) – so it comes as no surprise to anyone when we read next that:

“The MHRA told The Telegraph that Scotland was correct and that approval was already in place to break up batches. However, NHS England insisted they must await full MHRA approval.” (paywalled link)

Crikey! Paper-shufflers win again! In fact, the vaccine announcement looks to have been a political charade, to boost BJ’s ‘standing’. There’s more: care homes still don’t know how and when their inmates will be vaccinated while NHS England has asked hospitals to tell them how many oldies they have in their clutches. For fluff’s sake: is this the digital age or do they still make only hand-written lists?

And while we’re told that ‘Our Sacred Cow’ will roll out the vaccine on Tuesday, there’s the gentle reminder, hidden at the end of this report, that people need to get the jab twice, so the fabulous ‘nearly one million’ doses will actually only suffice for 400,000 people.

The death blow for this whole scheme however is this:

“People who receive the coronavirus vaccine will not be exempted from self-isolation if they are contacted by NHS Test and Trace, […] Although the vaccine will give recipients immunity from the virus, scientists do not yet know whether it will stop them being carriers. Government sources said it was likely to be months before there was any prospect of the vaccine negating the need for self-isolation. It means that even if someone has been vaccinated, they will still have to remain at home for 14 days if they come into contact with someone who has the virus.” (paywalled link)

Why would any sane person get vaccinated in the first place if they’re treated like lepers, regardless? Scientists don’t know yet if the vaccinated are ‘carriers’, comparable to the ‘asymptomatics’ who, we ‘re told, could kill anyone they come in contact with. Perhaps that’s why government won’t issue a ‘covid vaccine passport’: it would be futile.

Btw – if you would like to know more about the vaccines and the MHRA’a approval: they’ve published their documents here. This is straight from the horse’s mouth, it’s not ‘antivax propaganda’. You’ll find that the question of virus transmission hasn’t been looked at – how could they, given they’ve only been concerned with general safety, as far as it could be ascertained in this short time span. And no – it’ doesn’t give ‘immunity from the virus. Sorry about that.

The government’s covid insanity doesn’t stop there. There will be another attempt to make us rush to get the jab – are they even realising that this attempt is now pointless? Still, you can see the fine hand of the covid propaganda masters at play. They’re sending out the head of MHRA on a round of local radio stations, to reassure people because 

“The government believes that people are more likely to trust what they hear on local radio. It is also planning to target stations aimed at ethnic minority groups thought more likely to be concerned about vaccines.” (link, paywalled)

Words fail me! “We” don’t have the doses needed to give everybody the jab, “we” don’t have the infrastructure set up, vaccinated people will still have to go into quarantine – but let’s tell everybody to queue up for this stuff anyway. After all, “we” trust local radio stations! Meanwhile, the ‘solution’ is of course ‘moar tests’, with plans to have quarantined people test themselves daily. It’ll only cost another £100bn … (link)

There are no ‘sunny uplands’ to look forward to, even if “we” were to forget our concerns about the safety of the covid jab and just go and get it. We’ll still be under the arbitrary cosh of tiers and lockdowns. ‘Freedom at Easter’? Forget it – we can count ourselves lucky if we’ll have ‘Freedom at Christmas 2021’. Let’s not even think about how this will affect next year’s local elections. Will they be scrapped again?

I’ll leave you with two final ‘news’ items. One is about the economic devastation caused by Dripford and his pub-ban (link). It shows how this insanity is not only desroying pubs but the brewery industry:  the beer brewed for Christmas has had to be poured away. This example, from one brewer, is horrific: they had a turnover last December of £1.4m. This year they’ll be lucky if they achieve £50,000. Dripford must be so proud!

The other bit of news is about Hancock’s step-granddad. The DM has dug out the relevant information about this gentleman – have a look here. I’m speechless. But Hancock’s unspeakable, shroud-waving performance in the HoC, tearing up about the death of his step-grandfather, did work. It keept Tory MPs ‘on message’, to vote for the Tiers.

By now it surely must be clear that the covid scandal isn’t about our health – it’s about veiling an unprecedented power grab by politicians and faceless bureaucrats. Nothing is too shabby for them, nothing is too shabby for their willing helpers in the MSM. Still, and right to the bitter end, we’ll




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