“Papiere bitte” – our future?


There are CV-19 ‘news’, there are ‘news’ on illegal immigrants – and there are ‘news’ which are like straws in the wind, pointing to an ever increasing loss of our liberties thanks to insidious proposals from a bureaucratic mindset infecting ‘Our MSM’.

In CV-19 ‘news’ over the weekend we had reports on a ‘spike’ in China: 49 ‘new cases’ (paywalled link) which is breathtakingly news-worthy. At the same time there’s a report in The Times that:

“A total of 1,062 people were recorded as testing positive for coronavirus yesterday, the biggest daily rise in six weeks. It was a dramatic jump from Saturday when 758 positive cases were recorded in the previous 24 hours. The UK has not seen a daily increase this large since June 25, when 1,118 cases were reported.” (link, paywalled)

Now isn’t that what one might call ‘a spike’? However, in a sign that perhaps, just perhaps some writers in ‘Our MSM’ might have learned to look more closely at such numbers, we read in the same article that:

“Despite the rise in cases, the number of people in hospital with Covid-19 has fallen 94 per cent since the peak of the pandemic. Hospital staff are treating about 1,067 coronavirus patients a day in England, compared with about 17,000 a day in the middle of April, according to NHS England.The virus death toll in hospitals has also fallen. On April 10, the day the highest number of deaths was announced, 866 people died. On Sunday, there were eight hospital deaths across the entire country.” (link, paywalled)

Now shouldn’t that have been material for a congratulatory headline? Of course not! “We” must be kept in a state of abject fear, obedient to the diktats coming from Whitehall. I say Whitehall, not ‘government’, because by now the evidence overwhelmingly points to the fact that ‘government’, in the form of the PM and other ministers, are only regurgitating the ‘advice’ our secret rulers, the Whitehall Mandarins, give them: bureaucrats rule ok! Not even the statement of a clinician, reported in The Times, is a cause for ‘Our MSM’ to question this whole Semi-Lockdown farce:

“Ron Daniels, an intensive care consultant in Birmingham, one of the worst-hit areas, told The Sunday Times there had been a big fall in admissions. Last Thursday, across three hospitals that serve more than 50 per cent of Birmingham’s population, there were three critically ill Covid-19 patients.” (link, paywalled)

Instead, there’s a ‘recommendation’ from Whitehall “sources” who are undertaking that inquiry into how PHE counts CV-19 deaths. You recall that some of us peasants, able to read and write, have questioned those numbers for weeks now. This is what the “source” leaked:

“The official Covid-19 daily death toll may never be brought back following an investigation into Public Health England’s method of counting it, the Telegraph understands. The conclusions of the review, which was ordered by Matt Hancock after it emerged officials were “over-exaggerating” deaths from the virus, are expected this week. One expected recommendation would be to stop daily reporting altogether and move to a weekly official death toll instead, a government source said on Sunday night.” (paywalled link)

Let’s not count our deaths then, is it? Nice! We’re also told about ‘a spat’ between scientists working on that Oxford vaccine – the ‘game changer’, you recall. Some would like to ‘use human guinea pigs’ by injecting them with CV-19 – after having vaccinated them, I assume – while others believe this is reprehensible. There’s some actual information about that Oxford vaccine trial thought which isn’t precisely encouraging:

“Meanwhile, Downing Street has been advised that there is a 50 per cent chance that a vaccine could be administered by next year, but that it is unlikely to give complete protection against the virus. Instead, the Oxford University team expect the jab to “mitigate” its worst effects by lessening the severity of the symptoms. Trials found two thirds of recipients developed headaches and a fifth developed a high temperature, it is understood.” (paywalled link)

Astounding, isn’t it: not only will there be no vaccine by Christmas, it seems this fabulous vaccine won’t even do what it says on the tin. I would like to know how this CV-19 vaccine is going to interact with this year’s flu jab which will hit our surgeries in a couple of months – perhaps there’ll be new ‘spikes’ and thus more ‘local lockdowns’?

I assume all those ‘in danger’ will still be told to hide in their homes – the elderly, and also “the Obese”. That’s part of that infamous Whitehall ‘war game’ we reported a short while ago, and is being sold as ‘more sophisticated use of NHS data’ to prevent a total Lockdown in the coming winter months (paywalled link).

If you think that surely the police will have other things to do that control our CV-19 compliance – think again. There’s a report about Transport Police having actually issue fines, as The Time writes in a report they faithfully copied from the DT:

“British Transport Police spoke to 28,964 people without a face covering between July 13 and 25. Figures obtained under the Freedom of Information Act showed that 1,605 were told to leave the network and 33 penalty notices were issued, according to the Daily Telegraph.” (link, paywalled)

That’s harsh, innit: telling 1,605 people to leave public transport and issuing 33 fines! Meanwhile the Met police had to go and break up ‘illegal raves’ – for health reasons, naturally, but the cloven hoof of bureaucratic overreach is out in the open:

“The Met describes such events as “illegal, not insured, not ticketed and frequently associated with antisocial behaviour and violence”. The force says that stabbings are common.” (link, paywalled)

“Not insured”, “not ticketed” – ah, there’s the problem! Stabbings would surely be ‘uncommon’ were these raves ticketed and insured! In other words, all will be well if you follow bureaucratic diktats, enforced by the police.

Where this is going can be discerned in the reports and opinion pieces ‘Our MSM’ have published in relation to the scandal that is illegal immigration via Channel-crossing from France. We read at the weekend that France is asking for £30m in “a deal” to allow the Royal Navy (we still seem to have one …) to pick up those dinghy-travellers and return them to Dunkirk (paywalled link).

This demand came in the run-up to today’s visit to Paris by Ms Patel’s ‘Immigration Minister’. The French have been wailing about how this is ‘only fair’ because:

“Since January 1 the French authorities have intercepted at least 810 migrants trying to cross the Channel, according to official figures tabulated by AFP. The French interior ministry said that between January and July the authorities had stopped five times as many crossings as in the same period last year. Analysis by PA Media shows that 4,100 people have reached England this year, with 151 arriving on Saturday, taking this month’s total above 650.” (link, paywalled)

How intercepting 810 ‘migrants’ – note that the description ‘illegal’ has already been dropped – is in any way compatible with the French claim of having stopped ‘five times’ as many illegals as last year when this year over 4,000 have already invaded our country is a secret only the French can explain!

Meanwhile ‘Our MSM’ are tentatively describing proposals which ought to ‘help’. For example, Rear Admiral Chris Parry proposes in the DT (paywalled link) that cruise ships could be used to ‘process’ those dinghy-travellers having been picked up in the Channel. Well, at least they’d not put foot on dry land, and the possibility of having to face heavy seas and storms in the coming months while stuck on a stripped-down cruise ship might make some of those illegals think again. 

We find more extraordinary proposals in articles on today’s opinion pages. These writers seem to suffer from ‘let’s give up-itis’. They acknowledge with sadness in their eyes that there’s nothing we can do to stop this inflow. “Britain has no way to protect itself from this new wave of immigration” writes Nick Timothy in the DT (paywalled link).

Meanwhile the editorial in The Times advocates more cooperation with France and a ‘breaking up’ of people trafficking gangs before ‘their deluded victims’ (yes, they did write that!) reach France.  But then they give space at the same time to David Miliband (!) who wails that:

“people risking their lives were being “dehumanised” in a way in which statistics were used “to make it seem like there is a quote unquote invasion”. (link, paywalled)

He regurgitates the mantra that people in danger of drowning ‘must be picked up’ – and blames, of course, Brexit for this whole scandal. Yeah right. Nick Timothy instead advocates a ‘regulation of the labour market’ and public services:

“to make sure they work in the interests of people who are in the country legally. Identity cards, or perhaps public service entitlement cards, would help to achieve this” (paywalled link)

Given our continuing subservience to the ECHR and our busy ‘human rights’ lawyers, you can be certain that the next demand will be identity cards for all because ‘we’re all equal’. Identity card forgers will rake it in. The reports from Germany, Belgium and France in the past years of how illegal immigrants use multiple identities to scam the welfare system in those countries doesn’t seem to have percolated to the editorial desks of ‘Our MSM.

In summary I respectfully suggest that we’re being softened up to accept more bureaucracy, to accept that we need ‘papers’ if we want to live our daily lives. “Papiere bitte” might well happen because it would only be “fair” to these illegal immigrants, innit like! Resist and 






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