‘All change’ at the BC! Will the MSM follow?


Officially, ‘work’ has started everywhere, after Lockdown and the summer holidays. That translates into confusion on the part of our esteemed editors and authors in ‘Our MSM’. The reality, the result of Lockdown and Covid hysteria, is now biting them. There are also two rather delicious items: one on the BC, one on Brexit and the EU – though not about ‘cher Michel’, for a change. First, a quick look at taxes, schools and more Covid madness.

There are two articles on Sunak’s alleged tax increases in today’s DT – one is a general report that backbench Tories threaten to vote against Sunak’s budget should there be tax raises in it, with warnings that they’d introduce amendments such as taxing grace-and-favour houses like Chequers (paywalled link). The other article is by Sir John Redwood, sadly paywalled, who points out that tax cuts lead to more economic activity which then creates revenue , giving examples:

“The Government has just shown how a tax cut can provide a good boost to activity, jobs, and incomes. The cut in stamp duty has encouraged people to get on with swapping their home to a property that is closer to their current needs. […] The Government cut the top rate of income tax and collected more revenue from the better off. It cut the rate of corporation tax and collected more revenue from business. Let’s have some more policies that promote levelling up by cutting taxes and costs for people. That way, we will get the deficit down more quickly, from all the extra activity.” (paywalled link)

That’s too much common sense for the Treasury mandarins. Perhaps this time though Sir John Redwood’s words will be heard – he is the Chairman of the Treasury Group of the 1922 Committee and it’s that Committee of Tory backbenchers where this latest crop of ‘Tory Rebels’ is to be found. Even the Chairman, Sir Graham Brady, is one of those ‘rebels’. 

And so to ‘back-to-work’ and schools. ‘Business leaders’ have told the government that their strict Covid rules prevent people going back to their offices – all this ‘social distancing’ cannot be accommodated (paywalled link). Totally unforeseeable, that! Well, why didn’t these ‘leaders’ intervene earlier? Were they all enjoying their Lockdown Holidays?

Regarding schools though there’s what can only be described as ‘the revenge of the teachers unionists’. The DT reports that head teachers are imposing even stricter rules regarding the muzzling up of children than proposed in the government guidance they so desired (paywalled link).

That report is based on yesterday’s entry in LockdownSceptics – scroll down a bit here to read about the full horror those teachers are imposing on our children! Interesting, isn’t it, that at least one reporter took notice of that blog – about time, too!

The post-covid insanity doesn’t stop there. The Times reports that the holy grail of the Covid-Battle, the precious testing of everything that moves, is in peril:

“Coronavirus tests are being rationed in parts of the country because there is not enough capacity, health chiefs have admitted. Schools have been told not to send pupils with sore throats for tests to preserve lab capacity as MPs complained that testing slots had “completely evaporated” in some areas. People in areas with low levels of the virus will be told to keep checking for free appointments within 75 miles after officials accepted that it was wrong to ask them to drive hundreds of miles to testing centres with capacity.” (link, paywalled)

Isn’t that rather a blow to the ‘test everybody’ strategy? Is a sore throat not a sign of impending Covid-doom, needing to be tested so as not to infect others? Or is it about finding really hot ‘hotspots’, so that local lockdowns can be imposed? It would seem so:

“Government sources insisted that rationing was only happening at the margins as they concentrated tests on infection hotspots. […] However, senior doctors warned that a strategy of pulling tests out of low-infection areas was “flawed” because it risked missing the early signs of outbreaks.” (link, paywalled)

What about the Covid hysteria promoted by ‘Our MSM’ which implies that normal life can only resume if everybody is tested, showing they are CV-19 free, before life can be permitted to resume?

Now the ‘even more jam for the day after tomorrow’ announcement by Hancock, about those ‘spit tests’, makes sense. Perhaps his department can also sort out their precious trace system. It’s also in peril as only 69% of contacts were reached, down from 77%. These are names provided by people with ‘confirmed’ cases. Perhaps people just don’t want to be ‘traced’ and told to quarantine themselves just when they need to keep their jobs? 

And so to the BC. There’s a new director and he’s making waves. These look promising but we know wherein the proof of the pudding lies. The DT reports:

“Tim Davie used a speech on just his third day in the job to crack down on “political bias” and warn staff who broke impartiality rules that they were not wanted at the corporation. He then went on: “If you want to be an opinionated columnist or a partisan campaigner on social media then that is a valid choice, but you should not be working at the BBC.” New rules on the use of Twitter and other social media will be introduced within days and will have a direct impact on BBC journalists, although well-placed sources said they would “have ripples beyond journalism”.” (paywalled link)

Don’t celebrate yet – rather look at this part of his speech picked up by The Times:

“Mr Davie said he regretted that the BBC had not “gone further to create a more diverse and inclusive environment”, saying: “The gap between rhetoric and action remains too big.” (link, paywalled)

More ‘diverse’? What on earth can he mean? Perhaps it’s more ‘oldies’ to the fore, if you take the following remark seriously: “Mr Davie also signalled the end of the BBC’s singular “obsession with youth”, (paywalled link) – Really? Well I nevah! 

Old cynic that I am, I think that this speech was window dressing, for ‘public consumption’, and wonder if that ‘more diverse and inclusive environment’ means that the country outside the M25 will now get even more ‘education’ in diversity’ by the BC. Furthermore, I think this speech was aimed at pacifying government in the hope to keep that Telly Tax going – see this quote:

“The speech is likely to be welcomed in Downing Street, with BBC sources accepting that the corporation had previously neglected large parts of “Brexit Britain” and was now addressing that.” (paywalled link)

Amazing, isn’t it, what just the threat of a financial loss can achieve! Will we now see the BC turning to ‘celebrate’ Brexit? I’m not going to hold my breath. 

Speaking of Brexit and the EU, RemainCentral felt moved to report on a letter by the ‘Haulage and Logistics Industry’. The good news, reading between the lines, is that they seem to regard a No Deal Brexit now as inevitable. Still, they had to stake out their claim, being good wailers and moaners:

“Yesterday ministers were warned by Britain’s haulage and logistics industry that the government’s current Brexit border preparations are inadequate and risk causing “severe” disruption to supply chains next year especially if there is a no-deal Brexit. In a letter to Michael Gove, the Cabinet Office minister, 11 groups including the Road Haulage. Association and Logistics UK demanded an urgent meeting with both him and Rishi Sunak, the chancellor, because their concerns about the end of the transition period on December 31 were now “so strong”.” (link, paywalled)

Have they finally woken up and smelled the coffee we’ve been drinking since January 31st? Perhaps they’re not aware that, unlike their workers, Whitehall generally hasn’t been doing much work since Lockdown because the civil serpents went on a nice long holiday and couldn’t issue all those guidances without which our economy, indeed our country, is unable to work?

Here’s another interesting snippet which shows that, while ‘Our MSM’ were indulging in both fear and hysteria and government bashing (not that some of the government ‘figures’ fully deserve it!), something brexity has been going on en coulisse. It refers to that ‘level playing field’:

“Senior government sources told The Times that the hardline approach had been partly driven by the need to rebuild the economy after the pandemic. “What you have seen over the past few months is unprecedented state intervention to protect the economy and that has certainly focused minds,” they said. “We cannot be in a position where we are unable to do things that are in our national interest because the EU will not allow it. It goes to the heart of our whole position.” (link, paywalled)

There’s another huge Brexit wail, this time from the EU. It’s reported by the DT’s Remain correspondent. Sorry, but I find this rather delicious:

“The European Union’s medicines regulator is enduring “major difficulties” in handling the extra work caused by the coronavirus pandemic due to the number of staff who quit the agency when it moved from London to Amsterdam because of Brexit. […] Despite UK signals that it was ready to continue to host the lucrative European Medicines Agency (EMA), and warnings that as many as 75% of the 890 strong staff would not want to leave London, the EU insisted the move was necessary.” (paywalled link)

And thus they complain that they couldn’t do their work because of staff shortages! What a lovely example of cutting one’s nose to spite one’s face, that! Not that cher Michel will take a blind bit of notice and relent in his pursuit of making us ‘suffer’. Still, when ideology has precedence over pragmatism, that is the result. 

There’s Covid-madness induced mayhem everywhere. The insufferable attitude of the trade-unionist headteachers is easily the worst by far, with the most detrimental long-term effects on our children. Yet again, ideology is trumping pragmatism.

I wonder if that BC ‘announcement’ of stopping antigovernment warfare ‘by twitter’ will have an effect on the rest of ‘Our MSM’. After all, if the BC does it, it must be correct. After all, what the BC says is ‘the truth’, isn’t it, and must be copied!

Perhaps that report based on work published in LockdownSceptics is a straw in the wind, promising a change in direction? Hope springs eternal …




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